Wroclaw Christmas Market, Poland

Wroclaw Christmas Market 2023 (Jarmark Bożonarodzeniowy Rynek Wrocław) Location Region : Lower Silesia, Poland

Christmas Market in Wroclaw (Jarmark Bożonarodzeniowy Rynek Wrocław) is regarded as one of the best Christmas markets in Poland and one of the most beautiful in Europe; it is open from mid-November to the end of December. It is located on the Rynek Marquet Square but also on the Place Solny, You will enjoy craft products, gastronomy from around the world Alsatian, Turkish, Spanish and Polish specialties.

The colorful, illuminated Christmas Market in Wroclaw is already a tradition on the Wroclaw Market Square.

This event attracts thousands of Wrocław residents and guests from all over Poland and abroad. This is one of the most beautiful fairs. Along this market you will feel the aromas of mulled wine and chocolate gingerbread. The inhabitants of Wrocław and tourists can enjoy a lot of holiday attractions. The magic of Christmas will charm everyone.

Wroclaw Christmas Market offers beautifully lit shopping houses, full of wooden toys, ceramics, jewelry, original trinkets.

Gourmets can count on delicacies from different parts of Poland and the world. They will find here, among others honey from Lower Silesian apiaries, skewers, oscypek with cranberry, roasted chestnuts, Hungarian langos, jam and tinctures from Armenia, Turkish baklava, Dutch and Italian cheeses, dried fruit, chocolate-covered fruit and Wrocław gingerbread houses.

Put letters to Santa Claus in the mailbox and take part in concerts and other artistic events. Wrocław Locally and Socially Zone is a part of the Christmas Market on the Wrocław market square. It is dedicated exclusively to social organizations that work for the benefit of young, sick, injured or at risk of social exclusion, and to Lower Silesian food producers associated in the European Culinary Heritage Network.