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DenmarkCentral Denmark RegionThings to do in Horsens Denmark

Things to do in Horsens Denmark

Horsens offers a lot of things to visit. Our bloggers have selected 10 most interesting things to do in Horsens. Here you will find award-winning museums and a newly renovated center with plenty of things. You can enjoy good shopping opportunities, surprising gable paintings in the cityscape, a very special urge to create, and close-to-city nature experiences. Horsens is situated in Central Denmark Region.

Things to do in Horsens Denmark
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The center of Horsens is only 5 km from Horsens City Camping, and the town contains a good mix of the energy of the big city and the charm of the smaller town. In Denmark’s widest pedestrian street, there are plenty of good shopping opportunities and cozy places to eat. In addition, the city center offers treasure hunts, street art, playgrounds, and green oases – there is something for everyone. For more articles from Denmark check North Denmark Region. Let’s explore best things to do in Horsens Denmark.


1. Horsens Industrial Museum

Things to do in Horsens Denmark
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Steam engines and various gas, petroleum, and diesel engines can bewilder most children when they enter the large machine hall. In the many workshops, which are sometimes staffed, the family can see how “real” manual work was once done. You can’t avoid getting the poverty under your skin when you visit the oldest workers’ housing from the 1880s, and it’s exciting to follow the workers’ homes through the last century.


2. Horsens Art Museum

Horsens Art Museum
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At Horsens Art Museum you will find, among other things, great collections of major Danish artists, including Michael Kvium and Christian Lemmerz, as well as several foreign artists. Take your time to immerse yourself in the art and, if necessary, use the museum’s leaflets or word bags filled with different words such as “gloomy”, “portrait”, “fun” or “installation”, which can help guide the conversations.


3. The prison in Horsens

Things to do in Horsens Denmark

At the Prison Museum in the old Horsens State Prison, you can experience what it was like to be both an inmate and an employee in the prison system over time. The museum has won awards for its exciting and engaging way of conveying knowledge and facts – well worth a visit for people of all ages.


4. Husodde Beach

Husodde Beach
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Not far from Horsens’ town center is a bathing beach that you simply have to experience. Because with a view of the beautiful Horsens Fjord, the cleanest, calm bathing water, and a multitude of facilities and activities nearby, there are plans for pleasant walks along the beach or refreshing swims.


5. Djurs amusement park in Horsens

Djurs amusement park
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Hold on to your hat and saber as the Pirate – one of the world’s best slides – speeds down from a height of 32 meters at 90 km/h. And expect foam splashes in your beard when Skatteøen – Northern Europe’s largest water coaster – sends you out into the depths of the lake at 70 km/h for the wildest water splash. It is one of the things to do in Horsens Denmark.


6. Bygholm Lake

Things to do in Horsens Denmark
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Lake Bygholm is a particularly popular excursion destination for Horsensians. Here you will come across dog walkers on hikes, runners, mountain bike riders, horse riders, anglers, and orienteers. A 7.5-kilometer-long route runs along the lake, which is perfect for walking and jogging.


7. Old Town (Selected as one of the best things to do in Horsens Denmark)

Things to do in Horsens Denmark
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The old town is a great experience that takes at least a day and is only 50 km from the square. Den Gamle By consists of many historic houses from 24 cities all over Denmark, and is a vivid picture of life as it once was. Here you can meet the people of the past, see their living rooms and kitchens, and smell their gardens. The museum tells the history of Denmark from the time of Christian IV – through HC Andersen – and right up to 1974.


8. Norrestrand

Things to do in Horsens Denmark
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Only 1.5 kilometers from Horsens’ shopping center lies the game reserve Nørrestrand a sharp demarcation of the city to the north. Especially in the southern part of Nørrestrand, closest to the city, you can experience wild wooded nature with rich wildlife. The center of Nørrestrand is a large freshwater lake and a river delta that connects the area with Horsens Fjord.


9. Moesgaard Museum

Things to do in Horsens Denmark
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Visit Moesgaard Museum and get a cultural history museum experience of international class. In the archaeological exhibitions about the Danish Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Viking Age and the ethnographic exhibitions about, among other things, death in different cultures, you get really close to the people behind the objects on display. The 16,000 m2 exhibition building and the staged and dramatized exhibitions create togetherness and experiences across generations.


10. Guided tours to the top of Horsens

Horsens’ new campus can be seen far and wide. At 67 meters, it is the local area’s tallest building and an iconic and easily recognizable landmark for the city. From the roof terrace on the 17th floor, the view is hard to match. You can see the many red roofs in the city center, parks and natural areas, the harbor, the fjord, and iconic buildings such as the PRISON and CASA Arena. You can also see a good distance out into the uplands to several of the villages that surround the town.


Things to do in Horsens Denmark

  • Horsens Industrial Museum
  • Horsens Art Museum
  • The prison in Horsens
  • Husodde Beach
  • Djurs amusement park in Horsens
  • Bygholm Lake
  • Old Town
  • Norrestrand
  • Moesgaard Museum
  • Guided tours to the top of Horsens

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