10 Things to do in Wiesbaden Germany

Wiesbaden offers to every tourist a list of full things to do. The city between the Rhine and Main is wonderfully multifaceted. With its many thermal and mineral springs, it is one of the oldest European spas. Every day, more than a million liters of hot mineral water gush from 26 thermal springs.

In addition, Wiesbaden also impresses with a wide range of cultural activities, exciting architecture, and a varied leisure program. As the “gateway to the Rheingau”, the city offers a variety of opportunities for active recreation in nature. There are many highlights around Wiesbaden. Around 290,000 people live in the beautiful city.

Things to do in Wiesbaden Germany
Wiesbaden Germany © Annika Hering / Pixabay

In the city center of Wiesbaden, you can discover an exciting old town, relax in spas, take a ride on the Nerobahn up the mountain of the same name or experience the wine festival in Hesse.

But the area around Wiesbaden also has something to offer with the baroque Biebrich Palace. For more articles about Germany check the category here. Let’s have a look together to the list of things to do in Wiesbaden Germany.


1. Kurhaus & Kurpark

Kurhaus & Kurpark
Kurhaus & Kurpark © nathaliemeyer0 / Pixabay

The Kurhaus is a must-see in Wiesbaden and one of the top sights in the city center. It is one of the most magnificent buildings in Germany and was built in the neoclassical style. There are 9 modern halls and saloons in total, which also host international conferences and social events. In 1905 the “old spa house” was demolished and in 1907 the new one opened.


2. Casino Wiesbaden

Things to do in Wiesbaden Germany
Casino Wiesbaden © Instagram

There has been a casino in Wiesbaden since the 19th century. In 1810 for the first time in the “Altes Kurhaus”. The casino received international interest in 1865 when the Russian poet Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky gambled away a lot of money and wrote about it in his short novel “The Gambler”. From poker to blackjack or roulette, everything a player’s heart desires is available here. When visiting the casino, you should of course pay attention to an appropriate dress code and may only be visited from the age of 18.


3. Visit Wiesbaden Old Town – One of the best things to do

Things to do in Wiesbaden Germany
Wiesbaden Old Town © Marcus Surges / Pixabay

The beautiful old town of Wiesbaden should definitely be seen. You can recognize them immediately by the old houses from the 18th and 19th centuries and the small, winding streets.

The Goldgasse is one of the most famous streets in town, here you will find many great restaurants and beautiful wine bars. In addition, the name says it all here: If you want, you can watch a goldsmith in some open studios. The Heidenmauer and the Römertor are among the oldest buildings in Wiesbaden, dating back to Roman times, and are therefore also among the top sights in downtown Wiesbaden.


4. Marktkirche Church

Marktkirche Church
Marktkirche Church © Marcus Surges / Pixabay

The imposing market church in the neo-Gothic style in the middle of the city center immediately catches your eye and is one of the top sights in Wiesbaden. This evangelical church was once built from 1852 to 1862 and designed by master builder Carl Boos.

The Marktkirche was the first imposing brick church of its kind in the Duchy of Nassau and is one of the most important neo-Gothic churches in Germany. It, therefore, has a special national and cultural significance. It is worth taking a look inside this impressive church.


5. Hessian State Theatre

Things to do in Wiesbaden Germany
Hessian State Theatre © Instagram

The Hessian State Theater is located right next to the Kurhaus and the Bowling Green on Wilhelmstraße. There are four big stages there: The “Big House”, the “Small House”, “Studio” and “Wartburg”.

The first court theater was opened in the 19th century, which later had to be renovated after a stage fire in 1923. Every year there are more than 30 new productions in the fields of opera, ballet, and drama. It is a nice place to visit during your visit to Wiesbaden Germany.


6. Aukammtal thermal baths

Aukammtal thermal baths
Aukammtal thermal baths © Instagram

The thermal bath has a first-class health and wellness offer, which you can enjoy in various pools and saunas. For example, an indoor and an outdoor pool are available in the thermal bath area. The 435 m² indoor pool has neck showers, massage jets, and a whirlpool with a light field. A total of 4400 m² are available for relaxation in the thermal bath area. The health-promoting thermal water has a pain-relieving and anticonvulsant effect, among other things.


7. Neroberg

Things to do in Wiesbaden Germany
Neroberg © Instagram

There is also a lot to admire at high altitudes. The Neroberg is Wiesbaden’s local mountain. It measures a proud 245 meters and offers you an excellent view over the city. You can get to the top via the well-known Nerobergbahn.

It was put into operation in 1888 as a water ballast railway and connects the Nerotal with the Neroberg. Its hydropower-based technology has been retained to this day, making the Nerobergbahn a technical cultural heritage. In around 3.5 minutes, the train covers a height of 83 m.


8. Schierstein harbour

Schierstein harbour
Schierstein harbour © Instagram

Schiersteiner Hafen is one of the most popular destinations in Wiesbaden. This is a great place to relax and forget about everyday life. Schierstein is a suburb of Wiesbaden and at the same time a popular local recreation area.

The harbor shore invites you to take a leisurely stroll. Numerous restaurants and cafés cater to the physical well-being of port visitors. Incidentally, the oldest restaurant in the harbor is the Rheinhalle. Here you can enjoy delicious, traditional fish and meat dishes, among other things.


9. Biebrich Castle

Things to do in Wiesbaden Germany
Biebrich Castle © Instagram

Schloss Biebrich awaits you in sixth place among the top sights in Wiesbaden. It is one of the most important baroque palaces on the Rhine. The castle looks back on more than 300 years of history.

It was initially designed as a garden shed in 1701, but a little later it served as the main residence of the princes and dukes of Nassau. The impressive thing about this attraction is the beautiful location near the banks of the Rhine. On the other hand, the three-wing Biebrich Castle also impresses with its architecture.


10. Museum Wiesbaden

Things to do in Wiesbaden Germany
Museum Wiesbaden © Instagram

Building a bridge between art and nature. That’s exactly what our place 9 does. The Wiesbaden State Museum presents its visitors with works of art from eight centuries and almost 5,000 animals, plants, and fossils.

Discover works from the 12th century as well as from the present in the permanent exhibition of the art area. Including paintings by Italian and Dutch painters. It is not the least of things to do in Wiesbaden but one of the best places to visit in Wiesbaden Germany.


Things to do in Wiesbaden Germany

  • Kurhaus & Kurpark
  • Casino Wiesbaden
  • Wiesbaden old town
  • Market Church
  • Hessian State Theatre
  • Aukammtal thermal baths
  • Neroberg
  • Schierstein harbour
  • Biebrich Castle
  • Museum Wiesbaden