The 9 Best Places to Visit in Sorrento (Italy)

In this article discover the most beautiful places to visit in Sorrento Italy. Situated in a picturesque position on a wonderful terrace overlooking the Gulf of Naples, Sorrento is the most famous town on the Sorrento coast. There are too many places to visit in Sorrento Italy. Known as a holiday resort since ancient times. Sorrento fascinates tourists and visitors with its breathtaking views, the landscape of gardens, and citrus groves. The marinas, the charming old town, interesting historical and religious architecture, the ancient tradition of marquetry and of laces.

Places to visit in Sorrento Italy
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There are numerous churches and historic buildings, surprising panoramic points, characteristic alleys full of small shops and artisan shops, and exceptional quality of its gastronomic offer. There is no shortage of clubs, restaurants, and cafes where you can spend your free time, shops on the main street where you can go shopping, festivals, and cultural events to enliven the evenings and. Sorrento is situated in Campania Region nearby Napoli. Let’s discover together some of the most beautiful places to visit in Sorrento Italy.


1. Piazza Tasso-Corso Italy

Piazza Tasso-Corso Italy

Crossed by the lively Corso Italia, Piazza Tasso is the main square of Sorrento, the heart of city life, and the emblem of an internationally renowned tourist reality. Originally, the square was called Largo del Castello by virtue of the castle built by Ferdinand of Aragon in the fifteenth century. Along the north side, a terrace overlooks a narrow tufaceous gorge crossed by a road that leads to the Marina Piccola.


2. Basilica of Sant’Antonino in Sorrento

Basilica of Sant'Antonino in Sorrento
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Sant’Antonino is the “Patron, Lawyer, and Father” of Sorrento and the peninsula. The basilica in the square of the same name is dedicated to the saint who protects the city from calamities, epidemics and to whom numerous miracles are attributed. At the entrance to the basilica, two cetacean bones recall the most famous miracle performed by Sant’Antonino, namely that of having saved a child who had been swallowed by a whale. Sant’Antonino is one of the most special places to visit in Sorrento (IT).


3. Valley of the Mills

Places to visit in Sorrento Italy
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The deep crack in the rock which houses the crumbling buildings originated during a huge eruption that devastated the Mediterranean area 35.000 years ago. The flour mills, built from stone as far back as the 13th century, took advantage of the constant stream at the bottom of the valley. They ground all the types of wheat needed by the Sorrentine people in the surrounding area. After the flour mills were successfully established, other early industrial outfits began springing up to take advantage of the waters at the bottom: a sawmill was built which furnished the chaff used by local cabinet-masters and there was a wash-house used by women for personal hygiene and laundering clothes.


4. Church of San Francesco in Sorrento

Church of San Francesco in Sorrento
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From the outside, the Church of St. Francis has an air of modernity in contrast to other more ornate churches in Sorrento. The simple white fa├žade was rebuilt in marble in 1926; however, the present portal which dates back to the fifteen hundreds, was preserved. But the church itself is much older: originally it was an ancient oratory founded by Saint Antonino, the Patron Saint of Sorrento, who dedicated the church to St. Martin of Tours. In the Fourteenth Century, Franciscan Friars transformed it into a church, which was later reconstructed in the baroque style and embellished with stucco decorations.


5. Villa Comunale Park, Sorrento

The 9 Best Places to Visit in Sorrento (Italy)

The Villa Comunale Park or Gardens is next to the St. Francis Church and Cloister of Sorrento. It is not a large park. It has palm trees, oaks, holm, and ancient pines. It also has extraordinary views of Marina Grande (Big Marina) and the coast. There are also elevators down to the Marina Piccola (Small Marina) ferry and the San Francisco swim towers. High up on the cliffs of Sorrento, the park seems to be focused more on vistas than trees. There are sweeping views of the bay and Mount Vesuvius. The park has carefully tended flower beds and close-cropped lawns in the shade of tall palms. There is a small cafe featuring espresso, pastries, and ice cream. Sunset is the best time.


6. Sorrento Cathedral

Places to visit in Sorrento Italy
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Rebuilt in the fifteenth century in Romanesque style on an ancient place of worship, the cathedral is dedicated to Saints Philip and James. They have been the subject of various restorations that have completely changed their appearance until the facade was rebuilt in 1924. The interior with a Latin cross and three naves is decorated in the ceilings with Baroque paintings by Oronzo and Nicola Malinconio and by Giacomo del Po and preserves works of great value.


7. Dominova seat in via San Cesareo

 Dominova seat in via San Cesareo
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The Sedil Dominova (from the Latin “Domus Nova”) was built in the 14th century following the fratricidal fights between the patrician families of the city. Fights that left a long trail of blood and for which the resolute intervention of the then-bishop was necessary. A form of mutualism, widespread in many parts of Italy, through which the workers were able to protect themselves in case of accidents and illnesses.


8. The baths of Queen Giovanna

Places to visit in Sorrento

Sorrento has no sandy beaches but, do not worry, the Bagni della Regina Giovanna is certainly better. To reach the town you must first arrive at Capo di Sorrento. Considering the difficulty in finding parking (there is one just before the stretch on foot) it is preferable to take the bus although, of course, a lot depends on the time of year. This is one of the places to visit in Sorrento Italy.


9. Marina Grande and Marina Piccola in Sorrento

Marina Grande and Marina Piccola in Sorrento
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A picturesque fishing village that can be reached by walking along a small stone steps road and crossing the ancient Greek gate, Marina Grande retains the charm of the fishing village it once was with its colorful houses, boats, and nets pulled on the shore. The village, made famous by the film with Vittorio De Sica and Sofia Loren “Bread, Love, offers characteristic cafes, restaurants, and bathing establishments.


The 9 Best Places to Visit in Sorrento (Italy)

  • Piazza Tasso-Corso
  • Basilica of Sant’Antonino
  • Deep Valley of the Mills
  • Church of San Francesco
  • Villa Comunale Park
  • Sorrento Cathedral
  • Dominova seat in via San Cesareo
  • The baths of Queen Giovanna
  • Marina Grande and Marina Piccola