6 BEST Things to Do in Amesbury (Wiltshire – England)

In this article, we have listed the most interesting things to do in Amesbury England. Amesbury is known as an attractive town sitting on the river Avon. It is a city organized with parking, coffee, bars, restaurant and hotels.

things to do in Amesbury England
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Amesbury is a small city the nearest town in Stonehenge. Situated in South West it has a population of 28,000 and is located in the heart of Salisbury Plain. You can have a great time visiting many historical places and have wonderful walks and views. Below we have listed the top things to do in Amesbury Wiltshire England.


Things to do in Amesbury England

  • Stonehenge
  • Woodhenge
  • Durrington Walls Stonehenge
  • Amesbury History Centre
  • Cholderton Rare Breeds Farm
  • Church of St Mary and St Melor
  • RSPB Winterbourne Downs


1. Stonehenge

Stonehenge - things to do in Amesbury England
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Located near the small town of Amesbury stands one of the most significant UK landmarks, Stonehenge. Thought to have been constructed over 5000 years ago, the prehistoric stone circle is a worldwide wonder. Probably the most iconic of all UK Landmarks, the awe-inspiring Stonehenge is a sight to behold. But what if we told you our ancestors built not one but TWO wonders in this area? Woodhenge, which was located in 1925 by aerial photography, is another astonishing monument built in the Neolithic period. The site obviously intrigued and inspired our ancestors, and after a weekend in Amesbury, it’s easy to see why.

When thinking of places to go in the UK, Amesbury probably isn’t one of your first thoughts. It’s a shame, as it’s one of the most exciting places in England. Sitting on the River Avon, Amesbury is an attractive town located in the county of Wiltshire. Vast meadows and prehistoric mausoleums surround the town, but the intrigue doesn’t stop there.

On top of the impressive monuments and gorgeous scenery, Amesbury also claims to be the oldest occupied settlement in Great Britain. And if that isn’t enough to fascinate you, then maybe this will: Amesbury is linked to the Legend of Arthur! The town might be small, but there is plenty to do. Day trips, as well as architectural, cultural and historical tours, all take place in Amesbury. As for places to stay, you could enjoy a traditional English cottage or try a more modern apartment. The options are endless!



2. Woodhenge

Source: www.english-heritage.org.uk

Woodhenge is one of the things to do in Amesbury (Wiltshire – UK), it is located close to Stonehenge. This place date from 2,300 BC, and is a place to visit with family. It is important because Woodhenge marked a stage in the evolution of religious belief.


3. Durrington Walls Stonehenge

This circular walk explores three major prehistoric monuments, Durrington Walls, the Stonehenge Avenue and the Cursus, all at the heart of this World Heritage Site. Along the way, take in inspiring views across the beautiful Wiltshire landscape, and look out for wildlife including hares, deer, birds and butterflies.


4. Amesbury History Centre

Amesbury History Centre
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The Amesbury History Centre is the place to visit to find out all you need to know about the oldest continually inhabited settlement in Britain. The centre though small is superbly laid out allowing locals and tourists alike to learn the story behind Amesbury’s unique heritage, its connections to Stonehenge and the origins of its rise to military importance.

Go back to the Mesolithic period and see how Amesbury’s earliest known ancestors lived by a spring in the shelter of Vespasian’s Camp from 7596-7542 BC. View the exclusively displayed artefacts from the internationally important excavations at Blick Mead including worked flints, bones from the aurochs and other animals; the magical flints that turn a beautiful pink colour when taken out of the water.


5. Cholderton Rare Breeds Farm

Cholderton Rare Breeds Farm - things to do in Amesbury England
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One of the most interesting things to do in Amesbury England. This farm opens the door in 1985 and was purchased by the McConnell Family back in 2002. After that in 2016 produces award-winning English Sparkling Wine, the Classic Cuvee and a Rose released in 2021. There are so many animals you can see during the visit to Cholderton Rare Breeds Farm, like pigs, ducks, rabbits, calves, sheep, chickens, ponies, and peacocks.


6. Church of St Mary and St Melor

Church of St Mary and St Melor
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The Abbey Church of St Mary and St Melor dates from 979AD, it is above all a place of worship. This parish church is a Church of England church in the liberal-Catholic tradition. if you want to visit in Church of St Mary and St Melor there are many groups to become involved in.


7. RSPB Winterbourne Downs

RSPB Winterbourne Downs - things to do in Amesbury England
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More than 200ha of new chalk grassland has been created on former arable fields – it is interspersed with open cultivated ground to maximise opportunities for farmland wildlife. This includes wild bird seed mixtures providing nectar for bees and other insects in the summer followed by seeds for finches and buntings in the winter; cultivated margins for scarce arable plants and fallow plots to provide nesting sites for birds such as lapwing, stone-curlew, skylark, and grey partridge.

Hedgerows, shelterbelts and scrub offer opportunities for woodland wildlife such as blackcaps, whitethroats, barn owls and the brown hairstreak butterfly. South-facing chalk butterfly banks have been constructed and sown with suitable food plants for iconic chalk grassland butterflies such as the small blue and the brown argus.