Things to do in Malcesine at Lake Garda, Italy

Things to do in Malcesine at Lake Garda. Province: Verona (VR) . Region Veneto, Italy

Things to do in Malcesine at Lake Garda (Sul Garda) - Verona

Malcesine is a town on Lake Garda (Malcesine Sul Garda) at the foot of Monte Baldo, in the province of Verona, inhabited by about 3700 people.

Compared to the other locations on the lake, Malcesine Sul Garda is larger and for this reason it is one of the liveliest centers offering more opportunities, from shopping to active life.

A mediaeval citadel sheltered by the breathtaking wedding venue of Malcesine castle. Surrounded by olive groves and long shingle beaches.

Do you know Val di Sogno bay? Or Monte Baldo, accessible by cable car. There are no words to describe the incomparable view from up there, you have to see it for yourself.

Things to do in Malcesine at Lake Garda (Sul Garda) - Verona

The village offers a wide range of sport activities, for example sailing, windsurfing, water skiing, paragliding, tennis, mini golf and mountain biking. One of the most famous sailing clubs has its seat in Malcesine: the “Fraglia della Vela”, counting on its best athletes, aims at conquering not only Europe, but the whole world.

Malcesine is the most characteristic of the villages of the lake, different from all, with its rocky spur that, overbearing, emerges from the waters, dominated by the towering Castle that guards the historical center below, of medieval origin.

With its characteristic alleys and cobbled squares, doors and faces, tiny and colorful shops, pubs, ateliers, restaurants, taverns, ancient houses leaning against each other, stone walls, courtyards and vegetable gardens, picturesque views, lively crowded atmospheres of tourists. Below you can find Top best things to do in Malcesine at Lake Garda (Malcesine Sul Garda).


1. Malcesine historic center with a lot of Castles

Malcesine center, let yourself be delighted

Walking through the cobbled streets of Malcesine is already enchanting in itself, you feel like you are in a fairy tale. Time seems to have stopped, the atmosphere is medieval, do you say it’s thanks to the Castle of Malcesine?

Malcesine is a bit like a delicious lunch which then brings out the best in dessert. Yes, because the Castle of Malcesine is by far its most precious gem that you discover only after having crossed the village on foot.

The fortress dates back to the medieval period, a real Scaligero Castle which with its high tower dominates the town on a rocky spur. Climbing the tower, the surrounding landscape is simply a spectacle, it would surprise anyone.

Inside there is also a museum where, still today, some drawings by Goethe are kept, even the poet immediately fell in love with this city, so much so that he talked about it in his “Journey to Italy”.


2. Malcesine center, let yourself be delighted

Things to do in Malcesine at Lake Garda (Sul Garda) - Verona

The historic center of Malcesine is a twisted up and down of small cobbled streets where small boutiques, cafes and restaurants overlook, many with lake fish specialties.

The center offers you an alternation of glimpses of the ancient houses, the alleys and the nature that surrounds the town. Walking towards the lake, the port, the old port and the Palazzo dei Capitani are worth a visit.

Leaving the center and walking along the lakefront or the cycle path you will find yourself photographing the town surrounded by lake and mountains: the postcard photo of the beautiful that never ceases to excite.


3. The most beautiful beaches of Lake Garda

The most beautiful beaches of Lake Garda

In addition to the characteristic and ancient village of Malcesine there are the beaches to visit. Indeed, rather than visiting them, we recommend that you bring a nice asicugamano and lie down in the sun!

The lakefront is full of small beaches that are also ideal for families. Each has its own particularity, the typical white pebbles make them unique and here the refreshing dips are a real pleasure.

The lakefront also deserves a mention, ideal for peaceful walks, perhaps at sunset when the romance spontaneously falls over the whole village.


4. The medieval village – Il Borgo medievale

Il Borgo medievale

Malcesine is a small medieval village, it is still possible to visit sites that bear witness to the past. The Scaligero Castle, in the heart of the town, has influenced the culture and traditions of the town.

The undisputed beauty of the Castle of Malcesine and its position makes it one of the most beautiful wedding locations in Italy. Come and find out and get ready for a blast from the past!


5. The palace of the Captains – Il palazzo dei Capitani

Il palazzo dei Capitani

We are in the center of the village of Malcesine, the Palazzo dei Capitani is located a few steps from the shores of Lake Garda. Today the seat of the Town Hall and the library, it is an ancient palace built in Gothic and Venetian style which in 1902 was declared a national monument.


6. Scaligero Castle – Il Castello Scaligero di Malcesine

Il castello scaligero

An easy and suggestive walk, through the cobbled streets of the village, takes you directly to the Castle of Malcesine. In the heart of the village, the Scaligero Castle welcomes you with a green courtyard, immediately the incredible panoramic view of Lake Garda opens before your eyes!

A visit to the Castle, in addition to being cultural and relaxing, takes you to the most panoramic points of all Malcesine: from the “Rivellino” platform and from the Castle tower you will enjoy a complete overview that you will not forget, we are sure.

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