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Places to visit in Offenburg Germany

Have you ever asked which are the best places to visit in Offenburg Germany? In this article, you will explore the top 10 places to visit in Offenburg. Offenburg and the surrounding area have a number of sights to offer with viewpoints, bathing lakes, castle ruins, leisure pools, museums, theme and adventure trails, and more. Many of these sights provide an interesting insight into the historical, cultural, or economic history of Offenburg.

The following overview gives a preview of the special sights, cultural jewels, small or natural monuments, and special testimonies of contemporary history in Offenburg. This city is located 20 kilometers southeast of Strasbourg (Grand Est Region in France), in Baden-Württemberg Region. With its baroque facades against the backdrop of the Black Forest is the heart of Ortenau, which is equally blessed with wine, sun, and culture, and is an attractive destination for holidaymakers and gourmets alike. Because here you will find Baden hospitality in its purest form.


1. Offenburg City ​​Hall

Places to visit in Offenburg Germany
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The baroque building of the historic town hall in the city center dates back to 1741. The Offenburg coat of arms and the Austrian double-headed eagle can be seen above the balcony under a flat gable. The Ursula column in front of the town hall is dedicated to the town’s patron saint.


2. Knight’s House in Offenburg

Places to visit in Offenburg Germany
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The Museum in the Knights’ House, founded in June 1900, is located in a former 18th-century building of the Ortenau Imperial Knights. The multifaceted collection is presented in spacious and bright rooms on three floors. Today the museum has a stock of more than 10,000 objects.


3. Salmen

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On September 12, 1847, the “Resolute Friends of the Constitution” met in the Salmen inn. In front of a total of 900 other participants, they adopted the “13 demands of the people in Baden” and thus formulated Germany’s first catalog of fundamental rights. 155 years after this memorable event, the “Salmen” was handed over to the public.


4. Old Capuchin monastery Offenburg

Places to visit in Offenburg Germany
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The Capuchin monastery on Gymnasiumstraße is the oldest building in Offenburg. Built between 1641 and 1647, it was the only building to survive the great city fire of 1689. The single-nave church has late Baroque wooden altars, a Martin organ from 1822, and an Empire-style pulpit. The picturesque cloister with the simple wooden columns invites you to stroll.


5. Holy Cross Church Offenburg

Holy Cross Church Offenburg
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The first construction of the Holy Cross Church dates back to the 13th century. It was destroyed down to its foundations in the city fire of 1689. Today’s church was built on the old foundation walls under the influence of the Voralberg building school (Franz Beer, 1660 – 1726, and Leonhard Albrecht, 1671 – 1734). The church has a dominant three-story tower.


6. Offenburg Fish Market

Offenburg Fish Market
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The picturesque fish market with the lion fountain from 1599 is bordered by the deer pharmacy (1898) and the salt house (1786). The Fish Market in Offenburg is a picturesque square in the old town of Offenburg.


7. Jewish Bath

Places to visit in Offenburg Germany
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Among the five surviving Jewish baths from the Middle Ages in the Rhine area, the Offenburg bath with its stylistic elements occupies a special position in terms of construction. After extensive renovations, it was opened to the public in 1978. It is located 15 meters below the current courtyard level of the property at Glaserstraße.


8. Offenburg Royal Court (Selected as one of the most beautiful things to see in Offenburg)

Places to visit in Offenburg Germany
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The former “Königshof” (administrative building of the Landvogtei Ortenau) was designed in 1714 – 1717 by the Vorarlberg master builder Dominik Elmenreich according to the plans of Michael Ludwig Rohrer from Baden-Baden, the builder of Favorite Palace in Rastatt. The façade with the portal, which was created between 1756 and 1758 based on a design by Franz Ignaz Krohmer, is particularly impressive.


9. Vincentiushaus

Places to visit in Offenburg Germany
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With the Aenne-Burda-Stift in the Vinzentiushaus, one of the most important historic buildings in the city center, and the associated Vinzentiusgarten, the oldest existing horticultural gem, the cityscape in the heart of Offenburg has undergone a visible upgrade.


10. Offenburg Freizeitbad Stegermatt

Places to visit in Offenburg Germany
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Immerse yourself in the bathing world of the leisure pool Stegermatt – in the middle of Offenburg, in the middle of the green. A wide range awaits you in a modern adventure pool with all the amenities for a little break from everyday life. If you want some relax this is one of the perfect places to visit in Offenburg.


Places to visit in Offenburg Germany

  • Offenburg City ​​Hall
  • Knight’s House in Offenburg
  • Salmen
  • Old Capuchin monastery Offenburg
  • Holy Cross Church Offenburg
  • Offenburg Fish Market
  • Jewish Bath
  • Offenburg Royal Court
  • Vincentiushaus
  • Offenburg Freizeitbad Stegermatt

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