10 Places to visit in Ludwigsburg Germany

There are too many places to visit in Ludwigsburg Germany, but we have selected 10 of them. With just over 90,000 inhabitants, the beautiful baroque city of Ludwigsburg offers many sights and attractions. This city is known for its baroque architectural style, but also for its many castles. The city is located between Hohenasperg Fortress and the Necker Valley on a plateau in the Neckar Basin.

Places to visit in Ludwigsburg Germany
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This city is located to the north of Stuttgart in the region of Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany. The townscape is shaped by the surrounding green spaces and avenues, including the 18th-century Solitude Avenue, which is about 13 kilometers long and is an unpaved path that leads from the Ludwigsburg Palace Gardens to Solitude Palace west of Stuttgart. For more articles about Germany check Bavaria Region. Let’s have a look at our list of places to visit in Ludwigsburg Germany.


1. Residential Palace Ludwigsburg

Residential Palace Ludwigsburg
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The residential palace in Ludwigsburg is now regarded as the largest preserved baroque palace complex in Germany. The castle is therefore definitely one of the special sights in Ludwigsburg.

In the more than 400 rooms of the castle, you can admire the architecture of the baroque and rococo periods. The rooms, some of which are still true to the original, give you a good insight into life at court at the time. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Ludwigsburg


2. Porsche Car Museum Ludwigsburg Germany

Places to visit in Ludwigsburg Germany
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This museum with more than 80 exhibition vehicles brings you closer to the power, the technology, and the aesthetics – in short: the fascination – of the Porsche brand.
More than 80 racing and sports cars and an insight into the fascinating history of the famous car manufacturer await you in the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. The evolution of Porsche is examined in the same way as high-performance technology and the way the company works.


3. Zoo Wilhelma

Zoo Wilhelma
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The Wilhelma is a combination of zoological and botanical gardens. It invites you to admire colorful plants worldwide and get up close to wildlife. The Wilhelma covers an area of ​​around 28 hectares in the palace park, which was laid out in the 19th century as part of the summer residence of King Wilhelm I. Some departments of today’s zoo are housed in the former Moorish-style bathhouses.


4. Mercedes Benz Museum Ludwigsburg

Mercedes Benz Museum Ludwigsburg
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The Mercedes-Benz Museum brings its visitors closer to the history of cars. 160 vehicles and over 1,500 exhibits can be seen on 9 floors. The exhibition covers important key moments in the automotive industry, from the beginnings at the end of the 19th century to the technical innovations of the present day. If you want to explore the exhibition on your own, start on the top floor.


5. Castle Square (That’s one of the best places to visit in Ludwigsburg)

Castle Square
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In the afternoon, locals and visitors treat themselves to a little break over a cup of coffee on the Schlossplatz. Afterward, you can visit an architectural masterpiece built for the Dukes of Württemberg.

Lush green lawns offer a place to stretch out tired legs after a stroll through the city, vendors vie for buyers at markets, and from time to time music performances provide a special acoustic experience. The former parade ground was converted into a baroque garden open to the public in the mid-19th century.


6. TV Tower Stuttgart

Places to visit in Ludwigsburg Germany
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From the Stuttgart TV Tower, the tallest building in the city, you have a great view. The structure reaches almost 217 meters into the sky and is crowned by a 51-meter-long antenna mast. The tower was opened in 1956 and is considered the first TV tower in the world to be built from reinforced concrete. Today, the television tower no longer transmits television programs, but FM and DAB radio programs are still broadcast from it. It is an interesting place to visit in Ludwigsburg Germany.


7. The market square Ludwigsburg

The market square Ludwigsburg
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A favorite place in Ludwigsburg for us is definitely the beautiful baroque market square. With its arcade arches, the baroque church, and the colorful townhouses, the spacious square is the heart of the ideal city planned by Frisoni. The birthplaces and residences of famous poets and thinkers such as Schiller, Mörike, and Kerner are also located here.


8. Monrepos Lakeside Palace Ludwigsburg

Monrepos Lakeside Palace
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Not far from the city center you can visit the Monrepos domain with an idyllic lake castle and a spacious park. Duke Carl Eugen had the romantic lakeside castle of Monrepos built in the mid-18th century. It’s hard to believe, but the entire property is around 200 football pitches in size. In addition to the lake castle, you will also find a winery, a castle hotel, an 18-hole golf course, a riding club, and boat rentals.


9. Favorite Ludwigsburg Castle

Places to visit in Ludwigsburg Germany
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Small turrets, terraces, and a sweeping flight of steps, all in rich yellow and red tones and surrounded by Favoritepark – that is Favorite Ludwigsburg Castle. The Favorite hunting and pleasure palace, located on a hill north of the presidential palace, is a real gem. With its bold colors amidst the green surroundings of the Favoritepark, the Favoriteschloss can be seen from afar.


10. Evangelical City Church

Evangelical City Church
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The town church was built between 1718 and 1726 by master builder Donato Giuseppe Frisoni and has dominated the market square ever since as an undisputed landmark and real eye-catcher. The two towers are 44 meters high and are several times taller than the Catholic church opposite.

On Saturdays, you can sweeten the extensive shopping at the weekly market with the music of the church tower horns and with organ music in the town church. It is considered one of the most interesting places to visit in Ludwigsburg.


Places to visit in Ludwigsburg Germany

  • Residential Palace
  • Porsche Car Museum Ludwigsburg
  • Zoo Wilhelma
  • Mercedes Benz Museum
  • Castle Square
  • TV Tower Stuttgart
  • The market square
  • Monrepos Lakeside Palace
  • Favorite Ludwigsburg Castle
  • Evangelical City Church