15 Best Places to visit in Konstanz Germany

In this article, our bloggers have listed best 15 places to visit in Konstanz Germany. The Council of Constance is a witness to historical world events, the Niederburg is the oldest district, Imperia is a landmark that can be seen from afar, historic city towers and numerous other sights invite you to take an inspiring city walk in the most beautiful city on Lake Constance. The city is located in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Places to visit in Konstanz Germany
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The city of Konstanz borders Switzerland and the city of Kreuzlingen. When visiting Konstanz am Bodensee there are a few classics that you should visit. The beautiful city on Lake Constance offers many attractions besides the old town, Imperia, and the harbor that you simply have to see.

If we had to describe Constance in three words, they would be: Enjoyable, exciting & historic! In this article, we will show you why everyone should definitely travel to Konstanz, what there is in Konstanz, what there is nowhere else, and which sights you should definitely visit in Konstanz. Below we have selected top 15 places to visit in Konstanz.


1. Minster of Our Lady Konstanz

Minster of Our Lady Konstanz
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The Constance Minster of Our Lady is one of the most famous Constance sights. The cathedral as a catholic church can already be seen from afar because the tower of the cathedral is an amazing 78m high. The Constance Minster was built in the Gothic style and has already been rebuilt, expanded, and restored several times. Inside the church, you will find an impressive crypt and a Konradi or burial chapel.


2. Minster Square (That’s one of the best places to visit in Konstanz)Places to visit in Konstanz Germany

Source: InstagramThe Münsterplatz is located directly in front of the main entrance to the Konstanz Minster. There is always something going in the Münsterplatz, especially when the sun is shining, because there are also numerous cafés here, such as the Münsterhof Cafe and Restaurant. You can also reach the Münsterplatz on the left past the Münster in the direction of the Stadttheater and the oldest part of Konstanz, the Niederburg district.


3. Mainau Island

Mainau Island
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The third largest island in Lake Constance is also often referred to as flower island. The island of Mainau is the most popular destination in Konstanz and the surrounding area for a vacation on Lake Constance at any time of the year. Thousands of tulips bloom here in spring, fragrant roses in summer, and dahlias in autumn. During the cold season, the sea of ​​flowers is transformed into an enchanting conservatory. Check the full article about Top 10 Things to do in Mainau Flower.


4. Sea Life aquarium

Sea Life aquarium
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The amazing SEA LIFE Aquarium is great fun for the whole family. Not only the little ones are amazed here. Dive into a colorful underwater world and marvel at more than 3500 animals from all over the world in more than 35 pools. You can see, among other things, giant pacus, cichlids, peacock-eyed stingrays, forehead basilisk, and poison dart frogs.


5. Lake Constance thermal baths

Places to visit in Konstanz Germany
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Relaxation meets magnificent views here. The Bodensee-Therme is a wonderful retreat in Constance to just let your soul dangle. The thermal baths include an outdoor pool, slides, indoor pools, saunas, and a wide range of massages. With direct access to the lake, you can completely relax both on Lake Constance itself and in the thermal baths. Healing thermal and mineral water guarantees relaxing hours and a soothing break.


6. Port of Constance (Selected as one of the most beautiful places to visit in Konstanz)

Selected as one of the most beautiful places to visit in Konstanz
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The port of Constance is not just a port with a pier. Its promenade invites you to stroll at any time of the day. Then linger in one of the cozy cafés and restaurants and have a good time. Especially in summer, there are often a number of handicraft stalls to admire at the harbor. Browse to your heart’s content and take a souvenir home with you. In addition to the great view of the Alps and Lake Constance itself, you can also see the venerable council building at the port.


7. Imperia Constance Konstanz

Places to visit in Konstanz Germany
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The world’s largest monument of a courtesan and at the same time Konstanz’s “Statue of Liberty”. You will find Imperia at the end of the harbor jetty. The landmark of Konstanz and a popular photo motif rotate around its own axis within 4 minutes. There is really a lot worth seeing in Konstanz. The next well-known attraction is right in front of the Imperia, because this is where the historic Konstanz ferry is located.


8. Rhine bridge

Places to visit in Konstanz Germany
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A few meters further is the old Rhine bridge. From here you can see the photogenic Seestraße with its beautiful buildings. You have the best view directly from the Rhine Bridge.


9. Niederburg

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Our favorite thing to do is stroll through the oldest part of Konstanz, the Niederburg district. There we look at the historic buildings and narrow streets. Look forward to small shops, lots of rustic restaurants and wine bars as well as historic front doors. The alleys of the Niederburg have existed since the Middle Ages and convey a very special flair. A particularly historically valuable place and a beautiful photo motif is the wine shop Franz Fritz in Niederburggasse.


10. Dominican Island

Dominican Island
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The Dominican Island is one of the smallest islands in Lake Constance and one of the most beautiful sights in Constance. In 1235 a Dominican monastery was founded and built on the Dominican island in front of Konstanz. This was also the domain of the poet and mystic Heinrich Suso. In 1785, after the monastery was closed, the building served as a textile printing shop. In 1875 the former monastery was converted into a hotel. In 1838 it also went down in history as the birthplace of Count Zeppelin.


11. Council of Constance

Council of Constance
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The Constance Council has been inspiring people for more than 600 years and is still a popular meeting place for locals and tourists today. Today, the Council is not only one of the most popular sights in Constance, but above all, it is an event venue, festival hall, congress center, and restaurant. From 1414 to 1418 the only papal election north of the Alps took place in the free imperial city of Constance.


12. Powder Tower Konstanz

Powder Tower Konstanz
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The brick or Jewish tower, later called the Powder Tower, was built by Jewish citizens in 1321 as a bastion and northwest cornerstone of the city fortifications downstream from the Rhine. The powder tower was temporarily used as a municipal prison. After 1990 the Powder Tower was completely renovated.


13. Kaiserbrunnen

Kaiserbrunnen Konstanz
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The Kaiserbrunnen is located in the middle of the most famous promenade in Constance, in the center of the old town on the marketplace. The Kaiserbrunnen is characterized by trick fountains from 1897, whose ornamental figures were replaced in the 1990s. There is always something going on at the Marktstätte Konstanz, which is connected to the promenade by an underpass! Numerous restaurants and ice cream parlors are lined up next to each other and invite you to linger.


14. Rosgarten Museum

Rosgarten Museum
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The ideal sight if it rains one day! The Rosgarten Museum was founded in 1870 by a Konstanz pharmacist and city councilor, Ludwig Leiner. As the art and cultural history museum of the city of Constance and the Lake Constance region, the rich collections on the history of the city and the region can be seen here.


15. Lake Constance (Bodensee in German)

Obersee Bodensee

Lake Constance’s shoreline touches three different countries: Germany to the north, Switzerland to the south and Austria at its eastern end. This makes it the only area in Europe that doesn’t have borders.


15 Best Places to visit in Konstanz Germany

  • Minster of Our Lady Konstanz
  • Minster Square
  • Mainau Island
  • Sea Life aquarium
  • Lake Constance thermal baths
  • Port of Constance
  • Imperia Constance
  • Rhine bridge
  • Niederburg
  • Dominican Island
  • Council of Constance
  • Powder Tower
  • Kaiserbrunnen
  • Rosgarten Museum
  • Obersee Bodensee