Things to see in Frankfurt Germany in one day

In this article you will find things to see in Frankfurt Germany in one day. Frankfurt am Main is more than a banking and financial metropolis.

In the most important sights of the city you will experience history, culture and surprises. The new old town, the Kaiserdom, the Römerberg, the Paulskirche, the Museumsufer and the Goethe-Haus are among the most popular places in Frankfurt. When it comes to the skyline, Frankfurt can (almost) keep up with New York.

Things to see in Frankfurt Germany in one day
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With around 760,000 inhabitants, Frankfurt am Main is the fifth largest city in Germany after Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne. Around 5.8 million people even live in the metropolitan region.Frankfurt is part of Hessen Region.

The colourful mix of tradition and modernity, skyscrapers and medieval building complexes, nightlife and culture, as well as business and leisurely sightseeing has enchanted its visitors with a unique charm for years. For more travel articles about Germany check this category and for all articles about Europe check this list. Here are 10 things to see in Frankfurt Germany in one day, you shouldn’t miss.


1. The old town of Frankfurt

The old town of Frankfurt
Image by Karl-Alwin Hiller from Pixabay

The smallest district of Frankfurt with its idyllic location on the Main is complete again. After a long period of construction work between the Romans and the cathedral, the old town reconstruction project of the century was completed in 2017.

Frankfurt’s old town is a magnet for everyone: residents, citizens and guests from all over the world meet here for a coffee, visit the numerous museums and individual shops and enjoy the old town flair in the heart of the Main metropolis.


2. Imperial Cathedral of St. Bartholomew

Imperial Cathedral of St. Bartholomew
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Visitors to the city can climb the Dom Tower over 328 steps. From the viewing platform at a height of 66 meters you can enjoy an unprecedented view of the surrounding (new) old town with the Römer and Paulskirche with the famous skyline in the background, as well as the Frankfurt Museumsufer am Main.

But not only the view from the almost 95-meter-high cathedral tower is worth seeing, also because of its historical significance and its furnishings, but the Frankfurt Imperial Cathedral is also one of the main sights of the city.

It bears the name of the holy apostle St. Bartholomew and was built in the Gothic style between 1315 and 1358 over the remains of a Palatine chapel built by Louis the Pious in 822.


3. Paul’s Church in Frankfurt

Paul's Church in Frankfurt
Image by andreas N from Pixabay

Consecrated in 1833, the church became the seat of the first German National Assembly in 1848, on whose draft today’s Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany is based. Presently award ceremonies as well as political and cultural events take place there.

On May 18, 1848, in the course of the German Revolution, the first freely elected national assembly met in the Paulskirche. A cornerstone for democracy in Germany.


4. Römer und Römerberg

Things to see in Frankfurt Germany in one day
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The Römerberg and the Frankfurt City Hall located there, the Roman, are considered the most famous landmarks and most popular sights in Frankfurt.

Countless tourists cavort on the historic town square just because of the stepped three-gable front of the Römer. Located right in the center of the old town, the Römerberg is the ideal starting point to explore Frankfurt on your own or on a guided tour.


5. Palm Gardens of Frankfurt

Palm Gardens of Frankfurt
Image by lapping from Pixabay

The Palmengarten is one of the most popular sights in Frankfurt for a reason. To escape the hustle and bustle for a few hours, a trip to the palm garden is a good idea. Everyone will find a quiet spot in Germany’s largest botanical garden.

Surrounded by rare flowers and colorful plants, it is easy to find peace. So leave the hustle and bustle of the big city behind you and explore the green oases of Frankfurt.


6. Mainhatten Frankfurt

Mainhatten Frankfurt
Image by falco from Pixabay

The skyline is, so to speak, the most outstanding sight in Frankfurt. The city is also known as “Mainhatten” because of its skyscraper silhouette. The tallest buildings are the Main Tower and the Messeturm (both about 260 m high).

From the Main bank, you have a great view of the Frankfurt skyline. I’ll tell you a little later where you can enjoy the best view of the skyscrapers from above.


7. The Goethe House

Things to see in Frankfurt Germany in one day
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A visit to the Goethehaus is not only a must for literature enthusiasts. Here you can immerse yourself in the birthplace and the life of one of the most important German personalities.

Filled with all sorts of information about the house itself and its inhabitants, there are new interesting things to discover in every room on the three floors.


8. The Nikolai Church

Things to see in Frankfurt Germany in one day
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The late Gothic Alte Nikolaikirche stands out a bit from the cityscape with its red bricks and long green church tower. And that although the church seems to be relatively small for a church. Despite everything, it’s still worth a visit.

This church, dedicated to Saint Nicholas, has stood here in the center of Frankfurt since the mid-12th century. In the beginning, it was mainly used as a royal palace chapel.


9. Iron Bridge in Frankfurt

Iron Bridge in Frankfurt
Image by günter from Pixabay

The Eiserner Steg is probably one of the most famous pedestrian bridges in Germany. Because it is one of the landmarks of Frankfurt. It connects the historic old town with the popular Sachsenhausen nightlife district.

The bridge is a great place to catch a glimpse of the impressive Frankfurt skyline or to enjoy views of the Main or the Nice Gardens. It is considered as a must things to see in Frankfurt Germany in one day.


10. The Old Frankfurt Opera

The Old Frankfurt Opera
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As can already be seen from the name, the Alte Frankfurter Opera is a concert and event venue located on Opernplatz. After its completion in 1880 it was a popular cultural building in the heart of the city. Like many others, however, the opera fell victim to the air raids of the Second World War. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Frankfurt.


Things to see in Frankfurt Germany in one day

  • The old town of Frankfurt
  • Imperial Cathedral of St. Bartholomew
  • Paul’s Church
  • Römer und Römerberg
  • The Palmengarten
  • Mainhatten
  • The Goethe House
  • The Nikolai Church
  • Iron Bridge
  • The Old Frankfurt Opera