10 Places to visit in Hanau Germany

Have you ever asked which are the best places to visit in Hanau Germany? In this post, you will read about the best things to do in Hanau Germany. The Hessian city of Hanau, known as the Brothers Grimm city, is located on the Main and Kinzig. The city between history and modernity is the birthplace of the Brothers Grimm, who are world-famous for Grimms’ fairy tales and were born in Hanau in 1785 and 1786.

Places to visit in Hanau Germany
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Hanau commemorates the Germanists with the Brothers Grimm National Monument. Due to the love of the Japanese for the works of the Brothers Grimm, a cast of the monument can be found in the amusement park in Obihiro. Hanau has sights from the rich history of the city to offer and many amazing sights and things to do. The old town hall is also one of the buildings worth seeing, as is the Marienkirche. For more articles about Germany check the category here.  Let’s have a look together at the best places to visit in Hanau.


1. Philippsruhe Castle in Hanau


Places to visit in Hanau Germany
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Philippsruhe Castle, which is located west of Hanau city center directly on the Main, is one of the castles that are particularly worth seeing in Hessen. The complex surrounded by a beautiful garden was built between 1700 and 1725 for Count Philipp Reinhard of Hanau. At the end of the 19th century, however, the baroque castle was rebuilt again, during which mainly the neo-Renaissance interior decoration, which is still preserved today, was created. Among these, the so-called Belle Étage is particularly worth mentioning, in which valuable wood inlays and stucco work can be seen.


2. Wilhelmsbad

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The Hanau Wilhelmsbad State Park used to be a popular spa park. There was relaxation and princely life. Even today, the imposing buildings are reminiscent of that time. Today you can take relaxing walks in the state park and see the buildings from both the inside and the outside. From the popular snail mountain, you also have a great view of the whole park. Many of the rooms here are also used for large parties and events.


3. Hanau Old town

Places to visit in Hanau Germany
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The heart of Hanau is the old town market. The history of the city is collected there – because there was already a center here in the Middle Ages. The German Goldsmith’s House is a magnificent building, an imposing half-timbered house from the late Gothic and early Renaissance era. According to the inscription it was completed in 1538. It is considered as a beautiful thing to do during your visit to Hanau Germany.


4. Dolls & Toys Museum

Dolls & Toys Museum Hanau
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The oldest surviving doll child, which can be seen in the historic Kurhaus of the Wilhelmsbad state baths in Hanau, is 2,000 years old. Together with other toys from that time, it shows us that even in ancient times children had similar fantasies and desires as our offspring today. The basis of the museum, on the other hand, is Gertrud Rosemann’s doll collection, which has been open to the public here since 1983. She has collected dolls, some of which are as big as small children, and dozens of stylishly furnished doll houses from different eras. You can see it all here.


5. Old Pheasantry

Behind the name, ” Alte Fasanerie ” hides a wildlife park with many wild animals and exciting attractions. Here you can not only take a wonderful walk through the park but also take a break and enjoy pure nature. Around 350 animals await you here. There is even a falconry in the old pheasantry.


6. Historic carousel Wilhelmsbad

Historic carousel Wilhelmsbad
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If you are already in the state park, a visit to the historic carousel in Wilhelmsbad is a must. The carousel was built in 1780 and has been doing its rounds again since 2016. A ride on the carousel takes you a little way back in time. Laid out on a small hill, the carousel cannot be missed. It is one of many insider tips in Hanau that should not be missed on your day trip.


7. Steinheim Castle in Hanau

Places to visit in Hanau Germany
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Steinheim Castle in Hanau stands out above all for its high tower, which is reminiscent of a castle. You can even climb the tower. However, this is only possible with a guided tour. Nevertheless, the castle tower offers you a wonderful view of the city. In the castle itself, you will find many living rooms and also an exciting museum.


8. Walloon Dutch Church

Walloon Dutch Church
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The Walloon-Dutch Church dates from the 17th century and is one of the most important buildings in Germany. However, the church was completely destroyed during World War II. However, it was then completely reconstructed and today not only serves as a holy place for believers but also for many admirers of its unique architecture.


9. Brothers Grimm Monument in Hanau

Brothers Grimm Monument in Hanau
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The Brothers Grimm are world-famous children’s book authors who originally come from Hanau. In 1896, a bronze monument was dedicated to them on the market square to continue honoring their work. A visit to the Brothers Grimm Monument should not be missed during a leisurely stroll through the city center. This monument is one of the most visited Tourist Attractions in Hanau Germany.


10. Devil’s Cave

Places to visit in Hanau Germany
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One of many insider tips in Hanau and the surrounding area is the Teufelshöhle stalactite cave. A visit underground with beautiful light effects and unique sculptures hanging from the ceiling offers excitement and an experience for the whole family. There are even special discovery tours just for children. So the little ones can go out without their parents and mom and dad can relax a little.


Places to visit in Hanau Germany

  • Philippsruhe Castle
  • Wilhelmsbad
  • Old town
  • Dolls & Toys Museum
  • Old Pheasantry
  • Historic carousel Wilhelmsbad
  • Steinheim Castle
  • Walloon Dutch Church
  • Brothers Grimm Monument
  • Devil’s Cave