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Places to visit in Londonderry Ireland

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Our bloggers have listed best interesting places to visit in Londonderry Ireland. Londonderry is located in northern Ireland, and it is known with many different names as Derry or Doire.

This city is vary fascinating with a long interesting history. It is the second largest city in Ireland and it is close to the border with Donegal and situated on the banks of the River Foyle. Most of its sights can be covered easily on foot, and now a worthy tourist destination with the best city walls in Ireland. Its name has been a source of dispute.

Londonderry Ireland Places to visit

It’s “Derry” to the Catholics and “Londonderry” to the Protestants. There’s so much to discover in the Walled City with bucket loads of activities to suit all tastes.


Lets explore Londonderry Ireland places to visit:

  1. Tower Museum
  2. Museum of Free Derry
  3. The Peace Bridge
  4. Guildhall
  5. St Columb’s Cathedral
  6. The Siege Museum


Tower Museum

Tower Museum
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Tower museum is one of the Londonderry Ireland places to visit. It has permanent exhibitions including The Story of Derry and An Armada Shipwreck. This Tower museum also offers the best view of the city because of the facility being in the heart of the city. From the top of the tower you can even have a fascinating view of the River Foyle.


Museum of Free Derry

Museum of Free Derry - Londonderry Ireland Places to visit

This museum is opened for everyone and offers a multi media exhibition of the civil rights. For all civil rights defenders it is considered as one of the Londonderry Places to visit. It tells the story of the conflict era in the city including Battle of the Bogside, Internment, Bloody Sunday and Operation Motorman.

This museum is established in 2006 from the Bloody Sunday Trust. For everyone who want to know more about civil rights the Museum of Free Derry is the best museum of Londonderry Ireland places to visit.


The Peace Bridge

The Peace Bridge - Londonderry Ireland Places to visit

The peace Bridge is designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects in London. It is located over the River Foyle bridges a 400 year old physical and political gap between two sides. This two sides are one of a once, bitterly divided community. The peace Bridge is funded to the tune of £14 million by the European Regional Development Fund for Peace. It was opened in 2011 and it is 235 metre long, 4 metre wide curved footpath.



Guildhall - Londonderry Ireland Places to visit
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The Guildhall is one of the most amazing point of view in Londonderry Ireland places to visit. It is an attraction where you can be sure of a warm welcome for all the city. It is considered as a landmarks that has been at the heart of city life since 1890. While visiting the Guildhall you can see the main hall and the dazzling stained glass windows, experience the Plantation of Ulster exhibition.


St Columb’s Cathedral

St Columb's Cathedral - Londonderry Ireland Places to visit

The St Columb’s Cathedral is the first cathedral built after the Reformation. For all history lovers it is one of the best Londonderry Ireland Places to visit. It is considered as most historic building containing displays of artefacts from the Siege. St. Columb’s Cathedral was built in 1633 by William Parrot for the Honourable The Irish Society and is in the Planter Gothic Style.


The Siege Museum

The Siege Museum

The Siege Museum and Exhibition is considered as treasure house of artefacts, even from the past to present. It has three floors and a display of the history of the Siege of Londonderry and of the Associated Clubs of the Apprentice Boys of Derry.

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