Things to do in Drogheda Ireland

Drogheda is considered a medieval town and is an industrial and port town city in Ireland. This town is 20 minutes from Dublin airport. In this article, we are listing the best things to do in Drogheda Ireland.

Drogheda Ireland Things to do
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Drogheda is a UNESCO World Heritage Site at Newgrange and even it is considered a gateway to the world-famous Boyne Valley region. In Dragheta you can find a mix of the young at people’s hearts, a feel of a village and a wealth of unique attractions within walking distance of each other. The name of Drogheda comes from the Irish Droichead Atha meaning “Bridge of the Ford”. Drogheda has a population of approximately 41.000 inhabitants, making it the eleventh largest town by population in Ireland.


1. Funtasia Theme Park


Funtasia Theme Park is the premier of Ireland’s indoor and entertainment centres. It is one of the places listed in things to do in Drogheda. It offers plenty of fun and exciting attractions for all ages. you can find there from the largest indoor Waterpark in Ireland to the adrenaline-pumping sky climb or the dizzying spins of the Gyro Loop.


2. Millmount Museum

Millmount Museum - Drogheda Ireland Things to do

It is one of the most interesting things to do in Drogheda Ireland. According to some legends, the origins of the mound says that it is the burial place of Amhairghin. Millmount Museum is the most dominant feature of Drogheda, it is on the top of the city and has great visibility from most parts of the town. It is fortified in the 12th century by the Normans.


3. Highlanes Gallery

Highlanes Gallery - Drogheda Ireland Things to do

Highlanes Gallery is with no doubt the most important visual art spaces, presenting a diverse and dynamic programme of temporary exhibitions. This exhibitions drawn from the Drogheda Municipal Art Collection. The collection in Highlanes Gallery dates from the middle of the eighteenth century. It promotes modern and contemporary art in the north-east region.


4. Laurence’s Gate

Laurence's Gate - Drogheda Ireland Things to do

The walled area of the mediaeval Drogheda enclosed 113 acres, making it one of the largest walled towns of the time. St. Laurence’s Gate, which led to the Friary of St Laurence, is clearly regarded as one of the finest of its kind in Europe. It consists of two lofty circular towers, connected together by a wall, in which there is an archway.


5. Magdalene Tower

Magdalene Tower

Magdalene Tower is of 14th-century construction and is all that now remains of the once important Dominican Friary. The tower was located near to the now demolished St Sunday’s Gate and was located just inside the northern walls of the town. In 1412 its Abbot, Father Bennett, was the peacemaker in the conflict between the people on either side of the river Boyne leading to the uniting of the town.


6. St. Peter’s Parish, Drogheda

St. Peter's Parish, Drogheda - Drogheda Ireland Things to do

St. Peter’s Parish is one of the best Drogheda Ireland things to do. Built in a place which has been a centre of worship at least since the founding of the town of Drogheda itself.

In the church is an amazing copper medallion, enamelled and gilt, maybe from the cover of a reliquary or a Gospel Book. The Church of St. Peter’s was an important ecclesiastical centre, which is being used as a Pro-Cathedral for Armagh Diocese for several centuries.


7. Drogheda to Belfast by train

Drogheda to Belfast by train
Photo by Kaeli Hearn on Unsplash

Belfast is the capital of northern Ireland and it is even the largest city. Belfast is know for top tourist attractions: Titanic Belfast, Ulster Museum, Belfast Castle, Belfast City Hall, Botanic Gardens and more.


Things to do in Drogheda Ireland

  • Funtasia Theme Park
  • Millmount Museum
  • Highlanes Gallery
  • Laurence’s Gate
  • Magdalene Tower
  • St. Peter’s Parish
  • Drogheda to Belfast by train