Beautiful Places to visit in Nuremberg Germany

Have you ever asked yourself what to do during a visit to Nuremberg? In this article we have listed the most beautiful places to visit in Nuremberg Germany. Nuremberg, is situated in northern Bavaria region, is the second-largest city in the state.

The picturesque old town, which exudes a unique medieval flair, is absolutely worth seeing. With numerous and the most beautiful highlights from the areas of architecture, culture, and history, everyone gets their money’s worth when visiting Nuremberg.

Beautiful Places to visit in Nuremberg Germany
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Nuremberg’s typical delicacies, such as the Nuremberg bratwurst or gingerbread, provide new energy between the exciting museums and sights of the city. Welcome to the picturesque and varied city of Nuremberg! We reveal which definitely are best places to visit in Nuremberg Germany.


1. The Imperial Castle of Nuremberg

The Imperial Castle of Nuremberg
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One of the most important castles in Germany and Nuremberg’s most important landmark is the Nuremberg Castle, which also bears the name Imperial Castle. The earliest structural traces date from around the year 1000.

The complex of the imperial castle and Burggrafenburg is one of the largest castle complexes in Germany, in which 32 emperors and kings have lived from the 12th century to the present day. Today, however, a youth hostel is housed in the former imperial stables of the castle. This is one of the most beautiful sights in Nuremberg Germany.


2. The former Nazi Party Rally Grounds

Beautiful Places to visit in Nuremberg Germany
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If you look down on Nuremberg from the Kaiserburg, you can’t miss it: the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds. A site full of German history, which must be seen when visiting Nuremberg. From 1933 to 1938, the National Socialists held their party rallies here.

The trials of the greatest German war criminals also took place here, also known as the “Nuremberg trials”. The Documentation Center serves as a place for critical examination of the history of the Nazi Party Rally Grounds.


3. Main market with Frauenkirche

Main market with Frauenkirche
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The main market is the heart of Nuremberg’s old town, so to speak. The weekly market takes place here on weekdays and you can munch on all sorts of delicacies. During the Christmas season, you can drink mulled wine here at the Christkindlesmarkt. The highlight of the main market, however, is the Frauenkirche, one of Nuremberg’s top attractions. At 12 o’clock the ” Männleinlaufen ” takes place here, the Nuremberg counterpart to the glockenspiel in Munich. The seven electors walk past Emperor Charles IV while the bells ring.


4. One of the most beautiful places to visit in Nuremberg is Old Town

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Nuremberg is Old Town
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The old town of Nuremberg was largely preserved during the war and has been a major and world-famous tourist attraction ever since. The historic mile was created in 2000 so that as many visitors as possible can learn something about the sight without necessarily having to take a guided tour of the city.

A signposted tour takes you past the most important sights in Nuremberg. Among other things, you can see the beautiful fountain, the Sebalduskirche, the Weißgerbergasse, the Albrecht Dürer house, and the chain bridge. This tour offers a good opportunity to discover and marvel at Nuremberg’s past on your own.


5. Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets
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The Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt, or “the little town made of wood and cloth”, opens its doors every year until December 24th, just in time for the Advent season. On average, around 2 million visitors come to the Christkindlesmarkt on the main market in Nuremberg every year, which makes it one of the most famous Christmas markets in the world.

At the opening, the Christ Child reads a prologue and is accompanied by music from the city of Nuremberg and various choirs. The following weeks of Advent there is no holding back there, with Nuremberg gingerbread, fruit bread, Nuremberg grilled sausages, and mulled wine, the visitors enjoy it and the traditional Christmas tree decorations in the form of tinsel angels are often bought to beautify their living rooms.


6. The Nuremberg Toy Museum

The Nuremberg Toy Museum
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Another highlight worth seeing for young and old is the Nuremberg Toy Museum! Nuremberg has been the city of toys for 600 years. Find out why on 1,400 square meters of fascinating exhibition space.

The many dolls, the shops, and the traditional wooden toys not only inspire the little ones. Adults also feel transported back to their childhood here and can bring long-forgotten memories back to life. The exhibits date back to antiquity, but the focus is on the last 200 years.


7. Handwerkerhof

Beautiful Places to visit in Nuremberg Germany
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The Handwerkerhof is a real Nuremberg attraction. Housed in the former armory, the Handwerkerhof nestles against the historic city wall. Medieval flair and unique craftsmanship await you here.

The Handwerkerhof looks like an independent town in Nuremberg that has fallen out of time. Small half-timbered houses, in which the craftsmen and innkeepers have their sales areas, make a walk through the craftsmen’s yard a very special experience.


8. Historical rock passages

The origin of the rock passages goes back to the Middle Ages, more precisely to the 14th century. Back then, anyone who wanted to brew and sell beer in Nuremberg had to have their own beer cellar. But not only beer was stored in the rock passages, many irreplaceable works of art were also brought to safety here during the Second World War. Among other things, that of Albrecht Dürer, which brings us to another attraction worth seeing in Nuremberg.


9. The Albrecht Dürer House

One of the most famous museums in Nuremberg and the last sight that we are going to present to you today is the Albrecht Dürer House. Here, in Nuremberg’s old town, Germany’s most important painter lived and worked from 1509 until his death in 1528. 300 years later, the half-timbered house was transformed into an artists’ museum and Dürer was brought back to life.

Dürer’s most famous paintings adorn the walls of the half-timbered house. A museum is also a great option for children, as it gives a lively and authentic impression of what life was like in Nuremberg in the Middle Ages.


10. The catwalk

Beautiful Places to visit in Nuremberg Germany
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Another attraction and popular photo motif in Nuremberg is the chain bridge. Not only is this 68-meter-long pedestrian bridge pretty to look at, but it also holds a record for being the oldest intact iron suspension bridge in continental Europe.

The best way to get to the Kettensteg is to take a short walk along the Pegnitz. So you can review all your impressions and recharge your batteries.


11. Executioner’s Bridge

Executioner's Bridge
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The Henkersteg from 1595 led today in an idyllic location from the flea market to Unschlittplatz over the Pegnitz. It was once used to enable the executioner from the city of Nuremberg to get from his secluded executioner’s apartment to the city.

Even though numerous onlookers attended public executions, no one wanted to live in the vicinity of the executioner.


12. St. Sebaldkirche

Beautiful Places to visit in Nuremberg Germany
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The St. Sebald Church is the oldest city church in Nuremberg. Like the other large churches in the city, it also impresses with numerous art treasures and relics. Parts of the building have withstood the course of history since the 13th century.

After several extensions, the church received its final form in 1480. A richly decorated altar awaits you in the church and the equally magnificently decorated tomb of the city patron and namesake of the church of St. Sebald. It is one of our recommendations about places to visit in Nuremberg Germany. For more travel articles about Germany check this category and for all articles about Europe check this list.


Beautiful Places to visit in Nuremberg Germany

  • The Imperial Castle
  • The former Nazi Party Rally Grounds
  • Main market with Frauenkirche
  • Old Town
  • Christmas Markets
  • The Nuremberg Toy Museum
  • Handwerkerhof
  • Historical rock passages
  • The Albrecht Dürer House
  • The catwalk
  • Executioner’s Bridge
  • St. Sebaldkirche