Beautiful 9 Places to visit in Reutlingen Germany

Reutlingen is located in one of the most beautiful regions of the Swabian Alb. There are so many beautiful places to visit in Reutlingen Germany. Its character is shaped by medieval half-timbered romance and modern architecture, by lively shopping streets and secluded alleys – and by the 707-meter-high Achalm, which offers a wonderful view of the city and the Swabian Alb.

Places to visit in Reutlingen Germany

Reutlingen is also an ideal “base camp” for excursions in the region. The most beautiful landscapes of the Swabian Alb are right on your doorstep. This city is part of Baden-Württemberg Region. The many hiking and biking trails lead, for example, to the romantic Lichtenstein Castle, to Hohenzollern Castle, or to the Bear and Fog Caves. For more articles from Germany check Bavaria Region. Let’s enjoy together some of the places to visit in Reutlingen Germany.


1. Art Museum Reutlingen

Art Museum Reutlingen
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The Kunstmuseum Reutlingen concrete since 2017 a top-class, thematic cross-section of concrete art. This new collection and exhibition focus of the art museum was made possible by a donation from the private collection of the collector Manfred Wandel and the Foundation for Concrete Art.

The Reutlingen Art Museum concrete manages the donation, develops exhibitions from it and supplements its program with temporary exhibitions by internationally renowned artists from the field of concrete art.


2. Hohentübingen Castle Reutlingen

Hohentübingen Castle Reutlingen
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Hohentübingen Castle is the only university museum in the world with exhibits from two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In addition, it recently held a world record entry in the Guinness Book.

In addition to the 40,000-year-old and thus oldest human figurative works of art, the oldest musical instruments, and evidence of religiosity, you can also excavate the world heritage wetland settlements – the pile dwellings – and visit the oldest giant barrel in the world from 1549 – the latter only in the winter months.


3. Güterstein waterfall Reutlingen

Places to visit in Reutlingen Germany
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At the Gütersteiner waterfall, the waterfalls in many small cascades into a pool. As a result, this waterfall has its very own character. This is more hidden and romantic but no less impressive than the Urach Waterfall.

The waterfall is fed by water that seeps away on the Alb plateau near the Fohlenhof. This encounters an impermeable layer of soil and lets the water run down into the valley over two terraces made of calcareous tuff.


4. Natural History Museum Reutlingen

Natural History Museum Reutlingen
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Behind the doors of the Natural History Museum, the world remains far away and yet comes closer than anywhere else. Since 1883, things that describe the nature of the earth and its eventful history have been collected in Reutlingen.

Rocks and minerals that form our planet, animals, and plants, which have been enlivening it for 3.5 billion years. In a modern design, they convey the natural history of the earth, life, and the region in the historic ambiance of the Old Lyceum. It is one of the perfect places to visit in Reutlingen Germany with children.


5. The Achalm

The Achalm
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The Achalm belongs to Reutlingen just like the Marienkirche or the Tübinger Tor. The summit is 707 m high. The Achalm is a so-called witness mountain, consisting of white Jura like the Swabian Alb, which is about 10 km away.

It is proof (witness) that millions of years ago the White Jurassic block of the Alb reached at least here. Unfortunately, only a few remains of the castle built by Counts Egino and Rudolf in the 11th century, and the keep, which was rebuilt around 1838, remain.


6. Urach Residential Palace Reutlingen

Places to visit in Reutlingen Germany
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The late medieval Württemberg residence is located in the heart of the idyllic half-timbered town of Bad Urach, right next to the late Gothic Amandus Church. Inside you can see several halls from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the Rococo as well as the world’s largest collection of ceremonial sleighs. Visit with or without a guide, there is a free castle quiz for children.


7. Bear Den

Bear Den
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The Bear Cave owes its name to the skeletons of cave bears found inside. It consists of the Karls- and the Bärenhöhle and fascinates with its magnificent stalactite halls. This cave can only be visited as part of a guided tour. In 1834 the Erpfinger teacher Fauth discovered the Karlshöhle because his tobacco box had slipped into a crevice in the rock.


8. Tübinger Tor Reutlingen

Tübinger Tor Reutlingen
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The Tübinger Tor is one of the last remaining remains of the city wall, which was built around 1235. On the tower, which was added later, there is still a clock that completes the idyllic picture.

The Tübingen Gate was built in 1235 as part of Reutlingen’s medieval city fortifications. The corner and hump ashlars of the tower date from 1330, and the half-timbered top was probably built later. The Tübinger Tor was one of three main gates of the city that were open to traffic.


9. Fog Cave Reutlingen

Places to visit in Reutlingen Germany
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The Nebelhöhle, not far from the Lichtenstein Castle, is considered to be one of the most beautiful and largest stalactite caves in our Swabian Jura.

First, you descend 141 steps into the underworld, into the “Hole from which the mists rose”. Great stalactites in different halls await you. What can you discover? Let your imagination run wild. It is one of the most interesting places to visit in Reutlingen Germany.


Places to visit in Reutlingen Germany

  • Art Museum Reutlingen
  • Hohentübingen Castle Reutlingen
  • Güterstein waterfall Reutlingen
  • Natural History Museum Reutlingen
  • The Achalm
  • Urach Residential Palace Reutlingen
  • Bear Den
  • Tubinger Tor Reutlingen
  • Fog Cave Reutlingen