Best beaches in Koufonisia Greece

Koufonisia is a dream destination of the Small Cyclades, ideal for relaxing holidays. There are too many beautiful beaches in Koufonisia. For this reason, we have written an article with the best beaches in Koufonisia Greece.

The two small islands are famous for their heavenly waters and enchanting natural landscape. The strongest point of Koufonisia is definitely the dreamy seas.

Best beaches in Koufonisia Island Greece

Both have beaches of exotic beauty and crystal clear waters. The islands’ small size makes travel extremely easy, as you can turn them on foot.

The food in Koufonisia is delicious, with the main ingredient being fresh fish and seafood, which are abundant in the Small Cyclades. Koufonisi is separated in 2 islands “Ano” and “Kato” and is part of the South Aegean Region in Greece. Let’s explore the best beaches on Koufonisia Island Greece.


1. Ammos Beach Koufonisia

Ammos Beach

Ammos beach is the main beach of Chora and gives the first sample of exoticism of the island. It is sandy, with turquoise waters, and if you live in Chora you have easy access on foot. You will take a swim gazing at the fishing boats that are moored in the bay of the beach. That’s why we considered it as one of the best beaches in Koufonisia.


2. Fannos Beach

Fannos Beach

Fanos beach is located about 1400 m. From the village and is the next sandy beach after Harokopou. It is another beautiful sandy beach where you will enjoy your swim in its turquoise waters. It is also recommended when north and west winds blow in Koufonisi.


3. Harokopou Beach Koufonisia

Best beaches in Koufonisia Greece

Harokopou beach is also called Finikas because of the homonymous restaurant that has existed in the area for many years. It is 1100 m. From the village and consists of a golden sandy beach with emerald waters and a unique atmosphere. It is protected when north and west winds blow on the island.


4. Chondros Kavos Beach Koufonisia

Chondros Kavos Beach

Chondros Kavos beach is approximately 850 meters from the village. It is a small and quiet pebble beach and is suitable for relaxation. It is southeast and is ideal for days with southwest and north winds.


5. Nero Koufonisia Greece

Best beaches in Koufonisia Greece

Nero beach is located in Kato Koufonisi and you can get there by boat from Chora from Pano Koufonisi. It has sand, small pebbles and a rocky bottom with crystal clear waters. It is the largest beach in Kato Koufonisi and it is worth visiting.


6. Panagia Beach

Panagia Beach

The first beach you meet on your visit to Kato Nisi. Pebble beach, protected from the northern winds. Shingle beach, protected from the north winds. Near the beach and the only tavern of Venetsanos.


7. Swimming Pool Beach Koufonisia

Swimming Pool Beach

Passing Platia Pounta and continuing to Pori beach, in the middle of the route you will find a sea area surrounded by rocks, the Pool. It is a natural pool due to the erosion of the rocks that is filled with sea water and many visitors prefer it for swimming.

But you need to be careful, because there are dangerous points at the bottom and the passage to the sea is narrow.


8. Platia Pounta Beach

Platia Pounta - Best beaches in Koufonisia Island

Platia Pounta beach is located about 1800 m. From the village and is characterized as a secluded beach because it does not have a shop for food or drink.

It is one of the busiest beaches on the island with sandy beach and turquoise waters. You will get there on foot, by bike or by boat and it is protected from north winds.


9. Pori Beach Koufonisia

Pori Beach Koufonisia Greece

Pori beach has an incredible beauty that captivates the visitor. It consists of white sand with emerald waters and is huge in length. It is considered one of the top beaches in the Cyclades. It is about 3.5 km from the village and is busy. It is located on the east side of the island, it is in the shape of a horseshoe and they prefer it when south and west winds blow.


10. Spilia Beach

Spilia Beach - Best beaches in Koufonisia Island Greece

100 meters from the port to the west you will find Spilia beach. It is usually a quiet beach, with pebbles and panoramic views. Windless in the north winds and the best place to experience the fantastic sunset, when the sea is painted red and gold.

For all the people that love sunset you should go to one of the best beaches in Koufonisia where the sunset is amazing.


11. Gala Beach Koufonisia Greece

Gala Beach

Milk is a huge hole in the ground with a beach. It was named Milk because of the shade that appears in the sea, through the inside of the hole.

It only becomes visible when you arrive. You should follow the path to the left of Pori beach heading east. When you enter the hole you will experience a special experience and if the sea is calm, you can swim to the open sea and return. For more articles about Greece check the Ionian Islands.


Best beaches in Koufonisia Island Greece

  • Ammos Beach
  • Fannos Beach
  • Harokopou Beach
  • Chondros Kavos Beach
  • Nero Beach
  • Panagia Beach
  • Swimming Pool Beach
  • Platia Pounta Beach
  • Pori Beach
  • Spilia Beach
  • Gala Beach