Places to visit in Troyes France

Troyes is famous for its vineyards and finest champagne. Troyes is located in the heart of southern Champagne, in the department of Aube, Grand Est region, south-east of Paris, France. In this article we are listing best places to visit in Troyes.

Best places to visit in Troyes
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Troyes is a welcoming, attractive city on a human scale , located in the center of the urban community, Troyes Champagne Métropole, of 173,329 inhabitants. It offers, 160 km from the capital, a dynamic living environment of exceptional quality as well as real prospects for economic development.

Best places to visit in Troyes
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Its remarkable heritage is a valuable asset and attracts many tourists every year, constantly amazed by its many riches. The geographical location of Troyes, France is not unrelated to the attractiveness it exerts on French and foreign visitors.  You have to spend some time in old town because is one of the best places to visit in Colmar.


Cathedral of St. Peter St. Paul in Troyes

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Among the missions entrusted to our cathedral, there is that of ensuring a liturgical life, a life of prayer.

Faced with an event of great happiness, faced with the desperate suffering of a loved one, when human means sometimes seem very weak, love pushes us to meet the One who is “love” that we calls God and who has the power to hear our cries of love.

To pray is to love and to love is to pray! Our nature as men and women demands this form of love. Let me quote Pope Francis: “The power of this child is not the power of this world based on strength and wealth: it is the power of love. This is the power of God!


Outlet Mall Marques Avenue Troyes


50 fashion and home items outlet stores in a covered centre The shops of Marque Avenue Troyes  are built on two levels covered by an elegant glass roof, which is practical in case of rain!

You can leave your car at the car park and stroll nicely through this shopping center dedicated to designer clothes at very attractive prices. The outlet centre has a total of 53 shops and 3 restaurants on a human scale, set over an area of 30 000 square metres. If you like shopping we suggest to spend some time because Marques Avenue is one of the best places to visit in Troyes.


Troyes Modern Museum Art

The Museum of Modern Art is closed to the public to allow its renovation. The museums team led the “collections project” in order to obtain and store all the works.

This renovation is entrusted to the Peiffer-Freycenon-Rossit architecture studio in collaboration with Maffre Architectural Workshop for the museography and Métamorphose for the realization of the garden.

The renovation of the Museum of Modern Art is financed by the State/DRAC Grand Est, the Grand Est Region, the Department of Aube, Troyes Champagne Métropole and the City of Troyes.


Basilique Saint-Urbain de Troyes (Basilique Saint-Urbain)

Best places to visit in Troyes
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The Saint-Urbain church owes its existence to the election to the pontificate of a child of Troyes: Jacques Pantaléon, son of a modest cobbler, who became pope in 1261.

He took the name of Urban IV and reorganized the government of the church.

To honor his hometown, he bought several houses around his father’s workshop and, on this spot, he built a collegiate church dedicated to Pope Urban I. He died in 1264 without having seen Troyes again.


Le Coeur de Troyes

The Trojans are very proud of it. Tourists love to take pictures there.  Children play at getting wet from the water jets that surround it.

In short, it is the new emblem of the city. The heart of the city sits on the quays of the old canal near the Théâtre de Champagne.

This stainless steel lace was designed by a couple of Aube artists (Michèle and Thierry Kayo-Houël) and manufactured in a Troyes factory.



Best places to visit in Troyes
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For all those who are looking for original collections, the Apothecary of the Hôtel-Dieu-le-Comte is a privileged stopover.

It is one of the most beautiful apothecaries in France in its original setting, from the 18th century.

This hospital apothecary served as a pharmacy until 1962.

Open to the public since 1976, it consists of the “large room”, a room where the products and plants intended for the development of remedies were kept and the “laboratory” , adjoining room where medicines were prepared.


Best places to visit in Troyes France

  • Cathedral of St. Peter St. Paul in Troyes
  • Outlet Mall Marques Avenue Troyes
  • Troyes Modern Museum Art
  • Basilique Saint-Urbain de Troyes (Basilique Saint-Urbain)
  • Le Coeur de Troyes
  • Hôtel-Dieu-le-Comte