Frederikshavn Denmark: A Complete Guide of Things to Do

Frederikshavn, located as a traffic customer point for the ferries from Sweden and Norway and at the same time where the motorway stops, has a lot to offer and many things to do. The city’s shops, located along the beautiful and inviting pedestrian street, offer a large and varied selection of goods – and usually at a very reasonable price. The city center is surrounded by beautiful nature – with white sandy beaches and high hills covered with rolling trees. There is always something to do in glorious nature – regardless of whether the sun is shining from a blue sky or whether it is shaking and raining. Let’s see together the list of things to do in Frederikshavn Denmark.

Frederikshavn Denmark: A Complete Guide of Things to Do


1. Bangsbo Fort – Bunker Museum

Bangsbo Fort - Bunker Museum
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Bangsbo Fort is a relic from the Second World War. The fort was built by the Germans during the Second World War and in 1944 was armed with no less than four large guns from the artillery ship Niels Juel, and a total of 69 concrete structures were cast on the fort – large and small. It is one of the point of list with things to do in Frederikshavn Denmark.


2. Bratten Strand

Bratten Strand
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Bratten Strand is a beautiful and child-friendly sandy beach with white sand and high dunes, which all help to create the most delicious sun spots. Just north of Strandby lies Bratten Strand, which for many is a wonderful respite. Here you will find a cozy summer house area and a beautiful bathing beach, which invites you to everything from long walks to a trip in the wave blue on the warmer days.


3. Palm Beach

Palm Beach
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In Frederikshavn you can visit Denmark’s only Palm Beach and yes, you read that right – there are palm trees here, they are real, and there are many of them. They overwinter in warmer surroundings, precisely in the municipality’s huge greenhouses, but every year in May they return to the beach and sweeten life for the many who want to relax with white sand, clean bathing water with small light waves and sunbathing under the swaying waves palm trees.


4. North Jutland’s Coastal Museum

North Jutland's Coastal Museum
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The museums in eastern North Jutland are full of them; exciting stories about the history of the area. Both the recent past and exhibitions with objects that testify that there have been people here for thousands of years. But you can also meet the past outside; for example in fascinating historical buildings or excavations.


5. The Lady From The Sea

The Lady From The Sea
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The Lady from the Sea is made by the Norwegian artist Marit Benthe Norheim as a double-sided figurehead in white concrete. More than 880 children from Sæby Municipality’s schools and kindergartens have contributed small symbols of protection embedded in the sculpture.


6. Frederikshavn Church

Frederikshavn Church
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It is a cruciform church built in pure Romanesque style from chalk stone, so-called Faksekalk. With the equally long cross arms, the church is completely symmetrical. The tower is 56.5 meters high. There are four smaller side spiers on the tower. The church’s architecture is, among other things, inspired by the monumental cathedral in Aachen in Germany, where Emperor Charlemagne is buried.


7. Frederikshavn Baptist Church

Frederikshavn Baptist Church
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Frederikshavn Baptist Church was founded on 5 October 1860 and today consists of Frederikshavn Baptist Church, Skagen Baptist Church and the scout house “Gittes hus” in Jerup. The congregation originates from Aalborg, Hals and Jetsmark Baptist circles, and had 162 members at the foundation. In the years from 1869 to 1901, the congregation ran schools – in 1887 six schools with 4 teachers and 2 female teachers.


8. Bangsbo Botanical Garden

Bangsbo Botanical Garden
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Here you can experience the old English-inspired park with many benches, large lawns, old trees and a gazebo. There is also a rose garden, medicinal and herb garden, sensory garden, imported historical fruit and berry garden and a collection of bonsai trees.


9. The powder tower

The powder tower
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The old building is now an imposing museum with gunpowder and bullets plus the exciting history of Fladstrand and the Danish navy. On the top floor you can see the distinctive roof structure in addition to cannons. In the 1970s, the Gunpowder Tower was squeezed between the city’s new large workplace – a modern shipyard, which is why in 1974 it was decided to move the Gunpowder Tower to its current location in a more appropriate place – 270 meters from its original point of view.


10. Bone’s Frederikshavn

Bone's Frederikshavn
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Centrally located in Frederikshavn’s pedestrian area is the family restaurant Bone’s, which is the epitome of “The Old America”, where American BBQ culture meets Danish quality and good service. Bone’s concept is to make an effort to give their guests a good experience every day. Tender steaks, delicious burgers, juicy chicken and not least their well-known spareribs and large salad bar are served here.