Beautiful Things to do in Ingolstadt Germany

In this article, we have prepared some information about things to do in Ingolstadt Germany. With around 121,000 inhabitants, Ingolstadt is the second-largest German city on the Danube. Although Ingolstadt is the youngest city in Germany, the city on the Danube has a very exciting past. After Munich, Ingolstadt is the second largest city in Upper Bavaria, where there are many beautiful places and a lot to discover. First mentioned in writing in 806, Ingolstadt was granted city rights in the early 13th century.  For more travel articles about Germany check this category and for all articles about Europe check this list.

Beautiful Things to do in Ingolstadt Germany

However, Ingolstadt only became an important city in 1472, because that was the year the university was founded. In 1516 the purity law for beer was passed and written down in the city on the Danube. Tilly, one of the great generals of the Thirty Years’ War, died in Ingolstadt. The house where he died can still be visited today. All car fans will be familiar with Ingolstadt because this is where the first Audi rolled off the assembly line. Today Ingolstadt is a modern university town that has retained its historic charm. Let’s have a look below at things to do in Ingolstadt Germany.


1. Donautherme Ingolstadt

Beautiful Things to do in Ingolstadt Germany

The Donautherme in Ingolstadt will open its doors in autumn 2022 after renovation and attractiveness measures and will warmly welcome families, athletes and those looking for relaxation. It is the world for families – the adventure pool. While some swim their lengths in the swimming pool, the little ones can have fun in the children’s and toddlers’ area. And the kids & teens can romp through the wave pool or compete with friends on one of the many slides. A special, new highlight in summer is the new “Spraypark” for children in the outdoor area.


2. Lechner Museum (That’s of the most beautiful places to visit in Ingolstadt)

Beautiful Things to do in Ingolstadt Germany

The Lechner Museum in Ingolstadt is dedicated to the steel sculptor Alf Lechner and his works. The approximately 2,200 m² museum was opened in 2000 and houses, for example, the spatial installation “Eisenmeer WV 588”, a work of art consisting of 51 steel blocks. While it has found a permanent place in the basement, changing exhibitions are shown on the upper floor of the house.


3. Museum of Concrete Art Ingolstadt

Beautiful Things to do in Ingolstadt Germany

For lovers of Concrete Art, the Museum of Concrete Art in Ingolstadt is worth a visit. There, objects in a permanent collection and in temporary exhibitions are presented to the visitor on an area of ​​800 m². A particularity of this museum is that it is also devoted to aspects of 20th-century design, which in many cases was linked to Concrete Art.


4. Bavarian Army Museum

Bavarian Army Museum

The Bavarian Army Museum is one of the largest military history museums in Europe. The focus of the collections is on Bavaria in its European context. The exhibitions from the Middle Ages to the 19th century can be seen in the rooms of the New Palace. The building is worth a visit not only for the exhibits but also for the well-preserved architecture of this massive castle. Among the exhibits, in addition to the weapons of the Middle Ages, are magnificent booty items from the Turkish wars.


5. Ingolstadt village

Beautiful Things to do in Ingolstadt Germany

The beautiful city of Ingolstadt on the Danube, which is located in the Free State of Bavaria and is the second largest city in Upper Bavaria after Munich, has many interesting things to offer. In addition to the cultural and historical highlights, residents and visitors to the city can visit the Ingolstadt Village Outlet Center. It is important to many people today to shop cheaply, especially in the fashion sector. At the same time, branded clothing and well-known brands are in the foreground and both can be combined here in the Ingolstadt Village.


6. Audi Museum

Audi Museum

As you know, rings play a role at Audi. This can also be seen in the principle of the building for the Audi Museum, which was also modeled on the annual rings of a tree. Here, too, they are intended to symbolize permanence and change. Visitors can experience the history of the Ingolstadt car manufacturer in the Audi Museum mobile. Four levels with a total of around 6000 square meters are home to around 50 vehicles and 30 bicycles and motorbikes. It is one of the most interesting and famous museum in Ingolstadt Germany.


7. Small zoo Wasserstern (One of the most beautiful things to do in Ingolstadt)

Beautiful Things to do in Ingolstadt Germany

The Wasserstern Zoo is open to all animal and plant lovers and is particularly looking forward to visits from school classes, kindergarten groups or groups of disabled people from homes. The Kleinzoo Wasserstern eV in Ingolstadt is a non-profit association. The zoo is located in a unique meadow landscape in Ingolstadt and offers numerous animals and plants a species-appropriate habitat. The small and attractive Wasserstern Zoo in Ingolstadt is open to all visitors during the following opening hours. It is listed as one of things to do in Ingolstadt Germany.


Beautiful Things to do in Ingolstadt

  • Donautherme
  • Lechner Museum
  • Museum of Concrete Art
  • Bavarian Army Museum
  • Ingolstadt village
  • Audi Museum
  • Small zoo Wasserstern