12 Places to visit in Darmstadt Germany

Whether culture, shopping, or experiencing nature – Darmstadt is pure diversity. During your visit, you can enjoy many places to visit in Darmstadt (Hessen – Germany). The Hessian city is one of the most important technology locations in Germany.

But at the same time, it also represents the cultural and economic heart of the southern Rhine-Main area. Numerous great museums, some of the best tourist attractions concerts, and exhibitions await your visit. Darmstadt’s landmark rises up into the sky on a hill: the Wedding Tower. The artists’ colony Mathildenhöhe, the exhibition buildings, the wedding tower, the artists’ colony museum, and the magnificent artists’ houses from the Art Nouveau period give this hill of muses its unmistakable flair.

Places to visit in Darmstadt Germany
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In addition, Darmstadt also has a large number of other sights: the modern science and congress center darmstadtium or the State Theater Darmstadt, the colorful Waldspirale by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, and numerous parks and gardens. Below you will find a list of places to visit in Darmstadt Germany.


1. Luisenplatz Darmstadt

Luisenplatz Darmstadt
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The Luisenplatz in the center is the largest square in Darmstadt and a popular meeting place. It is located in the pedestrian zone and is also a hub for public transport. The people of Darmstadt simply call the Ludwig moment in the middle “Long Ludwig”. On the north side is the college building, today the seat of the regional council.


2. Mathildenhohe (That’s one of the most beautiful places to visit in Darmstadt)

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At 180 meters above sea level, the Mathildenhöhe is the highest elevation in the inner city area of ​​Darmstadt. As one of the most important sights in Darmstadt, it is a unique work of art consisting of the Wedding Tower, the Russian Chapel, exhibition buildings, artists’ houses, the Artists’ Colony Museum, a plane tree grove, and a spacious outdoor area. Under the term “artists’ colony Mathildenhöhe,” it has also made a name for itself beyond the regional borders.


3. Marketplace in Darmstadt

Places to visit in Darmstadt Germany
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The castle and the old town hall, today the Ratskeller, border on the market square. The Marienbrunnen fountain still stands on the market square and, as the name suggests, this is where the market takes place. Otherwise, the square is bordered on both sides by restaurants and cafés, where you can watch the daily hustle and bustle of the people of Darmstadt, especially on summer days, and relax after a shopping spree.


4. Forest Spiral Darmstadt

Places to visit in Darmstadt Germany
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You have to look twice at this attraction: the forest spiral is an impressive masterpiece by the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The spiral-shaped building impresses with its extremely colorful design and its irregular shapes. Nothing really resembles each other here. In the Waldspirale there are a total of 105 apartments spread over 12 floors. The building is crowned by two golden onion domes and a unique roof. The latter is planted with linden, beech, and maple trees. They are probably also the ones who have contributed significantly to the naming.


5. Orangery Darmstadt

Orangery Darmstadt
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Enjoy with all senses! Let yourself be carried away on a culinary journey during your holiday in Darmstadt. Because the Ristorante L’Orangerie is a very special restaurant. If you love Italian and Mediterranean dishes, this is the place for you. The restaurant kitchen impresses with the use of diverse aromas, lots of creativity, and the processing of fresh and high-quality ingredients.


6. Botanical Garden Darmstadt

Botanical Garden Darmstadt
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Green, greener, Botanical Garden Darmstadt! Pure nature awaits you here: During a visit, you will discover, among other things, exotic trees, the moorland, and romantically winding paths in the Darmbachgrund. A total of 9,000 plants are cultivated here. The botanical garden has had its current location in the east of the city since 1874. Before that, the garden was relocated several times because it grew quickly in the area. It is one of the most chilling places to visit in Darmstadt Germany.


7. Wedding Tower Darmstadt

Wedding Tower Darmstadt
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The bells like to ring in fifth place: We are talking about the Wedding Tower Darmstadt, which, as the city’s landmark, is one of the top 10 Darmstadt sights. The tower rises a full 50 meters and impresses above all with its distinctive arched roof. In the form of a hood, this is reminiscent of the five fingers of an outstretched hand. The Wedding Tower was built in 1905 as a wedding present for Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig and Princess Eleonore von Solms-Hohensolms-Lich.


8. Russian Orchestra Darmstadt

Russian Orchestra Darmstadt
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There are a number of Art Nouveau buildings in the artist colony on the Mathildenhöhe. However, there is one exception between them, which usually only stands out at a second glance: the Russian Chapel of Saint Mary Magdalene. With its gilded onion domes and richly ornamented wall tiles, it proudly rises into the Darmstadt sky. It is considered an an interesting point of view in Darmstadt Germany.


9. Vivarium – Zoo Darmstadt

Vivarium - Zoo Darmstadt
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Now it’s getting wild among our sights in Darmstadt! The Zoo Vivarium in Darmstadt is one of the most popular destinations in the city. For example, there are more than 1,500 native and exotic animals from around 150 different species to admire. These include rustic giant tortoises, rheas, and crocodiles as well as tropical fish and monkeys. They all live in natural enclosures, aquariums, or terrariums spread over an area of ​​5 hectares.


10. Art Nouveau bath in Darmstadt

Places to visit in Darmstadt Germany
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With place 8 of our Darmstadt sights you can go swimming in style – in the truest sense of the word. The art nouveau baths in Darmstadt are exactly the right destination for relaxing holiday moments. In the Art Nouveau pool, which opened in 1909, you can experience historical bathing culture in its most beautiful form. The lovingly restored and modernized bathroom combines a modern bathing and sauna area with soothing spa and wellness treatments.


11. Darmstadtium

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In the Darmstadtium you can experience musical productions such as “Les Misérables”, be part of sporting events or enjoy music. Above all, you can marvel at the architecture here, because the building was built in an avant-garde architectural style. This impresses and conveys a completely new sense of space.


12. The State Museum Darmstadt

The State Museum Darmstadt
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Painting, zoology, handicrafts, or archeology – there is a lot to discover in the Hessian State Museum Darmstadt (HLMD for short). Embark on an exciting journey through artistic, cultural, and natural history when you visit this attraction. Due to its diversity, place 10 of our Darmstadt sights is also ideal for trips with children. For more travel articles about Germany check this category and for all articles about Europe check this list.


Places to visit in Darmstadt Germany

  • Luisenplatz
  • Mathildenhohe
  • Marketplace
  • Forest Spiral
  • Orangery
  • Botanical Garden
  • Wedding Tower
  • Russian Orchestra
  • Vivarium
  • Art Nouveau bath
  • Darmstadtium
  • The State Museum