10 Best Places to visit in Aveiro Portugal

Aveiro is one of the best Portuguese destinations with a rich historical heritage. If you are looking for the best places to visit in Aveiro, this article is for you.

The city is located in the central region and has approximately 60,000 inhabitants within its urban area. You can check the location of this city in Google Maps. Aveiro may not yet figure in the most classic itinerary for a trip to Portugal, and you may not even have heard of it – which is quite unfair.  The so-called Portuguese Venice is a charm, is full of beautiful things, and has amazing attractions, it is close to Porto and Coimbra and even closer to the sea. It has beaches, buildings that you can only see there, great seafood restaurants, and very pleasant walks. In short: Aveiro has everything you need to say that a trip there is really worth it.

Places to visit in Aveiro Portugal
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It is located 55 km northwest of Coimbra and approximately 70 km south of Porto. Aveiro is one of the most popular destinations in Portugal. a destination that deserves at least one overnight stay. But if your idea is to make a quick visit, it’s also worth it. You can read below the article about places to visit in Aveiro Portugal.


1. Museum of Aveiro

Museum of Aveiro

The Museum of Aveiro, formerly called the Monastery of Jesus, was a female convent founded in 1458. However, during later centuries it underwent several changes due to renovations and reconstructions.

In the Museum of Aveiro is the Church of Jesus, with detailed architecture in tiles and golden color. In addition, it shows the portrait of Princess Santa Joana, as well as a peculiar collection of Portuguese baroque art.


2. Aveiro Canal Cruise in Traditional Moliceiro Boat

Aveiro Canal Cruise in Traditional Moliceiro Boat
Image by Alejandro Piñero Amerio from Pixabay

The historic center of Aveiro is crossed by canals that pass through beautiful charming areas of the city. These channels connect the Ria de Aveiro with the sea. On the central canal, which passes through the center of the city where the Moliceiros tours take place.

Several boats wait for tourists and take you on a beautiful tour of the most tourist area. This activity is one of the most beautiful things you can do in Aveiro Portugal.


3. The city of Aveiro

Places to visit in Aveiro Portugal
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Aveiro, the capital of the district, could not be missing from this list. Because it is located between the sea and a lagoon known as Ria de Aveiro, its streets are crossed by canals and there is no other similar city in Portugal.

If you like to enjoy nature, we suggest that you walk along the Walkways of Aveiro on foot or by bicycle. It is 5 km long (one way) from Cais da Ribeira de Esgueira to Vilarinho, always next to the Ria and with no unevenness, in the middle of an area full of migratory birds.


4. BioRia

Places to visit in Aveiro Portugal
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Speaking of walking and cycling tours, here’s another suggestion. The Ria de Aveiro is not limited to the city of Aveiro, extending for 45 km along the Portuguese coast, more precisely from Ovar to Mira.

Therefore, it includes Estarreja where the City Council reclassified environmentally degraded areas, creating a network of 7 pedestrian and cycle paths.


5. Visit The Colorful Houses in Costa Nova, Portugal

Visit The Colorful Houses in Costa Nova, Portugal
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One of the postcards of Aveiro, Portugal, are the colorful houses in Costa Nova, the most beachy area of ​​the city. As the story goes, fishermen who lived in this region began to paint their homes so that they could be recognized from afar when they were returning from a trip from the high seas.

Today, some wooden constructions continue to be housing; others have become restaurants and more tourist establishments. All of them, however, serve as a backdrop for photos that have everything to rock your Instagram.


6. Statues of the Bridges

Places to visit in Aveiro Portugal
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Tourist point formed by four full-length bronze statues – each statue represents a figure from the city of Aveiro. Salineira and Marnoto both in the workplace. Parceira do Ramo e Fogueteiro : important for feast days.

Salineira wears traditional costumes and a canasta on her head. Marnoto wears traditional clothes and instruments used in salt work. The Branch Partner wears traditional women’s clothing and holds a bunch of flowers in her right hand. The Fogueteiro wears the traditional gabon, buckled shoes and a rocket in his left hand.


7. Cathedral of Aveiro

Places to visit in Aveiro Portugal
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When visiting Aveiro, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Sé de Aveiro , also known as Igreja de São Domingos, located in a former Dominican convent. T

he Cathedral immediately draws attention for its superb façade, with its images of the Human Virtues and the imposing bell tower. Inside, the white limestone dominates, the various chapels are decorated with sets of carvings, stone and tiles from different eras.


8. Costa Nova Beach

Costa Nova Beach
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Praia da Costa Nova, also called Costa Nova do Prado, is located on the west coast, 11 km from the historic center of Aveiro. It is a stronghold for practitioners of water sports, such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, among others.

In addition, the beach has as an attraction the beautiful fishermen’s houses painted with vertical and horizontal stripes and in different colors , bringing to the visitor’s view all the beauty of the place. It is one of the listed places to visit in Aveiro Portugal.


9. Salinas de Aveiro

Salinas de Aveiro
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Salt production in Aveiro is quite old, and the salt produced there is one of the most famous in the world. Some streets pass alongside the salt flats, where it is already possible to see. However, there are also some of them that offer guided tours where the extraction and production process is detailed.


10. Carmelite Church

Places to visit in Aveiro Portugal
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The Igreja das Carmelitas, located in the heart of Praça do Marquês de Pombal, is certainly another of the most beautiful churches in Aveiro.

The church “preserves the combination of the gold of the carving with the blue and white of the tiles and the strong polychrome of the paintings on the ceiling and walls, in an allusion to the heavenly life that the sacred space seeks to stage”.

The words appear in an information leaflet from the Municipality of Aveiro and summarize what the visitor sees as soon as he crosses the entrance door of the Carmelitas Church. For more travel articles about Portugal check this category and for all articles about Europe check this list.


Best 10 Places to visit in Aveiro Portugal

  • Museum of Aveiro
  • Moliceiro ride through the canals of Aveiro
  • The city of Aveiro
  • BioRia
  • Visit The Colorful Houses in Costa Nova
  • Statues of the Bridges
  • Cathedral of Aveiro
  • Costa Nova Beach
  • Salinas de Aveiro
  • Carmelite Church