8 Things to do in Regensburg Germany

In the world, there are many places to visit and everyone can ask about things to do. We think that Regensburg is a beautiful place to see. Our bloggers have listed the top things to do in Regensburg Germany.

The district of Regensburg is the southernmost administrative district of Upper Palatinate. The UNESCO World Heritage City and District include the Danube Valley, Regen, and Naab Valley. Popular excursion destinations are the historic city of Regensburg and the holiday resort of Brennberg with its castle ruins or the city of Wörth an der Donau with its famous Himalayan Temple.

Things to do in Regensburg Germany
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Neutraubling with the local recreation areas Guggenberger See and Sarchinger Weiher offers great leisure opportunities. Well-known sights are the Donaustauf castle ruins and the special highlight of the Walhalla as well as many other attractions. The city on the Danube offers so many historically interesting and beautiful places to see. For more travel articles about Germany check this category and for all articles about Europe check this list. Let’s enjoy together the list of things to do in Regensburg Germany.


1. Regensburg Stone Bridge

Things to do in Regensburg Germany
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The stone bridge in Regensburg is not only one of the landmarks of the city, it is also the oldest bridge in Germany that is still in almost its original condition. For many years after construction began in 1135, it was even the only bridge between Ulm and Vienna that could be used to cross the Danube. Today, the Stone Bridge is the shortest way from the old town to the Stadtamhof district for the residents and a great place for visitors to enjoy incredibly beautiful views over the Danube and the historic houses along the shore zone.


2. Regensburg Cathedral

Regensburg Cathedral
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In addition to the Stone Bridge, the Regensburg Cathedral is the city’s second landmark and, of course, another of Regensburg’s most famous sights. The majestic St. Peter’s Cathedral is also one of the most important Gothic cathedrals in Germany. The construction of today’s Gothic-style cathedral began as early as 1275, but the impressive building was actually not fully completed until 1869, i.e. a good 150 years ago.


3. Thurn and Taxis Castle

Things to do in Regensburg Germany
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In its original form, Thurn and Taxis Castle used to be a monastery, which was transferred to the Thurn und Taxis Princely House of Regensburg in 1810 and then rebuilt into the current castle at the end of the 19th century.

The monastery used to be called St. Emmeram, which also explains the middle name of the castle today, “Schloss St. Emmeram”.mYou can visit numerous staterooms with precious tapestries and historical furnishings, as well as some buildings, such as the royal stables with its historical carriages, as part of a guided tour.


4. Regensburg Old Town

Regensburg Old Town
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Like so many other historic buildings in the old town, the Old Town Hall dates back to the Middle Ages. This density of medieval buildings was one of the reasons why the entire old town of Regensburg was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Together with the 55 meter high council tower, the old town hall was built in the middle of the 13th century in the style of a patrician house.


5. The Haidplatz & the Neue Waag

Things to do in Regensburg Germany
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Just a few steps away from the Old Town Hall, one of the most beautiful squares in Regensburg’s old town lures you in for a relaxing coffee break. Because around the Haidplatz there are not only numerous historically significant buildings but also many recommendable cafés and restaurants.

A very traditional hotel with its own café, where Empress Sisi and King Ludwig I of Bavaria resided, is the Hotel Goldenes Kreuz, for example. This place is a must-see list for visiting Regensburg Germany.


6. The Villa Park and House of Bavarian History

The Villa Park and House of Bavarian History
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the name of the park comes from the Royal Villa, which used to be the summer residence of King Maximilian II of Bavaria. A beautiful path leads from the Villa Park along the banks of the Danube to the Stone Bridge and the old town.

About halfway towards the old town, you will automatically pass the House of Bavarian History, which illustrates the emergence of modern Bavaria. In the foyer, a lion over four meters tall is enthroned on a pedestal to welcome visitors, while an informative film about the history of Bavaria is shown in the panorama room (also in the foyer), which you can watch for free.


7. Bismarckplatz & Schottenkirche

Bismarckplatz & Schottenkirche
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In addition to Haidplatz, Bismarckplatz is also more than worth a short stop on your city walk. For me it is actually one of the most beautiful squares in Regensburg’s old town. Among many other historic buildings, you will find the city theater.

The numerous cafés, outdoor seating options, and splashing fountains give Bismarckplatz its incomparable charm. The elaborately designed entrance portal, the Schottenportal, is particularly worth seeing, the pictures and depictions of which still puzzle researchers today.

If you come at the right time on a sunny day, with a bit of luck the sunlight will fall through the windows under the ceiling in beautiful rays, which creates a very special atmosphere.


8. Regensburg Weltenburg Monastery

Things to do in Regensburg Germany
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The Benedictine Abbey is one of the most popular destinations in Kelheim in Lower Bavaria. But the monastery is also beautifully situated at the bend in the Danube and nestles harmoniously between the Bavarian blue sky and the rippling Danube idyll. A visit to the baroque monastery church is also worthwhile from the inside.


Things to do in Regensburg Germany

  • The Stone Bridge
  • Regensburg Cathedral
  • Thurn and Taxis Castle
  • The old town
  • The Haidplatz & the Neue Waag
  • The Villa Park and House of Bavarian History
  • Bismarckplatz & Schottenkirche
  • Weltenburg Monastery