Beautiful Things to do in Ulm Germany

Ulm itself is in Baden-Württemberg and has around 125,000 inhabitants. The city with almost 60,000 inhabitants belongs to Bavaria. In this article, our bloggers have listed the best things to do in Ulm Germany. Ulm is located in southern Germany in the state of Baden-Württemberg Region. The smaller Neu-Ulm is on the other side of the Danube and therefore also in another federal state, namely Bavaria.

Things to do in Ulm Germany
Image by Offenburg from Pixabay

Climb the 768 steps of the highest church tower in the world, explore the Danube like the locals do on a stand-up paddle board, and stroll along the historic city wall with an ice cream in your hand. Have a look at our list of things to see in Ulm Germany.


1. The Ulm Minster

Things to do in Ulm Germany
The Ulm Minster | Source: Instagram

One of the most famous sights in Ulm is probably the mighty Gothic-style Ulm Minster. With its impressive 161.53 meters, the main tower of the evangelical church is officially the tallest church tower in the world – at least until the final completion of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

In addition to the magnificent interior, with the stained glass windows that shine beautifully in the sun, I was particularly impressed by the view from the tower over the roofs of Ulm. A visit here is one of the things to see in Ulm Germany.


2. Fishermen’s Quarter in Ulm

Things to do in Ulm Germany
Fishermen’s Quarter in Ulm – Source: Instagram

Located at the mouth of the Blau in the Danube, the fishing district enchants with half-timbered romance, old alleys, and winding passages as well as its bridges and footbridges in abundance. Once upon a time, it was mainly craftsmen who lived and worked here, whose work was related to the water. Among them were fishermen, tanners, soap makers, and millers.


3. Old Town (Selected as one of the most beautiful things to do in Ulm)

Things to do in Ulm Germany
Source: Instagram

there are still a lot of buildings worth seeing in Ulm. When strolling through Ulm, you should definitely not miss the town hall, the Schwörhaus, the butcher tower, and the Grabenhäusle. Ulm’s old town is relatively clear. So you will find all the highlights very easily.


4. Wiblingen Monastery

Wiblingen Monastery
Wiblingen Monastery | Source: Instagram

Just outside the city center is Wiblingen Abbey, whose origins go back almost 1,000 years. The building with its rococo library and the baroque church building is very impressive.

If you have more than one day in Ulm, you should definitely plan a trip to Wiblingen Monastery. Note it as one of the things to do in Ulm Germany.


5. Albert Einstein

Things to do in Ulm Germany
Source: Instagram

On the one hand, the city of his birth indulges in gentle irony and, on the other hand, is resolute: an Einstein Museum is being planned, but there has been an Einstein Fountain for a long time. There the world-famous physicist shows his mocking side.


6. Explore the Danube

Things to do in Ulm Germany
Source: Instagram

the Danube is a very popular place for the people of Ulm. And I don’t just mean the green shore zones, but above all the water directly. Unlike in so many other cities, there are (hardly any).

Ships here in Ulm, which makes the river a true Mecca for water sports enthusiasts of all kinds: SUP boarding, rowing, kayaking, or just swimming while enjoying the sunshine and warmth enjoy.


7. The Grabenhäusle

Things to do in Ulm Germany
Source: Instagram

Soldiers once lived here, later the poorest of the lower classes. However, this situation has changed completely in recent years. Today, the Grabenhäusle, built on part of the historic city wall and now completely renovated, is among the most popular sights in Ulm.


8. The Ulm Museum

The Ulm Museum
Source: Instagram

Actually, I’m not that big of a museum fan, except for really interesting exhibitions. When I heard that, in addition to the permanent exhibits, the special exhibition Transhuman.

From prosthetics to cyborgs is still taking place in the Ulm Museum until December 13, 2020, it was immediately clear to me that I definitely wanted to pay a visit to the museum. The story behind the title of the exhibition goes back to Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger, the tailor from Ulm, who would be celebrating his 250th birthday in June this year.


9. The Ulmer Höhenweg

Things to do in Ulm Germany
Source: Instagram

A very nice hiking trail just outside the city is the Ulmer Höhenweg. As the name suggests, the 20 kilometers of signposted footpaths offer great views from a wide variety of vantage points. The approximately 12-kilometer-long main route south also includes the botanical garden and the Wilhelmsburg, which invite you to take varied breaks from your hike from Eselsberg to Böfingen – or vice versa.


10. The Leaning Tower of Ulm

Things to do in Ulm Germany
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It happened at a time when butchers were imprisoned in it, as punishment because they had cheated the people in times of need with sausages that were too small.

When they were threatened with the death penalty, the gentlemen, who were probably blessed with plenty of hip gold, all fell over in shock, apparently orchestrated in such a way that the tower was thrown out of balance. We have listed them as things to see in Ulm Germany.


Things to do in Ulm Germany

  • The Ulm Minster
  • Fishermen’s Quarter in Ulm
  • Ulm Old Town
  • Wiblingen Monastery
  • Albert Einstein
  • Explore the Danube
  • The Grabenhäusle
  • The Ulm Museum
  • The Ulmer Höhenweg
  • The Leaning Tower of Ulm