Things to Do in Augsburg (Germany)

In this article, our bloggers have listed the 14 Most Beautiful Things to Do in Augsburg Germany. This city is now one of the world’s most noteworthy and protected monuments. Augsburg is a pleasant city to explore, but also has some highly interesting things to do and is connected to its long history. Augsburg is … Read more

9 Places to visit in Limburg Germany

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Leipzig Christmas Market Germany

Leipzig Christmas Market in Saxony

Leipzig Christmas Market 2023 – Region Saxony, GERMANY One of the oldest and perhaps most romantic Christmas markets in Germany is situated right in the heart of Leipzig’s old town. The Leipzig Christmas market features more than 250 traditional and festively decorated stands. Vendors offer everything from regional culinary delights to handmade gifts, ensuring it … Read more

10 Things to do in Aalen Germany

Aalen also belongs to the district of Ostalbkreis, has over 68,000 inhabitants, and is divided into the main town and a further eight localities. In this article, we have listed the best things to do in Aalen Germany. The town of Aalen in Baden-Württemberg is located about 70 kilometers east of Stuttgart and thus on … Read more

Top 11 Things to do in Wurzburg Germany

This article will introduce us to with culture, cuisine, beautiful nature and many things to do in Wurzburg Germany. The student town is surrounded by vineyards. Wurzburg is located in southern Germany, more precisely in beautiful Bavaria. It takes you three hours by car to get to the state capital of Munich. Since Wurzburg is … Read more

Beautiful Things to do in Ulm Germany

Ulm itself is in Baden-Württemberg and has around 125,000 inhabitants. The city with almost 60,000 inhabitants belongs to Bavaria. In this article, our bloggers have listed the best things to do in Ulm Germany. Ulm is located in southern Germany in the state of Baden-Württemberg Region. The smaller Neu-Ulm is on the other side of … Read more

Places to go in Rottweil Germany

Our bloggers have listed the most interesting places to go in Rottweil Germany. Leisure tips, excursion destinations, special sights, and leisure activities in Rottweil and the surrounding area. In the region around Rottweil, there are viewpoints worth seeing, like bathing lakes, mountain railways, visitor mines, castle ruins, leisure pools, leisure parks, indoor activities, museums, museum … Read more