10 Places to visit in Tubingen Germany

This city is worth visiting and for this reason, our bloggers have listed the best places to visit in Tubingen Germany. Only an hour by train from Stuttgart, Tubingen offers one of the oldest universities in Germany, a lot of half-timbered houses, and a picturesque old town with many cafes and bars.

Places to visit in Tubingen Germany
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This city is situated in the Baden-Wurttemberg Region. There are so many places to visit in Tubingen Germany. Incidentally, a total of 30% of the 91,000 inhabitants are students, which means that Tubingen has a particularly lively flair and I like it very much. It has almost 90,000 inhabitants and more than 230,000 visitors come to the city on the Neckar every year – but it is still an insider tip. For more similar articles check Brandenburg Region.  Let’s discover together places to visit in Tubingen Germany.


1. Old auditorium Tubingen

Places to visit in Tubingen Germany
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The old auditorium in the immediate vicinity of the collegiate church is one of the first buildings after the founding of the university. The five-story building is entered from the Münzgasse. You are immediately on the third floor, as the old auditorium is built on a steep southern slope. The “Universitätshaus” originally called the “Aula nova” building was built in 1547 in place of the “Sapienza” that had burned down a few years earlier. Grain stocks were stored in the attic of what was originally a pointed-gable half-timbered house as part of the professor’s salary.


2. Old Botanical Garden in Tubingen

Old Botanical Garden in Tubingen
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In 1805 the site was set up as the university’s botanical garden with an arboretum, greenhouses, and a palm house. In the 17th century, the place was still used as a training ground for the students of the “Collegium illustre”; at times there was a riding school and a theater here. In 1969 the Botanical Garden moved to the Morgenstelle near the newly established Natural Science Institute. It is considered one of the places to visit in Tubingen Germany.


3. Hohentubingen Castle Museum

Hohentubingen Castle Museum
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Hohentubingen Castle is home to the Ancient Cultures Collection. Its highlights include the mammoth, the wild horse, the Tubingen gun runner, and an Egyptian burial chamber. The collections belong to the Museum of the University of Tubingen and provide exciting insights into the history of human culture. There are around 4,600 exhibits on 2,000 square meters, including the oldest works of art known to mankind (UNESCO World Heritage Site Ice Age Art).


4. Tubingen Town Hall

Tubingen Town Hall
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The Tubingen town hall was built in 1435 and expanded and renovated in several phases. From about 1471 to 1805 it served as the seat of the Court of Justice of the State of Württemberg. In addition to images of justice, friezes and sgraffito paintings, the facade contains an astronomical clock.


5. Collegiate Church (Selected as one of the best places to visit Tubingen Germany)

Collegiate Church of Tubingen
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The Collegiate Church in Tubingen is already a landmark of the university town due to its architectural presence. Those who climb the 170 steps to the top of the tower will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the Neckar and Ammer valleys. Regular concerts. Note it as one of the places to visit in Tubingen Germany.


6. Burse

Places to visit in Tubingen Germany
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Anyone who stands in front of the mighty, pink-painted half-timbered building from the 15th century will immediately sense that this is an important historic site in Tubingen. The building, which has housed the philosophical seminar and the art history institute of the university since 1971, has had dazzling names and changing functions.


7. Cotta house Tubingen

Cotta house Tubingen
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The Cotta’sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, founded in 1659 in the Münzgasse, wrote a history of more than 150 years in Tubingen. From 1787 to 1810, however, it was Johann Friedrich von Cotta who brought it to great success with a great deal of publishing skill and a great deal of personal contact with his authors. The small sign on the side building of the Cotta house is almost as famous as the Cotta house itself.


8. Neckar Island Tubingen

Neckar Island Tubingen
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The Neckarinsel is an almost 1km long island in the Neckar, which was created by branching off a parallel canal to regulate the water level. It extends from the headland west of the Ammertalbahn bridge to the Neckar bridge.


9. Marienkirche

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In the middle of the city is the Marienkirche, which gives the parish its name – and which is the landmark of our town. The Marienkirche was built in 1247-1343 by the citizenry. In 1988 it was declared a National Cultural Monument. In the Reformation Church, visitors will find a late Gothic holy grave and a legendary octagonal baptismal font (15th century).


10. Holderlin Tower Tubingen

Places to visit in Tubingen Germany
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And another landmark of Tubingen, right on the idyllic Neckarfront. The German poet Friedrich Hölderlin resided in the yellow tower for 36 years. The building has been renovated since 2017 and will reopen in early 2020 with a new exhibition. It is listed as one of the best places to visit in Tubingen.


Places to visit in Tubingen Germany

  • Old auditorium
  • Old Botanical Garden in Tubingen
  • Hohentubingen Castle Museum
  • Tuebingen town hall
  • Collegiate Church of Tubingen
  • Burse
  • Cotta house
  • Neckar Island Tubingen
  • Marienkirche
  • Holderlin Tower Tubingen