Things to do in Ettelbruck Luxembourg

Ettelbruck Luxembourg is located in the heart of the country, at the confluence of the three rivers Sûre, Alzette and Wark. In this article we are listing best things to do in Ettelbruck.

The City of Ettelbruck is a multicultural city with 47.88% non-Luxembourgish inhabitants.
The municipality of Ettelbruck brings together the localities of Ettelbruck, Grentzingen and Warken over an area of ​​15.2 km2.

Camping Ettelbruck is particularly welcoming with its terraced layout, spacious pitches and a splendid view of the surrounding hills, fields and forests.

Located on the edge of the Luxembourg Ardennes and close to the natural parks, Camping Ettelbruck is the ideal starting point to discover the region on foot or by bike. Below we are listing best things to do in Ettelbruck Luxembourg.


1.General Patton Memorial Museum Luxembourg

Things to do in Ettelbruck Luxembourg - General Patton Memorial Museum

The museum, named after General Patton, invites visitors to get a sense of life in Ettelbruck during the terrible occupation years of the Second World War.

The General Patton Memorial Museum pays homage to General George S. Patton Jr. who, as commander of the US Third Army, led the definitive Liberation of the town of Ettelbruck on 25 December 1944.



Things to do in Ettelbruck Luxembourg - Sauertal-Radweg
Radtour auf dem Sauer-Radweg, © Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH/D. Ketz

The cycle path is approx. 55 km long, sometimes on the Luxembourg side, sometimes on the German side, along the border river Sauer from Wasserbillig/Langsur via Echternach and Bollendorf.

At Wallendorf, the Sauer bids farewell to Germany and meanders via Reisdorf into Oesling in Luxembourg.

The path leads through a unique natural landscape, there are hardly any differences in altitude along the Sauer, so the route is also suitable for the untrained.


3.Eglise Saint-Sébastien Ettelbruck

Things to do in Ettelbruck Luxembourg - Eglise Saint-Sébastien

When Dudon built the castle in 997, he erected at the same time a chapel dedicated to St Sebastian.

Several times during the Middle Ages, it was burned, looted, ransacked because of the wars.
In 1482, a priest of Dieulouard, Jean Mengin, had it razed and rebuilt, by means of quests, on larger dimensions.

The portal, of modern architecture and Corinthian order, is decorated with a statue of St Sebastian placed in a niche, two statues of angels and a cross.


4.Monument Patton

Monument Patton

Monument in honor of General Patton who, with the 3rd Army, launched the Battle of the Bulge from Arlon.

The initiative to erect a monument dedicated to General Patton and his soldiers came from the Commission des Fêtes d’Arlon, chaired by Julien Breyer.

It is an obelisk in French stone, bearing a bronze medallion bearing the effigy of the famous general, the work of Victor Demanet.


5.Sentier Adrien Ries

Sentier Adrien Ries

The national hiking trail “Sentier Adrien Ries” is a 48 km loop through the Nordstad. This path, which has been fully marked since 2013, symbolizes the link between the 6 municipalities of the Nordstad. We suggest to spend some time in Sentier Adrien Ries because is one of the best things to do in Ettelbruck.

From the Sûre valley to the panoramas of the ridges, the Adrien Ries Trail crosses meadows, forests and crops.