Aalborg Denmark: Our Guide to the Best Things to Do

Aalborg is a small town in Denmark which offers to tourist many places to visit in Aalborg Denmark. Eastern North Jutland contains exciting sights and attractions for all ages. It doesn’t matter if you’re into great nature experiences, art and museum visits or something else entirely, you can experience it here. In recent years, Aalborg has turned into a real cultural hotspot with spectacular architecture, a newly renovated harbour front full of life and movement, exciting gastronomy and a cozy big city feel.

Aalborg Denmark: Our Guide to the Best Things to Do

Read more about the highlights of North Jutland’s capital. Aalborg Municipality is the country’s third largest municipality with approx. 207,000 inhabitants and the sixth largest in terms of area. The municipality is located after the Municipal Reform in 2007 in Region North Jutland. We have collected some of places to visit in Aalborg Denmark.


1. Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg

Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg
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Kunsten – Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg is a modern art museum, an experience house and an architectural gem in itself. Created by the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto in collaboration with his wife Elissa Aalto and the Danish architect Jean-Jacques Baruël. Although the museum has existed since 1972, it still stands out today – not least thanks to the architects’ modern thinking and thus the unique architecture.


2. Aalborg Zoo

Aalborg Zoo
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In Aalborg Zoo you meet 11 out of the 12 most popular zoo animals, and as the only place in Denmark you can see the Borneo orangutan and the Asiatic lion. In Aalborg Zoo you can experience the wild animals up close as they unfold in lifelike surroundings. For example, you can take a walk into the new kangaroo facility, where you can meet the animals up close without a fence between you and them.


3. Lindholm Alto

Lindholm Alto
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On Lindholm Høje, burials and settlements from both the Germanic Iron Age and the Viking Age have been found, including 682 graves and 150 shipwrecks. North of the burial site was the associated village, of which, among other things, houses, fences, wells and cooking pits have been found.


4. House of Music

House of Music
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The house, created by the internationally recognized architectural firm Coop Himmelb(l)au, contains four concert halls, five stages, a culinary restaurant and both the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, the Jyske Music Conservatory and Aalborg University’s programs as permanent residents. As a result, there is a pulsating music environment to be found around the house every day. This is one of places to visit in Aalborg Denmark.


5. Nordkraft

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Nordkraft has been remodeled into one of Europe’s largest and most impressive cultural and activity centre.  Here you can go to the theater in Teater Nordkraft , listen to concerts at Skråen and KUL, see art exhibitions in Kunsthal NORD and watch films in Biffen . You can cultivate your well-being at DGI-HUSET, Aalborg Kickboxing Club and Sportskarate.dk . And you can enjoy food and drink at Azzurra Nordkraft and Café Mumbai – and visit North Jutland’s largest produce market.


6. Aalborg Historical Museum

Aalborg Historical Museum
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At the Aalborg Historiske Museum, located at Budolfi Plads, you can experience the entire history of the city – from around the year 750, when the city arose in connection with a trading post on the then Østerå to the burgeoning industrial city that was located on the same site more than 1,000 years later.


7. Defence and Garrison Museum

Defence and Garrison Museum
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The Aalborg Defense and Garrison Museum conveys the history of the development of Danish total defense through stories that, among other things, include the history of World War II and the occupation of Denmark, Aalborg as a garrison town and the Cold War. In the exhibitions, you can experience everything from uniforms, equipment and medical vehicles to weapons, fighter planes and the heavier artillery.


8. Western Fjord Park

Western Fjord Park
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Vestre Fjordpark is one of Aalborg’s favorite places when it comes to enjoying the greenery near the water – and especially in the summer, because here there are many opportunities for good experiences for all ages. The large park, which spans an area of ​​165,000 m2, provides six different activity areas.


9. Aalborg Tower

Aalborg Tower
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The Aalborg Tower towers majestically over the city of Aalborg and has done so for a lifetime. Since 1933, it has watched over the city from its location on Skovbakken, just a stone’s throw from Kunsten. Hill + tower gives a total of 105 meters above sea level, so the view leaves little to be desired.


10. Old town

Old town
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Aalborg is a wonderful mix of state-of-the-art and old, and the result is an incredibly charming and exciting city. Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a nice Danish sandwich in one of the many cozy cafes in Aalborg, while you enjoy the sight of walls covered with street art and beautiful 17th-century houses in a beautiful combination.