Best wine tours and tastings in Beaune, France

During its 2000 years of existence, Beaune became the ephemeral capital of the Dukes of Burgundy, then an active center of the cloth and wine trade. In this article we are listing best wine tours and tastings in Beaune, France. Beaune is one of the key wine centers in France. Beaune is the capital of … Read more

Strasbourg Christmas Market Christkindelsmärik Capitale de Noel, France

Strasbourg Christmas Market Christkindelsmärik France

Strasbourg Christmas Market 2023 – Region Grand Est (Alsace, Champagne, Lorraine), France Strasbourg Christmas Market Christkindelsmärik Capitale de Noel is one of the absolute highlights on the city’s calendar of events! This year it will be held for the 446th time! Because in 1570, in the course of Strasbourg Protestantism, which fought against the “extravagant” … Read more

Beautiful castles in Loire Valley, France

Our bloggers have collected the 13 most beautiful castles in Loire Valley France. There are more than 300 chateaux in the Loire Valley. Most of us don’t have time, or opportunity to visit all 300 of these castles. Many castles are built in French royalty and nobility centered around the 17th-18th centuries. Loire Valley is … Read more

Places to visit in Martigues France

Everything here is special and it’s difficult to choose the most beautiful places to visit in Martigues France. Straddling the Mediterranean Sea and the Etang de Berre, Martigues is a very pleasant little town where water is omnipresent. Located in the immediate vicinity of the Blue Coast. Its multitude of small canals, its very Mediterranean … Read more

Best beaches in La Reunion Island France

Reunion is a French overseas department located in the Indian Ocean. About 170 km west of Mauritius, Reunion is located in the Mascarene archipelago. In this article you will read about best beaches in Reunion Island France. This volcanic island presents a very steep relief attracting in particular the tourists who represent the first economy … Read more

Most beautiful beaches in Menton France

In this article is our list of most beautiful beaches in Menton France. A well-preserved city, located on the borders of Italy, the Principality of Monaco and the County of Nice. It benefits from a benefactor subtropical microclimate which makes it almost ignore winter. Menton is classified as a station of tourist interest. Indeed, the … Read more