Top 11 Things to do in Wurzburg Germany

This article will introduce us to with culture, cuisine, beautiful nature and many things to do in Wurzburg Germany. The student town is surrounded by vineyards. Wurzburg is located in southern Germany, more precisely in beautiful Bavaria.

Things to do in Wurzburg Germany
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It takes you three hours by car to get to the state capital of Munich. Since Wurzburg is on Bavaria’s western border, you can reach large cities in North Rhine-Westphalia or Baden-Württemberg much faster than Munich. The city of Wurzburg is perfect for a family trip with children: short distances, lots of water and a great area with bathing lakes, nature and rivers.

Although Würzburg itself is not a place that constantly appears in the headlines, the city does not claim this at all. It prefers to convince with its pretty townscape, with an inviting atmosphere and with endearing, down-to-earth local cuisine. For more articles from Germany check Baden-Wurttemberg Region. There is a long list with things to do in Wurzburg Germany.


1. Wurzburg Residence

Wurzburg Residence
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Feeling like Sisi in Schönbrunn is also possible in Würzburg. The imposing Baroque palace was built between 1720 and 1781 under the direction of Balthasar Neumann and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981. Due to the short construction time for that time, a unified complete work of the baroque style was created. The residence is one of the impressive sights of Würzburg. It one of the most interesting things to do in Wurzburg Germany.


2. Marienberg Fortress Wurzburg

Marienberg Fortress Wurzburg
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Due to its rich historical past and its proud appearance, the Marienberg Fortress is one of the most impressive monuments from the olden days. The history of the mountain fortresses can be traced through three millennia. Already around 1000 BC There was a Celtic refuge castle on the site of today’s fortress.


3. The courtyard garden of the residence

Things to do in Wurzburg Germany
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The Hofgarten was repeatedly redesigned and remodeled during the tenure of the respective prince-bishop. The garden received its current appearance under Prince Bishop Adam Friedrich von Seinsheim (1755 – 1779). The courtyard garden is designed in the richest rococo style, incorporating the baroque bastions, numerous garden sculptures and wrought-iron gates by J. Georg Oegg.


4. The Court Church

The Court Church
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The Hofkirche was built according to plans by Balthasar Neumann. The Austrian Lucas von Hildebrandt designed the decoration with the typical heaviness of the Viennese Baroque. An architecturally interesting room in the south wing: round shapes were fitted into a narrow, rectangular corset in such a way that the symmetry of the facades remained completely untouched. It is one of the things to do in Wurzburg Germany.


5. Old Main Bridge Wurzburg

Old Main Bridge Wurzburg
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The first stone bridge in Germany is said to have been erected at the present location as early as 1120. Due to increasing damage, the decision was made in the 15th century to have the master builder Hans von Königshofen build a new building. In the period between 1476 and 1488 the pillars were completed.


6. St. Kilian Cathedral and Schönborn Chapel

Things to do in Wurzburg Germany
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Construction began around 1040 and the east towers were completed in 1237. The interior was stuccoed in 1701/04 by Pietro Magno in the richest high baroque style. In 1945 the St. Kilian Cathedral burned out completely. The inauguration after the reconstruction took place in 1967. The exterior of the cathedral was rebuilt in its old form, baroque stucco decorations have been preserved in the transept and choir.


7. Käppele Wurzburg

Käppele Wurzburg
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The Pieta, which can now be found in the altar of grace in the chapel, is said to have caused miracles and apparitions as early as 1650, which attracted believers from all over the region. Even today, especially in the week of Pentecost, many pilgrims visit the Käppele. Inside, numerous votive offerings in the miracle corridor bear witness to the Wurzburg popular piety of the 19th and 20th centuries.


8. Lady Chapel Wurzburg

Lady Chapel Wurzburg
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Originally, a chapel was built on this spot by the citizenry as atonement. So the building remained without parish rights and bears the title “Chapel”. The “general stores”, which still exist today, were also built in 1437. In the arched fields of the portals one finds rich sculptural ornaments. Particularly noteworthy here are the figures of Adam and Eve, made by the sculptor Tilman Riemenschneider.


9. Falcon House Wurzburg

Things to do in Wurzburg Germany
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In the Middle Ages, the place where the falcon house is today was the residence of the cathedral priest. In 1735 the house became the property of the innkeeper Franz Thomas Meißner. In 1751, Meißner’s widow Barbara had the facade decorated with magnificent Rococo stucco by wandering stucco workers from Upper Bavaria.


10. Grafeneckart Wurzburg

Grafeneckart Wurzburg
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The Grafeneckart is the oldest part of the Wurzburg town hall. It was originally the seat of an episcopal official and has a Romanesque tower and the 13th-century Wenceslas Hall, the oldest secular room in the city. In 1256, a city council was mentioned for the first time in Wurzburg. The citizens are thus significantly involved in the administration of the city.


11. Neumünster & Lusamgärtlein

Neumünster & Lusamgärtlein
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The dome of the Neumünster Church rises up in the middle of Wurzburg’s city center and has a decisive influence on the Wurzburg cityscape. The Lusamgärtlein in the former cloister courtyard invites you to take a breather, enjoy peace and quiet and linger – sometimes with, sometimes without a bouquet of flowers.

The Neumünster is built over the burial place of St. Kilian and his companions Kolonat and Totnan, who were murdered here as missionaries in 689. One of the things to do in Wurzburg Germany, and it is very wonderful.


Things to do in Wurzburg Germany

  • Wurzburg Residence
  • Marienberg Fortress
  • The courtyard garden of the residence
  • The Court Church
  • Old Main Bridge
  • St. Kilian Cathedral and Schönborn Chapel
  • Käppele
  • Lady Chapel
  • Falcon House
  • Grafeneckart
  • Neumünster & Lusamgärtlein