6 Best beaches in Vis Croatia

Vis island is known for nice beaches. Beautiful beaches are situated in Komiza town. In this article we are listing best beaches in Vis Croatia. On this island you will find sandy beaches but mostly with rocks. For this reason don’t forget the water shoes :-).

Best beaches in Vis Croatia

All the beaches in Vis Island are easily reachable from Komiza and Vis Town Vis Island is located in Split Dalmatia Region in Croatia. If you are planning to visit this island and you have time to visit historical sites check this article.


Zaglav Beach

Plaza Zaglav - Zaglav Beach
Source: beachhousezaglav.com

Zaglav Beach is an ideal place for those who want to escape from the summer crowds and enjoy the peace, quiet and clean sea, it is adorned with extremely bright and shiny sand.

The beach cannot be reached by car, but it is necessary to leave it in the village of Milna and reach it by walking along the sea. You can enjoy this miracle of nature staying some days in Beach House Zaglav.


Srebrena Beach Vis Island

Srebrena Beach Vis Island (Plaža Srebrena)

The bay is facing the open sea, so the waves, which roll stones during the winter, have created an unusual shore.

The beach is covered with atypically large white pebbles of limestone that the sea threw on the carbonate rocks.

The beach is large and spacious, and above it is deep shade in the canopy of a pine forest.

It is enclosed on both sides by rocks, so it is leeward, the sea is clean, calm, comfortable and warm, which is why Srebrena is the most common choice for families with children.


Lucica Beach

Best beaches in Vis Croatia
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Lucica Beach one of the best things to do in Vis. The beach is pebbly, equipped with showers, changing cabins, and it is possible to rent a deck chair, or have a refreshing drink in a small local beach bar. If you came with your boat, you can moor at one of the berths prepared here for you.

The island of Vis has its own spring water, which springs in many places, including the sea in front of the beach Lucica. When swimming if you feel colder areas in the sea, it just means you have come across another source of water.


Kamenice Beach

Best beaches in Vis Croatia

Under the influence of volcanic eruptions, the islets of Jabuka, Brusnik, and part of the coast in Komiža on the island of Vis were formed. Kamenice Beach, a favorite gathering place for young people, is located in such a part, because there is also a popular night club.

Kamenice is a sheltered pebble beach at the very exit from Komiža, named after the stone water containers in which drinking water was collected because there is a source of fresh water on the beach.


Stoncica Beach

Stoncica Beach

On this sandy beach there are excellent restaurants and beach bars, a playground for beach volley and too many palm trees on the west side. Stoncica beach is ideal place for family vacations.


Stiniva beach – Winner of the “One of the best beaches in Europe”

Best beaches in Vis Croatia

This beach was voted, by tourism organisation European Best Destinations, as the most most beautiful beach in the Europe. Between the rocky cliffs lies a small pebble beach, with a small cafe set off to the side.

Stiniva is surrounded by high cliffs on all sides, at least one half of the bay is always in the shade. Without talking too much, let’s hope the photos do Stiniva some justice. For more travel articles about Croatia check this category and for all articles about Europe check this list.


Best beaches in Vis Croatia

  • Zaglav Beach
  • Srebrena Beach
  • Lucica Beach
  • Kamenice Beach
  • Stoncica Beach
  • Stiniva beach