9 Places to visit in Limburg Germany

During your stay in Germany, Limburg is a city that should definitely be visited. There are many places to visit in Limburg, but we have selected 10 of them. On the border with Rhineland-Palatinate, between the Taunus and Westerwald, lies the beautiful town of Limburg with its many sights.

This is characterized by many pretty half-timbered houses and is extremely inviting for visitors. A trip to Limburg is just right for you if you are passionate about history and culture. Limburg is situated in the west of Hesse, Germany

Places to visit in Limburg Germany
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The city is best known for its cathedral and the picturesque half-timbered old town. The city is in the immediate vicinity of the Rhineland-Palatinate city of Diez and forms a double center with it. For more articles about Germany check the category here. There are many Limburg sights just waiting to be discovered and explored by you. So have a look below to find which places to visit in Limburg Germany.


1. St. George’s – Limburg Cathedral

St. George's - Limburg Cathedral
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When you stroll through the medieval old town and admire the old squares and half-timbered houses, you can not miss the Limburg Cathedral. It lies majestically on a hill and can be seen from afar. The cathedral is very impressive and, with its 7 towers, offers many great motifs for amateur photographers. However, there are many more great places to visit in Limburg and the surrounding area.

Limburg Cathedral is well known. But what many people don’t know is that Limburg Castle is right behind the cathedral. You can reach it by going past the cathedral on the right. Already in the early Middle Ages, there was a castle here, which was supposed to guard and secure the Lahn crossing. Over the centuries, this has been expanded and remodeled. Admire the courtyard of Limburg Castle, the residential tower with chapel, and the hall with round arches.


2. Limburg Diocesan Museum and Staurothek

Places to visit in Limburg Germany
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The bishop’s residence is located opposite the Limburg Cathedral. Attached to it is the Diocesan Museum. There you will receive information on the history of the diocese and the cathedral. In addition to the cathedral treasury, visitors can also visit the ground floor of the former bishop’s apartment and the adjoining chapel. The Mariengarten in front of the museum is also very worth seeing.


3. Werner Senger House

Werner Senger House
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The Werner Senger House is also on the list of many exciting sights in Limburg an der Lahn. The house is listed and dates from the 13th century. Since then it has passed into the hands of various wealthy Limburg residents. The house was partially preserved during the great fire in Limburg in 1289, which is why it was rebuilt and became the oldest house in the old town.


4. The Fish Market

The Fish Market
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In the old town of Limburg, there are several places where markets used to be held. So does the fish market. But originally a wool market was held here because wool weavers once lived in Limburg. Later the goods changed and fish was sold on this square. Take a good look around the fish market and admire the many beautiful details on the houses, such as the fish attached to a house facade or the two painted angels on a house gable.


5. Lahn Bridge Runkel

Places to visit in Limburg Germany
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Another beautiful photo motif and one of our top attractions are the Lahn Bridge Runkel. The bridge was built around 1440 by Dietrich IV. The four-arched stone bridge, which rests on three river pillars, is one of the oldest bridges on the Lahn in Germany. The Runkel bridge over the Lahn has been well preserved to this day and is an absolute highlight in Limburg. It is listed as one of the places to visit in Limburg Germany.


6. Hadamar Castle

Hadamar Castle
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Hadamar Castle is the landmark of the city of Hadamar and one of our favorite sights in Limburg and the surrounding area. The castle is also an excellent tip for a day trip. Hadamar Castle was probably built in the 16th-17th centuries.


7. Catholic bishop’s residence

Places to visit in Limburg Germany
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The new building of the Catholic bishop’s residence with the modern chapel of St. Maria (dark pointed building) even made it into the international press. With construction costs of more than 30 million euros, it was many times more expensive than originally planned. The bishop then had to resign and the rooms are now used by the neighboring museum.


8. Limburg Old Town

Limburg Old Town
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Limburg’s old town with its winding streets and beautiful historic half-timbered houses is well worth seeing. Here it is worth planning enough time to stroll through the streets and discover the small shops, cozy cafés, and galleries. There are new motifs to capture around almost every corner.


9. Plotze Limburg & Ritter Hattstein Fountain

Plotze Limburg & Ritter Hattstein Fountain
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The Plötze (“Pleitzchen”) in western Limburg’s old town is well known. The focus is on the Knight Hattstein fountain, also known as the “drunkard’s fountain”, which is dedicated to the robber baron and bon vivant Friedrich von Hattstein (city governor). Tips on the Plötze: Weinhaus Schultes, Café Rossini, Herrmann’s Café, and Don Camillo (Italian restaurant).


Places to visit in Limburg Germany

  • St. George’s Cathedral
  • Limburg Diocesan Museum and Staurothek
  • The Fish Market
  • Lahn Bridge Runkel
  • Hadamar Castle
  • Catholic bishop’s residence
  • Limburg old town
  • Plotze Limburg & Ritter Hattstein Fountain
  • Werner Senger House