Things to do in Slagelse Denmark

You can enjoy too many things to do in Slagelse Denmark. The city was founded 900 years ago. The houses of the Middle Ages are gone and the churches still stand.

Things to do in Slagelse Denmark
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This city is Zealand’s fourth largest city and is one of Denmark’s oldest cities, located in the middle of idyllic nature on Zealand‘s west coast. There is parking in several places and then experience the medieval town with its winding streets, churches, shops, cozy courtyards, and cafes, many of which have outdoor dining.

The medieval churches of Sankt Mikkel and Sankt Peder are located in the center and the former Slagelse Monastery today contains 33 apartments. Let’s discover together the list of things to do in Slagelse Denmark.


1. Museum of the Viking Age in Slagelse

Things to do in Slagelse Denmark
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Here you can see objects excavated from the Viking Age, visit a reconstructed house from the Viking Age, and see the archaeological ring castle. One of the most striking parts of the Viking Age buildings is the large ring castles.

When excavated during the 1900s, attention was paid to the very uniform architecture of the houses inside the castles. Therefore, the new house type was called Trelleborg houses, named after the ring castle Trelleborg in West Zealand, which was the first ring castle found.


2. Slagelse Museum

Slagelse Museum Slagelse
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Museum Vestsjælland is the state-recognized cultural history museum for the 285,000 citizens of Midt- and Westsjælland. The museum is the result of the merger on 31 December 2012 between Holbæk Museum, Kalundborg Museum, Museum Odsherred, Ringsted Museum, and Archive and South West Zealand Museum.

The museum’s geographical area of ​​responsibility covers Holbæk, Kalundborg, Odsherred, Ringsted, Slagelse, and Soro municipalities. The area of ​​responsibility also includes archeology.


3. Bildso Beach near Slagelse

Things to do in Slagelse Denmark
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Bildsø Beach is a scenic area in particularly peaceful surroundings by Bildsø Forest. There is a lovely sandy beach, lots of beautiful flowers and distinctive old pine trees shaped by the wind. There are tables and benches on the beach. Access to the beach is through the forest from the large parking lot at Stendyssevej. In the forest, you can use an exercise oasis.


4. Panzer Museum East

Things to do in Slagelse Denmark
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It was only during the Second World War that the world really opened its eyes to effective armored vehicles. Especially in Germany, where the so-called blitzkrieg was organized, you got to see what armored vehicles could mean for the war on land. As is well known, the future became a long dispute between the Eastern and Western blocs of the world.


5. Slagelse Art Association

Slagelse Art Association was formed in 1963 under the then-name Vestsjællands Kunstforening. It happened on the initiative of West Zealand’s Theater Circle, and it was the kinship with this association that the original name came from. After discussions with the board, the art association changed its name in 1995 to the current Slagelse Art Association.


6. Saint Peter’s Church Slagelse

Things to do in Slagelse Denmark
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Saint Peter’s Church was built in the 1100s, has a Romanesque chancel and nave made of boulders, as well as a choir extension, cross arms, porch and sacristy made of brick from the Gothic period. The tower was built by Hans Spirhugger in 1664, after an earlier one had been blown down; the spire is from 1871. It is one of the listed things to visit in Slagelse Denmark.


7. Domus Sancti Spiritus – Holy Spirit House

Domus Sancti Spiritus - Holy Spirit House
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Holy Spirit House in Bredgade is a former Holy Ghost monastery, a long building complex in dark stone. The building has now been renovated and stands out with bright and friendly premises. The frescoes in the church by Niels Larsen Stevns are often reproduced in books about Danish art. Holy Spirit House was built in the 1300s. and is the predecessor of the current foundation Slagelse Hospital and Monastery.


8. Korsor Nor Slagelse

Things to do in Slagelse Denmark
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There have been settlements since ancient times in the area where the Korsør Nor empties into the Storebælt. In the Viking Age, there was a crossing point to Funen and a trading post here. At the end of the 12th century, the castle Tårnborg was built at the bottom.

After that urban development probably arose. With the opening of the Great Belt Bridge in the late 1990s, Korsør was faced with a very large restructuring, as the once meaningful ferry connection became redundant.


9. Trelleborg Golf Club Slagelse

Things to do in Slagelse Denmark
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Trelleborg Golfklub Slagelse (2005) is located in West Zealand just north of Slagelse. Trelleborg Golf Club Slagelse consists of an 18-hole championship course, a 9-hole Pay & Play course, a couple of par-3 courses, a clubhouse, and good training facilities.

The 18-hole golf course in Trelleborg Golfklub Slagelse is an open park course, which, among other things, is characterized by wide fairways. The course has 5 different tees to choose from.


10. Kragerup Go High

Things to do in Slagelse Denmark
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Of course one of the best things to do in Slagelse. Kragerup Go High is Denmark’s first climbing park, one of Zealand’s most challenging, and the coolest – if you ask us!

The climbing park is over 6 km long, and we have 8 climbing courses with varying degrees of difficulty, with a total of 1,650 meters of the cable car. The longest cable car is 416 m, which is thus one of Denmark’s longest cable cars.


Things to do in Slagelse Denmark

  • Museum of the Viking Age
  • Slagelse Museum
  • Bildso Beach near Slagelse
  • Panzer Museum East
  • Slagelse Art Association
  • Saint Peter’s Church Slagelse
  • Domus Sancti Spiritus – Holy Spirit House
  • Korsor Nor Slagelse
  • Trelleborg Golf Club Slagelse
  • Kragerup Go High