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Places to go in Rottweil Germany

Our bloggers have listed the most interesting places to go in Rottweil Germany. Leisure tips, excursion destinations, special sights, and leisure activities in Rottweil and the surrounding area.

In the region around Rottweil, there are viewpoints worth seeing, like bathing lakes, mountain railways, visitor mines, castle ruins, leisure pools, leisure parks, indoor activities, museums, museum railways, parks, show caves, castles, animal parks, and special theme and adventure trails. Rottweil is part of Baden-Wurttemberg Region in Germany.

Places to go in Rottweil Germany
Image by photosforyou from Pixabay

Excursion and leisure tips for Rottweil are limited to a radius of 40 km. A particularly large number of spectators are at the Fasnet in Rottweil to experience the famous Rottweiler fool’s jump. The large tower, which can be seen from afar, has the highest publicly accessible visitor platform at 232 m. Here you can enjoy an excellent all-around view.

A visit to the “World of Crystals” museum, which is only four minutes by car from the test tower in Dietlingen, is also very impressive. Read our article about the top 10 places to visit in Rottweil Germany.


1. TK Elevator Testturm Rottweil

Places to go in Rottweil Germany
Source: Instagram

The TK Elevator Test Tower in Rottweil is a 246-meter-high elevator test tower for express and high-speed elevators. The tower, built by Thyssenkrupp Elevator between 2014 and 2017, offers the highest visitor platform in Germany at 232 meters and is the second-highest test tower for elevator systems in the world.

With the underground floors, which are also used as a test environment for the elevator shafts, the shaft has a total length of 275.5 meters. It is considered an interesting place to go in Rottweil Germany.


2. Dominican Museum Rottweil

Places to go in Rottweil Germany
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The Dominican Museum in Rottweil was opened in 1992 with an exhibition area of ​​around 1400 square meters as a branch museum of the Württemberg State Museum with two focal points – Roman and medieval sculptures.

Today the Roman Rottweil department is a branch museum of the Baden-Württemberg Archaeological State Museum. The Department of Sacred Art of the Middle Ages – Dursch Collection is a branch museum of the Württemberg State Museum.


3. Old town (Selected as one of the most beautiful places to go in Rottweil)

Places to go in Rottweil Germany
Image by photosforyou from Pixabay

Rottweil’s historic city center takes visitors back to times long past. Artfully designed fountains, the Black Gate, and the High Tower are like windows into different epochs. Mighty townhouses characterize the cityscape.

The former imperial city on the Neckar welcomes visitors with a magnificent cityscape. The city center with its proud townhouses invites you to immerse yourself in past centuries.


4. Aquasol Rottweil

Aquasol Rottweil
Source: Instagram

The Aquasol is an adventure pool in Rottweil. Whether young or old, adrenaline junkie or water rat – everyone gets their money’s worth in the Aquasol. The Aquasol is the right address for a family outing, a children’s birthday party, or simply with friends.


5. Ochsle Rottweil

Places to go in Rottweil Germany
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The Öchsle is a Württemberg narrow-gauge railway with a gauge of 750 millimeters between the Upper Swabian towns of Biberach an der Riss and Ochsenhausen. The remaining section from Warthausen to Ochsenhausen has been a museum railway since 1985. The route runs along its entire length in the district of Biberach.

With Warthausen, Maselheim and Ochsenhausen, the area is crossed by three communities. The so-called Öchsle cycle path runs parallel to the railway line. It is listed as one of the places to go in Rottweil Germany.


6. Landscape protection area Sulzbachtal Rottweil

Places to go in Rottweil Germany
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The source and side streams, as well as juniper and gorse heaths, give the viewer a feeling of peace and security! The Sulzbachtal is also considered a photographic insider tip. The landscape protection area Sulzbachtal lies in the heart of the middle black forest.

The high valley extends to the north of Lauterbach at an altitude of up to 900 meters in the midst of wooded Black Forest heights. The idyllic landscape with the farms typical of this region offers ideal conditions for walks, hikes, and for trips on touring bikes or mountain bikes.


7. The Cliff Corner Rottweil

The Cliff Corner Rottweil
Source: Instagram

At almost 1000 m MSL, the Klippeneck is the highest glider airfield in Germany. The plateau, which lies on the edge of the Swabian Jura between Tuttlingen and Rottweil in the district of Denkingen, falls steeply into the valley to the west. This gave the cliff corner a kilometer-long slope and gave it its name.


8. Black Forest Rottweil

Places to go in Rottweil Germany
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The Eschachtal near Rottweil has incredibly diverse landscapes in a small area. The easy circular hike leads through forest and juniper heath and offers views of the Eschach rock faces, which protrude again and again.

Rare species of orchids provide a splash of color, and with a bit of luck, a kingfisher can be spotted. In the game reserve at the Eckhof, the fallow deer promises guaranteed stalking success for big and small animal lovers.


9. Chapel Church Rottweil

Places to go in Rottweil Germany
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The Gothic chapel church is the landmark of the town of Rottweil. It lies to the east of the former, elongated market square at the height of the Mathildenmarkt. First documented in the early 14th century, its beginnings probably date back to the 13th century.

The tradition goes from a Marienkapelle – built at the instigation of the citizenry. Its tower is said to have been built on a healing spring for those suffering from eye diseases that later dried up.


10. Haberles Bridge Rottweil

Haberles Bridge Rottweil
Source: Instagram

This bridge invites you to enjoy the wonderful view of the heights all around Schiltach. Below her flows the Kinzig, at 96 km the longest river in the Black Forest. Its source is near Lossburg and it flows into the Rhine near Kehl.

For a long time, the Kinzig formed the border between Württemberg and the Fürstenberg Lands. Water has been of elementary importance since time immemorial, so the Kinzig is the lifeline for Schiltach.


Places to go in Rottweil Germany

  • TK Elevator Testturm
  • Dominican Museum Rottweil
  • Old town
  • Ochsle
  • Landscape protection area Sulzbachtal
  • The Cliff Corner
  • Black Forest
  • Chapel Church Rottweil

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