Most beautiful places to visit in Ticino (Tessin), Switzerland

In this article you will read about most beautiful places to visit in Ticino. Kanton Tessin or Canton of Ticino is Switzerland’s only Italian-speaking canton. It is easily accessible from Zurich, Lucerne, Berne, Geneva and Milano (Italy).

Most beautiful places to visit in Ticino, Switzerland

The areas around its two lakes, Lago di Lugano and Lago Maggiore, enjoy a distinct Mediterranean climate where palms and citrus trees grow; figs, olives and vineyards are cultivated, and other tropical vegetation flourishes.

There is a feel of Italy, with palm trees at clean beaches and lanes and alleyways leading to piazzas and churches. Below we will list most beautiful places to visit in Ticino.

Most beautiful places to visit in Ticino, Switzerland 1


1.Swissminiatur (That’s one of the most beautiful places to visit in Ticino)

Swissminiatur Source 1

Swissminiatur is Switzerland’s largest open-air museum of miniatures. Located in Melide on the shores of Lake Lugano, the park is surrounded by important mountains such as Monte Generoso,

San Salvatore and San Giorgio, the latter declared a UNESCO World Natural Heritage. Enjoy a moment of leisure in a harmonious natural context.

There are 128 models in the rare 1:25 scale of Switzerland’s most famous buildings, monuments and means of transport.

Among the miniatures present, faithfully reproduced in detail, are the Rapperswil Castle, the Chillon Castle and the Bellinzona Castles, the Federal Palace of Bern and the Piazza Grande in Locarno.


2.Monte Generoso

Monte Generoso Source 1

For 130 years, the cogwheel railway has traveled from Capolago on Lake Lugano over a distance of 9 km through the enchanting mountain landscape of the nature reserve to the 1704 meter high summit of Monte Generoso.

The oldest steam train in Switzerland from 1890 and the railways from 1950 bring the Belle Époque back to life.

Monte Generoso offers a wide range of excursions that are suitable for visitors looking for a relaxing walk in nature. For those who want a greater challenge on the many mountain trails, Monte Generoso is the perfect place. An ideal place to be outdoors and immerse yourself in a wonderful landscape!


3.Lake Lugano (Luganersee)

Lake Lugano (Luganersee)

Lake Lugano, also known as “Ceresio” or Lake Lugano in German, is a lake in southern Switzerland and Italy. Almost two thirds of it is in the canton of Ticino and a good third in Lombardy, Italy.

One of the other popular things to do here is combine a boat cruise with walking, taking a boat to Gandria and walking back to Lugano along the Sentiero dell’Olivo.

A total of 17 municipalities border Lake Lugano on the Swiss lake side.

These are in alphabetical order Agno, Bissone, Brusino Arsizio, Caslano, Collina d’Oro, Lugano, Magliaso, Maroggia, Melano, Melide, Mendrisio, Morcote, Muzzano, Paradiso, Ponte Tresa, Riva San Vitale and Vico Morcote.


4.Church of Santa Maria Angioli Lugano

Church of Santa Maria Angioli Lugano 1

At the south entrance of the city, on the Piazza Luini, the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli belonged to a Franciscan monastery founded in 1490.

Viewed from the outside, the interior of the church is rather plain, surprising with a nave with a pointed arch, flanked on the right by four chapels and separated from the choir by a partition.

In the first chapel, in the lunette on the left wall, the Madonna and Child and Saint John can be seen, a fresco by Bernardino Luini (1530).


5.Lugano’s historic centre & Piazza Riforma

Lugano's historic centre & Piazza Riforma

Piazza della Riforma is the center of public life. Various events take place in the square during the summer. The name comes from the constitutional revolution of 1830.

The main building is the town hall. It was built between 1840 and 1844 in the neoclassical style.


6.Bellinzona Castles (That’s one of the most beautiful places to visit in Ticino)

Most beautiful places to visit in Ticino (Tessin), Switzerland

The three castles of Bellinzona are one of the main attractions in canton Ticino.

Castles of Bellinzonathey are part of the prestigious UNESCO cultural world heritage list since the year 2000.

The mighty walls, towers, battlements and gates of these imposing fortresses never cease to astonish visitors.


7.Ascona (That’s one of the most beautiful places to visit in Ticino)

Most beautiful places to visit in Ticino (Tessin), Switzerland

Ascona, the pearl on Lake Maggiore. Today, Ascona is an exclusive tourist destination directly on the lake and a paradise on earth. With an extraordinary past, shaped by history, art and culture. This is why Ascona is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Ticino.

Typical brightly painted houses turn the former fishing village into a very special place with a Mediterranean flair, which invites you to relax, stroll or enjoy a magnificent sunset over the lake.


8.Brissago Islands (Brissago-Inseln)

Brissago Islands (Brissago-Inseln)

The smaller island (or Isola di Sant’Apollinare) is covered by spontaneous vegetation, which is predominantly of Insubric origin and is left in its natural state.

On the Isola Grande (or Isola di San Pancrazio), which has been open to the public since 1950, mainly plants of subtropical origin from the northern and southern hemisphere were planted.

In 1885, the Baroness Antoinette Saint-Léger chose the islands as her residence and often invited painters, sculptors, musicians and writers. The big island became an exotic garden.


9.Corippo Village

Corippo - Ortschaft in der Schweiz

Corippo is the gentlest village in the Verzasca Valley. A triangular conglomeration of grey houses with black roofs cascading onto the church that bears the impact by standing diagonally.

“Its uniqueness lies in the harmony created by the simple architecture of the slate-roof stone houses, all oriented in the same direction and connected by narrow paths.

Corippo is so small it has just 14 residents! It is the smallest in Switzerland and said to be one of the most picturesque in Ticino.

The houses are all built from local Ticino granite and slate roofs, making them all beautifully uniform.


10.Lake Maggiore (Lago Maggiore)

Lake Maggiore (Lago Maggiore)

Lake Maggiore is a holiday region with many faces. While the northern part of the lake is at home on Swiss territory and the southern regions are surrounded by Italian land.

And everywhere those looking for relaxation, hikers or water sports enthusiasts are invited to enjoy breathtaking views. The air could hardly be clearer.

Thanks to a large selection of sports, there is something for everyone, from bungee jumping to surfing and sailing to water skiing.


11.Locarno (That’s one of the most beautiful places to visit in Ticino)

Most beautiful places to visit in Ticino (Tessin), Switzerland

The rich artistic offer is completed on the Piazza Grande, in the heart of Locarno. Most of the cultural and leisure events take place here.

The piazza gives you unique moments, be it with rich tradition or with innovative creativity, which has made Locarno one of the most glamorous places.

Only a few steps away from Lake Maggiore is the station of the rack railway that takes you from Locarno to Orselina. This is why Locarno is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Ticino.


12.Bosco Gurin, the smallest village in Switzerland

Bosco gurin

Bosch Gurin in the Maggia Valley, is the highest village in Ticino (1500 m) and the only one in which a German dialect is spoken.

The architecture of the wooden houses and the granaries also reminds of the origin of the Walser people.