Holstebro – Town in Denmark – 11 Places to Visit

Holstebro and its surroundings offer a rich range of experiences and many places to visit in Holstebro Denmark. Here are exciting historic buildings in places to visit in Holstebro Denmark. A wide selection of culture and a vibrant nightlife.

Holstebro - Town in Denmark - Places to Visit

The winding streets in the center of the city contain a multitude of restaurants, small cozy shops, and plenty of opportunities for experiences, and the city is characterized by an atmosphere where there are both high ceilings and a solid anchoring in the West Jutland soil. We have collected some of the places to visit in Holstebro Denmark.


1. Holstebro Golf Club

Holstebro Golf Club
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At two different destinations near Holstebro, a genuine golfing paradise is located in some brilliant surroundings. These two places belong to Holstebro Golf Club. Holstebro Golf Club has no less than 63 holes spread over five different courses. Here, then, something for every golf enthusiast.


2. Tirpitz

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Explore the old bunker and join us under the sand and listen to the west coast’s hidden tales of shipwrecks, precious amber treasures and forbidden love. The Danish architectural firm BIG has created the spectacular setting for an attraction hidden under the sand in the protected dune landscape at Blåvand.


3. Holstebro Art Museum

Holstebro Art Museum
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Holstebro Art Museum contains works by the popular Henry Heerup, the Cobra artists Ejler Bille, Erik Thommesen and Sonja Ferlov Mancoba, the wayward Olivia Holm-Møller, the experimental artist Albert Mertz and artisans such as Anna Thommesen and Gertrud Vasegaard. This is one of our suggestion of places to visit in Holstebro Denmark.


4. Bork Vikingehavn

Bork Vikingehavn
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Travel back to the Viking Age and meet the Vikings going about their daily business. Explore the houses and see the many fine details. Make an offering to the gods or light a candle in the church. Board a Viking ship and conquer the Viking playground like a true Viking.


5. Toftum Mountains Camping

Toftum Mountains Camping
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Toftum Bjerge Camping has, with just 300 meters to the sea, a perfect location for families with children and their water dogs. Here is everything you can expect from a classic campsite. And even more the children’s activities are many, with a playground, ball field, mooncars and minigolf being just a small selection.


6. Handbjerg Beach

Handbjerg Beach
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Go hunting for amber on the West Coast and feel the rush of the North Sea. Amber is not called the “Gold of the North” without reason. Rumor has it that in the Bronze Age people were convinced that amber was not just beautiful, but also had healing powers. Back then, amber was a precious commodity. At home, amber used to be a religious symbol, and in China it is still believed that amber has magical properties that give life energy and have a calming effect.


7. Fur

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This small Limfjordsø is only 4 minutes from Salling and offers plenty of experiences for both children and adults. Here you can experience magnificent nature, art and galleries, fossil hunting and world-class local beer.


8. Vandkraft Lake

Vandkraft Lake
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The hydroelectric lake looks at first glance like a natural lake, but was created in 1940 to 1942 as employment work with the damming of Storå. The walk around the lake offers a trip past the Vandkraftværket and Stryget, which allows salmon and trout to pass the polling, then past Uhregård and Tusindårshaven.


9. WOW PARK Skjern

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Get a shared and active physical memory with your children and grandchildren in a different play and amusement park. Here you can naturally and simply play and be active with others and find your inner child in the West Jutland forest.


10. Holstebro Flamingo Naturpark

Flamingo Naturpark
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Flamingo Nature Park near Vemba is an exciting mix of nature and wonderful gardens. Here there are pavilions, lakes, waterfalls, cozy seating areas, a wishing well, a fountain, Slyk Monastery, and much, much more. The park boasts no less than 20 different types of water lilies in the many lakes and lagoons.


11. Nørreport Centret

Enjoy a day out at the Nørreport Centre, and be inspired by our wide variety of exciting shops. Everything from fashion and fresh groceries to books and board games for the whole family. And of course, there are also small cozy oases where you can enjoy an ice cream, a sandwich, or a nice cup of coffee between purchases. For the location check here.