Warsaw Christmas Market, Poland

Warsaw Christmas Market 2023 Location Region: Masovian Voivodeship Województwo Mazowieckie, Poland

Warsaw Christmas Market Poland (Warszawa) 1

Christmas Market in Warsaw (Warszawa) have been very popular in Poland for several years. Every year, the organizers surprise visitors with various attractions. Thanks to such events, we can buy unique Christmas gifts for your loved ones or try delicacies related to this special time of the year.

Warsaw Christmas Market Poland (Warszawa) 1


  • Warsaw (Warszawa) Christmas Market dates: End of November to 24th December – 6th January.
  • Location: Old Town Market Square and Praga
  • Reason to visit: Great nightlife, a fantastic foodie scene and fascinating WW2 and Cold War history.
  • Polish specialties: Sweet fruit based vodka, alternative market stalls in Praga, vegetarian pierogies, wooden decorations, decorated doors.

When visiting fairs, you can feel the unique atmosphere of Christmas, try many delicacies including those from Poland. Exhibitors from different countries come to selected cities, and there are from 50 to 100 stands at fairs.


Warsaw Christmas Market Poland (Warszawa) 1

Warsaw Christmas Market (Jarmark Świąteczny Warszawa).

The market takes place in the center of the Polish capital, at the most prestigious commercial gallery in Poland (CH- Arkadia), next to the Central Station and close to the Palace of Culture and Science. The market will consist of 28 wooden chalets located in front of the Złote Tarasy gallery. The fair will have a beautiful Christmas decoration based on the decorations of the German Christmas markets.


Warsaw Christmas Market Poland (Warszawa) 1

Christmas Market in Barbakan (Jarmark Świąteczny na Barbakanie).

This market is set up in the area of the Barbican (Barbakan), a defensive structure of the sixteenth century that was in defense of the Old Town (Stare Miasto). The market is located within the walls of Warsaw near the ul. Podwale close to the Rynek Starego Miasta, the charming old market square of Warsaw. The market is made up of about 60 wooden chalets.


Warsaw (Warszawa) Christmas Markets offer among others, Christmas tree decorations, decorative articles, Christmas centerpieces, ceramic products, wooden products, jewelry, souvenirs, postcards, calendars.

Warsaw Christmas Market Poland (Warszawa) 1

This fair will certainly not run out of delicious dishes, including grilled oscypek. You will also be able to taste mulled wine, chocolate gingerbread, roasted nuts, roasted chestnuts and more. One of the accompanying attractions will be the ice rink, which this year will reappear on the Old Town Square around the Mermaid Monument in the Old Town. Admission to the Christmas Market in Warsaw is free.