Most Beautiful Places to visit in Bamberg Germany

Have you ever asked yourselves if is it worth visiting Bamberg city in Germany? Definitely yes. During your stay, you are going to have a look at some of the most beautiful places to visit in Bamberg Germany. Strolling through the Bavarian town, you can roam through the UNESCO World Heritage Site and enjoy the medieval flair.

Bamberg can look back on more than 1,000 years of history. Franconian Rome presents its visitors in the old town with the mighty imperial cathedral and baroque architecture that is reflected in churches and other buildings. There are so many amazing sights Rustic breweries invite you to stop and small shops to shop for naughty souvenirs. What sights are there in Bamberg, what is a must-see in the city, and what else is interesting around Bamberg.

Bamberg is one of the most beautiful cities in Bavaria and enchants numerous sights and historical attractions. is located in northern Bavaria. Here at the confluence of the Regnitz and Main rivers, Bamberg stretches over 7 hills and has some great Bamberg sights to offer. Since the city is relatively small, you can easily explore it on foot. For more travel articles about Germany check this category and for all articles about Europe check this list. In the following article, you will read about beautiful things to visit in Bamberg Germany.


1. Bamberg Old Town Hall

Most Beautiful Places to visit in Bamberg Germany
Image by Siegfried Poepperl from Pixabay

The old town hall between Bergstadt and Inselstadt in the left arm of the Regnitz is the top attraction in Bamberg. For many, the Old Town Hall is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. The colorful paintings (redesigned in 1960 by Anton Greiner) on the facade are not the only highlight.

The attentive visitor will recognize a few funny details: an angel’s leg actually protrudes from one of the paintings. Almost as if the angel were stepping out of the picture. If you look up at this point, you will even see a three-dimensional angel under the roof of the imposing building.


2. World Heritage Visitor Center Bamberg

World Heritage Visitor Center Bamberg
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The family-friendly, interactive exhibition gives an overview of the World Heritage site “Bamberg Old Town” and embeds it in the international UNESCO context. The perfect starting point to start exploring Bamberg.

With the World Heritage Visitor Center, there is for the first time a place in the heart of the old town of Bamberg that conveys the extraordinary universal value of Bamberg and serves as a “reading aid” for the World Heritage. The permanent exhibition presents the three settlement centers – mountain town, an island town, and gardener town – which were connected when the town was founded in the Middle Ages.


3. Little Venice of Bamberg

Little Venice of Bamberg
Image by Herbert Aust from Pixabay

Little Venice of Bamberg is right on the Regnitz river, which flows into the Main. A cute little house is lined up on the shore. On the shore, you see small gardens and boats. If you don’t know any better, you might think you’re strolling through Venice. It is simply fantastic to walk along the Regnitz in nice summer weather and to look at the small houses and gardens. On the Regnitz you can even be chauffeured in a real Venetian gondola. This is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Bamberg.


4. Bamberg Cathedral

Most Beautiful Places to visit in Bamberg Germany
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The Bamberg Cathedral of St. Peter and St. George is another top attraction that you should not miss. The huge church with its four towers is enthroned on one of Bamberg’s seven hills above the city and can be seen from afar. The interior of the church is well worth seeing.

The cathedral houses the tomb of the only canonized imperial couple of the Holy Roman Empire (Henry II and Empress Kunigunde) as well as the tomb of Pope Clement II – it is the only papal tomb in Germany and north of the Alps.


5. The New Residence

The New Residence
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The New Residence was the residence of Bamberg’s prince-bishops from 1602 and is now one of the top attractions in Bamberg. The imposing building flanks the north side of the cathedral square, once the spiritual and secular center of the city.

A visit to the museum is very worthwhile. In addition to numerous works of baroque and old German painting, there are three magnificent departments in the New Residence and in particular the baroque Emperor’s Hall to marvel at. Even if you are less interested in art – the imposing Kaisersaal alone is worth the entrance fee.


6. Bamberg Old Court

Bamberg Old Court
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The Old Court is one of the most impressive buildings in the city. The building complex once served as the residence of the bishops. Forerunners of the Old Court were the Castrum Babenberg and the former Palatinate of Emperor Heinrich II.

Since the diocese was founded in 1007, it was probably also the residence of the bishop. After the cathedral fire of 1185, a one-story Pallas was built on this site, which was replaced in the 16th century by a magnificent building in the style of the German Renaissance. The “Beautiful Gate” by the sculptor Pankras Wagner is impressive: it shows the Mother of God, Saints Peter, George, Kunigunde, and Heinrich as well as the personified rivers Main and Regnitz in a relief.


7. One of the most Beautiful places to visit in Bamberg is Altenburg

Most Beautiful Places to visit in Bamberg Germany
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The Altenburg, one of the city’s landmarks, sits enthroned on the highest of Bamberg’s seven hills. The castle was first mentioned in 1109 and was used as a refuge and fortress at that time.

In the 14th and 15th centuries, it served as the richly furnished residence of the Bamberg bishops but was almost completely destroyed in 1553 by Margrave Alfred Alcibiades von Brandenberg-Kulmbach during the Second Margrave War.


8. Michaelsberg Monastery in Bamberg

Michaelsberg Monastery in Bamberg
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The imposing Michaelsberg Monastery (also Kloster Michelsberg) is only a few minutes’ walk from the cathedral square and, with its two huge main towers like the cathedral, can be seen from all over the city. Among other things, the nave of the monastery church with its unique ceiling painting is worth seeing. Almost 600 different plants can be admired here.


9. The Green Market and Maximiliansplatz

Most Beautiful Places to visit in Bamberg Germany
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The Green Market and Maximiliansplatz are the most interesting places to visit in Bamberg. Bamberg’s shopping mile awaits you around the Neptune Fountain on the Green Market. In addition to shops such as H&M, Douglas, WMF, or Wöhrl, the farmers’ market takes place in the pedestrian zone from Monday to Saturday. The market traders offer fresh fruit from the region. It’s just fun to stroll down the street at market time. There are also numerous cozy cafés on the Grüner Markt.


10. The Church of St. Martin of Bamberg

The Church of St. Martin of Bamberg
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Inside the historical building, you can admire the unbelievable wealth of the church. Great works of art hanging all over the walls. A detour to the church is always worthwhile. Incidentally, St. Martin’s is the only baroque church in Bamberg. For this reason alone you should not miss this great attraction. The exterior facade never fails to impress visitors. Particularly impressive is the false dome by Giovanni Francesco Marchini based on plans by Andrea Pozzo above the antechamber of the choir. It is one of the most beautiful churches to visit in Bamberg Germany.


Beautiful Places to visit in Bamberg

  • The Old Town Hall
  • World Heritage Visitor Center Bamberg
  • Little Venice
  • Bamberg Cathedral
  • The New Residence
  • The Old Court
  • Altenburg
  • Michaelsberg Monastery
  • The Green Market and Maximiliansplatz
  • The Church of St. Martin