Things to do in Aeugst am Albis Switzerland

The city of Aeugst am Albis is located in Zurich, Switzerland. Topographically, the municipality consists of two different parts. In this article, we are exploring the top things to do in Aeugst am Albis.

On the one hand from the Aeugstertal with the upper reaches of the Reppisch settled hamlets and the Türlersee and on the other hand from the Aeugsterberg with the village of Aeugst located on its southwestern slope.

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The hamlet Müliberg belonging to the valley connects the two parts of the community. The lowest point of the community lies below the settlement “Wängibad” in the Jonental (536 meters above sea level) and the highest on the top of the Aeugsterberg (829 meters above sea level).

The Türlersee, its bank areas, and the adjoining landscape areas are of great biological and scenic value and are under cantonal protection.

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The first documentary mentions say nothing about the actual age of a settlement. The evidence from 883 (Borsikon, Aeugstertal) shows, however, that the upper Reppischtal was already settled by the Alemanns (7th century) during the first expansion phase.

The high level of jurisdiction came from Habsburg Austria to Zurich in 1415 and from 1512 until the Revolution, Aeugst was part of the Landvogtei Knonau. The name “Chloster” in the valley indicates the location of a beguinage.

Aeugst and Wängi were until the formation of an independent parish in 1667 (church building) to Mettmenstetten, the valley with Müliberg to Stallikon church. The political municipality formed at the beginning of the 19th century corresponds territorially to the old parish of Aeugst.


Turlersee Lake

Turlersee Lake

Turlersee Lake is a small lake near Zurich, nestled in a quiet valley, making you feel far away from everything even though you are so close. There is an easy loop trail around the lake, smooth enough for a stroller and short enough that a 5 year old can walk around it without too much complaining.

Turlersee Lake

As you walk around the lake, you’ll pass a few fire pits and several small docks from which you can fish without a license. There’s a swimming area at the south end of the lake that requires an entrance fee. It’s also wonderful for winter walks, so beautiful with the snow. If you live in the area, it’s a great choice in any season.


Langenberg Zoo

Langenberg Zoo - Wildnispark Zurich Langenberg 1

The Zurich Langenberg Wilderness Park is a scientifically managed zoo and a member of the zooschweiz association. The members of zooschweiz are committed to high-quality animal husbandry that is oriented towards the well-being of the animals.

The Wilderness Park Zurich keeps its wild animals in spacious, natural facilities and ensures that the animals can live out their entire natural behavioral repertoire as far as possible.

Langenberg Zoo - Wildnispark Zurich Langenberg

This includes in particular finding a partner, raising young animals and, in the case of social animal species, living together in a group.