Roskilde: Interesting Things to Do

In this article, you will read about things to do in Roskilde Denmark. Only 25 minutes from Copenhagen, Roskilde lies high above the landscape, beautifully situated by Roskilde Fjord. Here you get history, culture, and nature in abundance – and also inviting restaurants where you can refuel and wash down all the experiences. There are so many beautiful things to do in Roskilde Denmark.

The story of Roskilde and its surroundings goes back to the Viking Age and the Middle Ages, and the biggest attractions include Roskilde Cathedral’s royal tombs and impressive architecture, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. And then, as you know, Roskilde can appeal to the young: the RAGNAROCK museum offers interactive exhibitions on pop, rock, and youth culture, while the Viking Ship Museum with its working workshops is a delight for children. But Roskilde is also a modern city with a pedestrian street for those looking for shops and cafes.


Roskilde: Interesting Things to Do

  • The Viking Ship Museum
  • Roskilde Cathedral
  • Roskilde Museum
  • Land of Legends
  • National Park
  • Roskilde Palace and Stændertorvet
  • Sankt Jørgensbjerg
  • String field
  • Ringsted Gallery
  • Heathland
  • Roskilde Festival


1. The Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum
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At the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, you can experience the five original Viking ships that were excavated in Roskilde Fjord in 1962. The almost 1,000-year-old ships are exhibited in the Viking Ship Hall and stand as black silhouettes with the fjord as a living backdrop. The museum lies beautifully down to Roskilde Fjord and consists of the Viking Ship Hall, the museum island with a boatyard, workshops and Café Knarr , which serves New Nordic Viking food.


2. Roskilde Cathedral

Roskilde Cathedral
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The cathedral’s architecture is a time travel through 800 years, and this has put it on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. 3 of the kings of the Viking Age are buried: Harald Blåtand (d. 986), Svend Tveskæg (d. 1014) and Svend Estridsen (d. 1074). Since the 16th century, all Danish kings have been buried here. The church was built in approx. 1200 as an impressive Gothic cathedral built in red bricks. This is one of listed things to do in Roskilde Denmark.


3. Roskilde Museum

Roskilde Museum
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The city museum’s most important object is the city – in addition to being a museum for the city’s history, it is also a museum about the city today and for the possible city of tomorrow. The city’s people are therefore always already part of the city’s museum and help to shape the city and thus the city’s museum.


4. Land of Legends

Land of Legends
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Whether it’s a summer party, team building, conferences or a customer / networking event, outdoor Adventures offers quality experiences together. Take your colleagues under your arm and experience the forest, the rustling of the leaves, knowledge in your hair, the waves against the kayak and the community with others. Here there is calm, focus and plenty of time for experiences and socializing.


5. National Park

National Park
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Feel the rush of history in the beautiful buildings and rooms, which contain many stories dating back to the 17th century. Since 1971, the historic castle has gone from private residence to hotel and conference center. Frames that must be said to be extremely classy for a stay with those closest to you.


6. Roskilde Palace and Stændertorvet

Roskilde Palace and Stændertorvet
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First of all, the old town hall, but also the ruins of the church of Sankt Laurentius, which is a journey back to the Middle Ages. The now decommissioned church from the beginning of the 12th century hides a fantastic history, which you can experience on a tour of the ruins two meters below street level. Stændertorvet is Roskilde’s main square. The name is of recent date and an allusion to the assembly of estates that was held in the Royal Palace (Roskilde Palace) built in the 1730s.


7. Sankt Jørgensbjerg

Sankt Jørgensbjerg is located on a small hill with a nice view of Roskilde and is almost a must to visit – in any case, you get a completely different impression of the city here. A visit to the cozy district is probably one of the most surprising experiences in Roskilde.


8. String field

String field
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High above the landscape by Roskilde Fjord with a view over the fjord, burial mounds and churches lies the farm Snoremark, whose history goes back many hundreds of years. At the modern mead brewery, Karin Sloth and Thomas Breddam brew around 6000 liters of mead per year. Snoremark has won a number of awards for their mead. Æblemjød has been honored with a gold medal at the large food fair Nordic Food Contest and named Fruit Wine of the Year in the category “Other Fruit Wines” in the Danish Forum for Fruit Wine.


9. Ringsted Gallery

Ringsted Gallery
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Art reaches new experimental heights in Ringsted, south of Roskilde. Ringsted Gallery invites all those interested in art inside to exhibitions and dissemination of Nordic contemporary art. An art form that the gallery has been able to present since 1982. With several awards behind it, Ringsted Gallery stands as a unique stage for art that provokes, enlightens and tickles the observer.


10. Heathland

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Heathland is a large nature and leisure area with a wide range of activities. The area is close to Nærheden i Hedehusene – near Roskilde on Zealand. You can do many activities for all the family, like walking, skiing, playgrounds, power fitness bands, riding trails, and dog forests.


11. Roskilde Festival

Roskilde Festival

The partnership between Meyer Sound and Roskilde Festival leverages the strengths of the iconic music festival and the pioneering developer of professional audio systems to elevate the festival experience for artists and fans alike. This year-round, multifaceted collaboration focuses on educational initiatives and scientific research and development, intending to elevate the festival experience for the audience, artists, and technical crews. For both partners, it’s an opportunity to innovate, with the event serving as a technology showcase and living laboratory.