12 Things to do in Michelstadt Germany

Have you ever asked which are the best places to visit in Michelstadt Germany? In this article, you will explore the top 12 things to do in Michelstadt. In Michelstadt and the surrounding area, there are numerous ways to relax. Nature and leisure activities can be easily combined with walks, demanding hikes, bike tours, or a round of golf – relaxation is guaranteed.

In summer, the forest swimming pool and outdoor pool in Vielbrunn offer variety. In winter, the Odenwald indoor pool is available. Tennis enthusiasts can purchase a guest ticket from the Michelstadt Tennis Club in the summer. Michelstadt has everything that makes a medium-sized center livable and lovable.

Things to do in Michelstadt Germany
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You have to plan everything before because their many beautiful places to see in Michelstadt Germany. The Christmas market in the city has been considered one of the best markets in Germany for many years. For more articles about Hesse Region check this category. Let’s discover together things to do in Michelstadt Germany, during your visit.


1. Michelstadt Old Town Hall

Michelstadt Old Town Hall
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The Old Town Hall is a listed building in Michelstadt. The old town hall from 1484 is a late medieval half-timbered building that is free-standing on all sides. The originally completely open ground floor hall with mighty oak posts is connected to the frame ring by double-head braces.

On one of the northern posts is the original date 1484. The half-timbered upper floor, flanked on the west side by high, pointed bay towers, contains a large council chamber with a polygonal central column.


2. City Church Michelstadt

City Church Michelstadt
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The Stadtkirche is a Protestant church in Michelstadt. It was essentially built in the late Gothic period as a pseudo-basilical hall church, but still contains parts of a previous Carolingian building. The previous building was the burial place of many taverns and counts of Erbach.

It is important because of the numerous grave monuments from the High Middle Ages to the Neo-Gothic period. The congregation belongs to the Odenwald Deanery of the Starkenburg Propstei of the Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau.


3. Einhard Basilica Michelstadt

Einhard Basilica Michelstadt
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The Einhardsbasilika in Steinbach, a district of Michelstadt in the Hessian Odenwald, is a church from the 9th century. The well-preserved basilica is considered an exceptional building and, because of the largest preserved Carolingian masonry in the area of ​​the central nave, the northern side choir, and the crypt, it is one of the few examples of Carolingian architecture in Germany. Its name refers to its builder Einhard, advisor to Charlemagne and Louis the Pious.


4. Castle Hainhaus

Castle Hainhaus
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Remains of the Roman fort in the Hainhaus. The Limes fort, called “Bentzenburg” in the 15th century, can only be recognized by traces of the terrain. Since the 18th century, it has been the seat of a hunting lodge for the princes of Löwenstein-Wertheim. With its individual buildings (chapel, servants’ house, inn, and forester’s house), it forms a small group of buildings in a forest clearing.


5. English Garden Eulbach

English Garden Eulbach
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A walk through this park becomes an experience. Archaeological monuments, different landscapes, a ruined castle, short explanations of the objects, and the various animals in the enclosures provide entertainment and relaxation.

Directly on the B 47, the Nibelungenstraße, between Amorbach and Erbach / Michelstadt, in the midst of a charming landscape, lies the approx. 400-hectare English Garden at the Eulbach hunting lodge.


6. Furstenau Castle

Furstenau Castle
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Fürstenau Castle is also located in the Steinbach district. The Electorate of Mainz built this moated castle around 1250 to protect its possessions. Today the entire castle complex, which is still inhabited, is one of the most beautiful German castles and palaces.
The palace complex can be visited daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; the building is occupied.


7. Adventure height Wald-Michelbach

Things to do in Michelstadt Germany
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The Odenwald is a well-known destination for the Nibelungen saga. In the heart of the Bergstrasse-Odenwald Nature Park, nature is still untouched and offers an unforgettable destination.

Embedded in the beautiful landscape of the Überwald, as the southern part of the Odenwald, the summer toboggan run and the Wald-Michelbach climbing forest offer a natural, unique leisure experience in which tobogganing, adrenaline, and adventure are very important. These is listed as things to do in Michelstadt Germany.


8. Erbach Castle

Things to do in Michelstadt Germany
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Cosmos of an educated person: Erbach Castle in the Odenwald houses many treasures and above all the famous collections of Count Franz I of Erbach-Erbach. In his honor, you will also find the “German Ivory Museum”. The palace is one of the state palaces and gardens of Hesse.


9. Forest Museum Watterbacher Haus

Forest Museum Watterbacher Haus
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This destination is a museum. The excursion destination for families in Kirchzell-Preunschen is ideal for a family day. The typical residential stable house built in 1475 is the oldest farmhouse in the Odenwald and was moved from its original location in Watterbach to Preunschen.

Inside, with the help of rare historical objects and photos, it not only tells its own story but also the development of the forest and the different uses of the forest since the Middle Ages.


10. Visit Breuberg Castle from Michelstadt

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A family trip destination is a place worth seeing. The excursion destination in Breuberg offers a good opportunity for family time. The greetings here are actually medieval hearty. Right at the entrance, the stone “Breilecker” sticks out its tongue at all those who want to visit the castle. And that’s what many want, because behind the mighty castle walls is one of the most beautiful and original youth hostels in southern Germany.


11. Michelstadt Christmas Market

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The market Michelstadt is a market in Michelstadt. Fresh groceries from the Region – at the Michelstadt market you will find products from regional suppliers. In contrast to a full supermarket, the Michelstadt market gives you the opportunity to get to know the vendors and learn more about the products and their origin. In addition to groceries, the Michelstadt market also has a gastronomic offer for in-between hunger pangs. You can also try regional delicacies at many of the stands.


12. Hut

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The hut is a hiker’s hut in Michelstadt. The hut is the perfect destination for a strenuous hike. Whether in between recharging your batteries or as the crowning glory of the tour, you are definitely in the right place here. From here you can reach the Katzenbuckel summit in just 0.6 kilometers.


Things to do in Michelstadt Germany

  • Michelstadt Old Town Hall
  • City Church Michelstadt
  • Einhard Basilica Michelstadt
  • Castle Hainhaus
  • English Garden Eulbach
  • Furstenau Castle
  • Adventure height Wald-Michelbach
  • Erbach Castle
  • Forest Museum Watterbacher Haus
  • Visit Breuberg Castle from Michelstadt
  • Michelstadt Christmas Market
  • Hut