Best beaches near Preveza Greece

Preveza is a city with an island atmosphere that offers many opportunities for walks, explorations, and diving in wonderful beaches with crystal clear waters. In this article, we are listing the best beaches near Preveza Greece. Thanks to the Ionian Road, the journey by car from Athens takes about 4 hours, which makes it an ideal weekend destination as well. Preveza is situated in Epirus in northwestern Greece.

In Preveza, you will find all kinds of beaches, all surrounded by greenery. Its coastline includes endless golden sandy beaches as well as small rocky coves with caves and turquoise waters, which have nothing to envy of the most beautiful beaches of the islands. For more travel articles about Greece check this category and for all articles about Europe check this list. Below you will find the best beaches near Preveza Greece.


1. Loutsa beach

Best beaches near Preveza Greece

At a distance of about 30 km from the city of Preveza, you will come across Vrachos – Loutsas beach. It is one of the most organized and impressive beaches in the prefecture.

Along the golden sandy beach, you will find umbrellas and sunbeds, showers, and changing rooms, while on the main street, there are many rooms for rent, taverns, and bars. F

or those who wish to have all the comforts that a beach can offer and for those who want to wake up in the morning and leave their room to be immediately at the sea, Vrachos – Loutsas beach is an ideal choice. It is recommended as one of the best beaches near Preveza Greece.


2. Kyani Akti beach

Best beaches near Preveza Greece

Kyani Akti is the most popular beach in the city of Preveza, just a few meters from its center. The organized beach has very fine sand outside and inside the sea, while its waters are shallow, warm, and, almost always.

Without waves (which is why it is an ideal choice for days with strong wind). Kyani Akti also has a special wheelchair for disabled access.


3. Artolithia beach

Artolithia beach

Artolithia, located at the height of Zalongos, near the National Highway that connects Preveza with Igoumenitsa. What makes this particular beach stand out are the large rocks that line up in the sea and almost join each other like natural breakwaters, creating a unique landscape.

Because of these rocks, the beach is windless and its waters are always “oily”. The beach has fine sand and pebbles, while the waters deepen smoothly.


4. Kanali beach

Best beaches near Preveza Greece

The beach in the coastal village of Kanali reaches 4 km of continuous sand, where visitors can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea.

The beach has showers, toilets, and cabins in various parts of it, while in the area there are hotels, rooms for rent, cafe-bars, taverns, and restaurants. Kanali is 15 km from the center of Preveza.


5. Monolithi beach (That’s one of the Best beaches near Preveza)

Best beaches near Preveza Greece

The most famous beach of Preveza is Monolithic, which even won a place among the safest beaches in Europe for 2020 and 2021, according to the travel organization European Best Destinations. Its golden sandy beach stretches for 22 km!

Here “you won’t have any trouble finding a place to put your umbrella”, EBD writes, among other things, in the presentation of the destination. If you are a nature lover and want to combine your summer swims with walks in the green, then you can visit the aesthetic forest of Monolithic, which is about 8 km long.


6. Pantokratoras beach

Pantokratoras beach

In Pantokratora beach, protected by rocks, in the settlement of the same name, you can swim in its calm and shallow waters with the island of Lefkada in the background. The beach is sandy and suitable for underwater fishing.


7. Lygia & Kato Riza beaches

Best beaches near Preveza Greece
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At the foot of the Lekatsa forest and under the watchful eye of the Riniassa Castle are the beaches of Lygia and Rizon. Pebble and sand beaches, are ideal for calm swimming and underwater fishing.


8. Ammoudia beach (That’s one of the Best beaches near Preveza)

Best beaches near Preveza Greece

Swim at the beach where the mythical river Acheronts flows, in the heart of Ammoudia, with its fine sand. The alternation of the cold water of the river with that of the sea will revive your senses.


9. Lichnos beach

Best beaches near Preveza Greece

At a distance of 3 km before the city of Parga, you will find Lichnos beach. It is sandy and its waters are deep. The rocks at its edges make up the beautiful scenery.


10. Valtos beach

Valtos beach

In the shadow of the castle of Parga, from its rearview, a large bay with crystal clear waters and sand are waiting to enchant you with its beauty.


Best beaches near Preveza Greece

  • Loutsa
  • Kyani Akti
  • Artolithia
  • Kanali
  • Monolithi
  • Pantokratoras
  • Lygia & Kato Riza
  • Ammoudia
  • Lichnos
  • Valtos