Top 10 Things to do in Mainau Flower Island – Germany

Flower Island Mainau offers year-round beauty with 45 hectare of impressive gardens, dining and shopping. We host the second largest butterfly house in Germany that invites you to explore a tropical world with colourful butterflies and blossoms. Our themed gardens include a Rhododendron Slope, Italian Rose Garden, Dahlia Garden and Hydrangea Path, Herbaceous Garden. In … Read more

10 Places to visit in Ludwigsburg Germany

There are too many places to visit in Ludwigsburg Germany, but we have selected 10 of them. With just over 90,000 inhabitants, the beautiful baroque city of Ludwigsburg offers many sights and attractions. This city is known for its baroque architectural style, but also for its many castles. The city is located between Hohenasperg Fortress … Read more

Places to go in Rottweil Germany

Our bloggers have listed the most interesting places to go in Rottweil Germany. Leisure tips, excursion destinations, special sights, and leisure activities in Rottweil and the surrounding area. In the region around Rottweil, there are viewpoints worth seeing, like bathing lakes, mountain railways, visitor mines, castle ruins, leisure pools, leisure parks, indoor activities, museums, museum … Read more

Top 10 Places to visit in Villingen and Schwenningen Germany

Villingen and Schwenningen have existed together as a “double town” since 1972. Our bloggers have collected 10 places to visit in Villingen Schwenningen Germany. And thus offer twice as much pleasure. The border between the Baden and Wurttemberg parts of the state no longer exists today, but the different influences of the regions can still … Read more

Beautiful 9 Places to visit in Reutlingen Germany

Reutlingen is located in one of the most beautiful regions of the Swabian Alb. There are so many beautiful places to visit in Reutlingen Germany. Its character is shaped by medieval half-timbered romance and modern architecture, by lively shopping streets and secluded alleys – and by the 707-meter-high Achalm, which offers a wonderful view of … Read more