Randers – City in Denmark – Things to Do

Randers, it’s a perfect size city for an extended weekend full of things to do. The cool thing about the city is that it is big enough that there is plenty of life in the city, but at the same time not bigger than that all things are gathered more or less around the center of the city. Randers offers many exciting activities for the whole family. Whether you are into culture, nature shopping, or fun for the whole family, Randers has what you are looking for. Let’s discover together things to do in Randers Denmark. Randers is located in Crown Jutland, relatively close to both Aarhus and Aalborg.



1. Randers Rainforest

Randers Rainforest
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The rainforest itself consists of three domes, each with their own continents. What the continents have in common, however, is that they are warm continents and thus exotic animals that you will experience. Walking around the domes is like walking around a real rainforest or jungle. Some of the animals roam freely in the rainforest, eg small monkeys, parrots, ducks and lizards. it’s a little wild.


2. Memphis Mansion

Memphis Mansion

This is a hugely unique attraction. Nowhere else in the world is there an Elvis museum built as a replica of his house in Graceland. But of all places, there is a fantastic museum in Randers. The house itself is externally a copy of Elvis’ house Graceland in the city of Memphis. Inside, it is arranged differently. In the house, you will be able to experience a fantastic collection of Elvis items. The whole house is made as a tribute to Elvis, as well as the American Southern culture.


3. Randers Zoo

Randers Zoo
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Dyrehaven in Randers is a wonderful nature experience, with the opportunity to see fallow deer. The zoo itself is part of the forest Fladbro Skov, which lies a little south-west of the city of Randers itself. In the zoo, there are trail systems that allow you to walk both short and longer routes. This is one of things to do in Randers Denmark.


4. Old Estrup Manor

Old Estrup Manor
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Gammel Estrup Danmarks Herregårdsmuseum is the national museum for the 728 Danish manors. The museum is state-recognized and works both with the preservation and development of the Gammel Estrup manor and with research into and dissemination of the history of Danish manors in general. The museum deals with all aspects of the manor area including architecture, landscape, culture, history, agriculture, and economy both from a national and international perspective, and is a living museum with activities and events for all user groups.


5. Randers Art Museum

Randers Art Museum
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Randers Art Museum is a treasure trove with great experience opportunities for everyone. Randers Art Museum was established in 1887 and contains more than 4,000 works, including significant works within the main forces of Danish visual art over the last 200 years. Randers Art Museum is known for its high quality and great versatility.


6. The craft museum

The craft museum
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The craft museum is housed in a grain warehouse, which with its solid timber constructions is itself an elegant expression of the best Danish craft traditions. The warehouse, designed by architect P. Paulsen, was built in 1894 by merchant Ankerstjerne. In 1919, the building was sold to De Danske Sprit Fabrikker, who used it for the storage and processing of grain. In 1973, Randers Municipality took over the building.


7. The climbing park

The climbing park
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Three years ago, Klatreparken Randers opened next to Randers Dyrehaven in Fladbro Skov. In the climbing park, you will be challenged on ladders, stumps, ropes, nets, balance beams, slides, trapezes, and cable cars up under the treetops.


8. Randers Old Town

Randers Old Town
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The old town hall from 1778 was designed by architect Chr. Mørup. In connection with a restoration in 1780, it was decided that this was useless and a completely new building was started instead. Chr. Mørup sketched in just 6 days, which the mayor approved. Due to increased car traffic, it was decided in 1930 to move the Town Hall. The town hall was raised on strong iron beams so that it could be pulled with a rope. A granite corner in the pavement south of the building marks the former location of the house.


9. The Coastal and Fjord Centre

The Coastal and Fjord Centre
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Visit the Coastal and Fjord Center where playing and learning in nature is the focus. Here you can borrow waders and go exploring in the water, borrow a canoe, visit the nature workshop and meet a fish in the paddling pool. The Coastal and Fjord Center is fun and exciting experiences for the whole family. Randers Fjord is one of the most unique natural sites in Denmark. Here Gudenåen’s fresh water meets the salty water from the Kattegat, which gives a very special mixture in the water. You may also be lucky enough to see seals playing on the polders.


10. Clausholm Castle

Clausholm Castle
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Clausholm appears in the history books as early as the beginning of the 14th century, when the owner, Lage Ovesen, was one of the leaders in the Jutland uprising against Valdemar Atter-dag. Back then, Clausholm consisted of a four-winged farm complex on an islet surrounded by moats.