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Best things to do in Arco at Lake Garda (Arco sul Garda, Italy)

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Best things to do in Arco at Lake Garda (Arco sul Garda) – Province: Trento (TN) . Region Trentino-South Tyrol, Italy

Arco is one of the most popular destinations for those who practice climbing, in fact, here is one of the most beautiful and demanding walls of the Italian panorama, that of Monte Colodri, where every year the cream of the world climbing scene meets for an exciting challenge.Below you can see best things to do in Arco at Lake Garda (Arco sul Garda).

1.Eremo di San Paolo

Best things to do in Arco at Lake Garda (Arco sul Garda)

It is located on the Prabi road, a magnificent example of sacred art with enchanting frescoes both inside and outside. It is one of the oldest monuments: the consecration of the altar is documented on 9 April 1186.

The construction is very simple, built in a niche under an overhanging rock which also serves as a wall and partly as a vault of the church, consisting of a the single hall, and the adjoining room, once reserved for hermits; the building is completed by a small terrace to the north and a stone staircase, partly carved directly into the rock, which leads from the room of the hermits to a room below.

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Inside, only the church hall is frescoed. In 1950 the Municipality of Arco, the current owner, intervened with a radical restoration by the Autonomous Province of Trento, which brought to light the beautiful frescoes dedicated to the Last Supper and the Stories of the life of St. Paul. then found in the writings of Rainer Maria Rilke.

The outside of the Hermitage is always accessible; the interior is normally closed. The hermitage is open for guided tours (usually in spring and autumn); it can be opened on request for school groups and groups, but visits are allowed only accompanied by surveillance.


2.Monastero Serve di Maria Arco

Best things to do in Arco at Lake Garda (Arco sul Garda)

The Monastery of the Servants of Mary was founded in Arco, on Lake Garda, in 1689, by the Abbess Maria Arcangela Biondini, of Venetian origin, a nun endowed with great mystical sensitivity and foresight and well known for her spirituality in those years.

The monastery still welcomes people who want to experience monastic life and live a few days of prayer, has eight single rooms with a garden, a small oratory and a common kitchen.

Visitors can participate in the spiritual and working life of the monastic community, provided they respect the monastic rules and the agreed duration of stay. Accommodation is possible with a voluntary donation.

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The modest monastery is one of the most evocative and mystical places on Lake Garda. It is located on the outskirts of Arco, near the Sarca river.


3.Rock Master & Climbing Arco

Rock Master & Climbing Arco

Is one of best things to do in Arco at Lake Garda. Arco is undoubtedly the mecca for all lovers of rock climbing in Italy, appreciated by experts especially for the characteristics of its walls. Whether you practice bouldering, sport climbing or via ferratas, the conditions for this type of sport are truly ideal. The Rock Master will be held on August 31, 2019. For more than 20 years, Arco has hosted this event, one of the most important international climbing competitions during which the best climbers in the world meet to compete in the disciplines of Boulder and Speed. There are many fans who spend a few days in Arco every September to admire their myths fighting against the force of gravity. And what could be better after so much effort and adrenaline, than a few pleasant hours in the nearby towns of Torbole or Riva del Garda, which offer rich cultural programs and many opportunities for free time.


4.Adventure Awards Days Arco

Adventure Awards Days Arco

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Four days full of adventure and exploration: this is how “Adventure Awards Days Arco” presents itself, the event par excellence for outdoor lovers and at the same time a place for exchanging experiences and mutual inspiration. All those who take inspiration from nature, feel the need to share unique personal stories and experiences with others and lead their life under the sign of adventure, the festival in Arco is an absolute must. The 8th edition of the event will take place from 10 to 12 May 2019. In Arco and its surroundings, famous for its climbing gyms on Lake Garda, it attracts adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world.


5.Nordic Walking Arco Park

Best things to do in Arco at Lake Garda (Arco sul Garda)

Is one of best things to do in Arco at Lake Garda Nordic walking lovers who spend their holidays in Arco and its surroundings, have the opportunity to practice this sport along a dense network of trails of varying difficulty that start from the shores of the lake and even reach high altitudes. The beautiful trails will make you discover the beauties of Lake Garda and its surroundings.

The trails cover a distance of about 100 km and face a compressive height difference of over 2,500 meters. The 13 itineraries, marked with different colors and special signs placed along the paths, differ in relation to the kilometric length, the difference in height and the degree of difficulty.

Here are the itineraries in detail:

Itineraries in Arco and surroundings:

Round tip of the lake, 15.7 km, difference in altitude 92 m – Difficult
Ponte Romano tour, 7.3 km, difference in altitude 35 m – Easy
Tour of the fountains, km 10,1, altitude difference 315 m – Difficult
Giro delle fontanelle, km 3,9, difference in altitude 147 m – Easy
Giro de Baon, 6.9 km, difference in altitude 233 m – Medium
Giro delle Cave, km 6,0, difference in height 239 m – Medium
Giro Prato Saiano, 7.6 km, difference in altitude 49 m – Easy
Giro di Laghel, 8.5 km, difference in altitude 317 m – Medium
Salt de la Cavra tour, 8.6 km, difference in altitude 421 m – Difficult

Itineraries in San Giovanni al Monte:

Giro dei Prai de Gom, km 6,8, difference in altitude 167 m – Easy

Itineraries on Monte Velo:

Malga Zanga tour, km 3,9, elevation gain 166 m – Easy
Tour of the two Sassi, 7.5 km, difference in height 217 m – Medium
Tour of the malghe km 8.9, difference in altitude 250 m – Medium

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