Things to Do Near Corfu Greece

Blessed by nature, with its slopes flooded with pines, cypresses, and eucalyptus, flowing towards the clear blue waters, Corfu is the dream of every nature lover. In this article, you will find the list of the 11 things to do near Corfu Greece.

Things to Do Near Corfu Greece

Once you set foot in the atmospheric Old Town of Corfu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will be transported to a fairytale world. You will hear the footsteps of kings, nobles, and knights who once walked the cobbled streets. The port of Corfu in Greece, one of the best-fortified ports in the Mediterranean, is dominated by the Old and the New Fortress. Ideal locations to enjoy the panoramic view of the city and of course the Ionian. Just below the Old Fortress is Gonitsa, one of the two ports of the island in antiquity. If you are looking for cultural explorations, Corfu offers you countless options. Corfu is situated in the Ionian Islands Region.


1. Old Fortress of Corfu

Old Fortress of Corfu

The historic center of Corfu town is bordered by two fortresses: to the east the Old Fortress and to the west the New Fortress. In the past, the two fortresses were joined by walls that surrounded the inhabited city. It is considered one of the most interesting places things to do in Corfu Greece. The oldest of the two is obviously the Old Fortress of Corfu which is built on a rocky peninsula with two characteristic hills at the eastern end of Corfu and at the same time the most imposing monument of the city.


2. Cathedral of Saint Spyridon

Cathedral of Saint Spyridon

The church was built in 1589, in the form of an Ionian Basilica, by the Corfiot Voulgaris family. Although its exterior decoration is very simple, the interior of the church is rich in decoration, with a particularly impressive iconostasis of 1864 made of marble of Paros. For all history lovers, visiting this castle is one of the most special things to do in Corfu Greece.


3. Angelokastro


The castle of Angelokastro on the west coast of North Corfu is one of the three Byzantine castles on the island. It is built on a cliff. The rock that hosts it is completed by the perimeter steep wall, found most of the time on the edge of the cliff. During the Venetian occupation, Angelokastro played an important role in stopping the Ottoman invasions.


4. Aqualand Corfu Water Park

Aqualand Corfu Water Park

A small water paradise that combines relaxation and fun, is located in Corfu and completes 22 years of operation this year. Aqualand, one of the most impressive water amusement parks in Europe, opens its doors again welcoming the summer season, on May 12 and holds many surprises after being enriched with new extreme and fun games.


5. New Venetian Fortress

New Venetian Fortress

Another example of the great fortification capacity of the Venetians, but also a marvel of architectural art built by the Venetians with the forced labor of the inhabitants from 1576 to 1645. At that time, the Venetians, with the constant Turkish threat to the island, considered necessary the complete fortification of the city that had meanwhile expanded far beyond the old fortress.


6. Agios Spyridonas Beach

Agios Spyridonas Beach

Agios Spyridonas beach is covered with sand and has been awarded a Blue Flag for its clear waters. Features sunbeds and parasols for rent and water sports facilities. You will find this quiet beach between the tourist resorts of Kassiopi and Acharavi, where you can find, in addition, a variety of tourist accommodations and all kinds of shops: pharmacies, banks, supermarkets, and doctor’s offices.


7. Glyfada Corfu

Glyfada Corfu

Glyfada Beach is the most popular and one of the largest in Corfu. Easy access to the beach with free parking and is only 20 minutes from Corfu town. The sea is crystal clear and the beach is sandy and organized with sunbeds, umbrellas, shops, and water sports activities.


8. Wigs (Longas)

Wigs (Longas)

Longas Beach in Peroulades and the entire coast of the area is an unprecedented landscape. The sedimentary rocks were neatly cut with a huge knife causing awe to the visitor. Narrow strips of sand at the base allow for swimming in a unique landscape.


9. Porto Steering wheel Corfu

Porto Steering wheel Corfu

Porto Timoni Beach is one of the most beautiful in Corfu but relatively unknown as access is not so easy. These are two “twin” beaches (a narrow strip of land) covered with white pebbles. From the mainland to reach the beach you have to follow the path from the village of Afionas in a journey of 20 minutes.


10. Canal d’Amour Beach

Canal d'Amour Beach

Eros Canal is another special beach and one of the most popular on the island. It is a small fjord, a narrow strip of sea between waves carved by the wave that penetrates the land and meets a small sandy shore. There are some umbrellas but the space is very limited. Tradition has it that couples who swim here stay in love forever. This place is unique and in our opinion one of the best things to do in Corfu.


11. Issos Beach

Issos Beach

The beaches of Halikouna and Issos are located next to the lagoon of Korissia and are separated by a small cedar forest. The morphology of the area is truly unique. The landscape looks deserted by the sea in contrast to the green landscape behind the lagoon.