Things to Do in Paros (Greece)

Paros is one of the most cosmopolitan travel destinations in the Cyclades. Paros is considered one of the most picturesque islands of the Cyclades. It is located west of Naxos and east of Antiparos, in the center of the Aegean Sea.

Paros Greece - Things to Do
Photo by Despina Galani on Unsplash

Paros the capital of the island, is located on the west coast and is one of the most cosmopolitan areas with a vibrant nightlife. The island’s port is located in Parikia and here you can find branches of most banks, post offices, health centers, internet cafes, tourist offices, and car rental offices. Dozens of hotels, rooms to let, and camping (Livadia, Krios, Parasporos) give the visitor the comforts of a modern city. Below we have listed the best things to do in Paros Greece.


1. The church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani Paros

The church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani

The church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani is located in Parikia, the capital of the island of Paros, a short distance from its port. It is one of the oldest and best preserved Christian temples, located in the free Greek land. There are two names for this church: “Katapoliani “and” Ekatontapyliani” until a few years ago, the prevailing view was that the real name of the temple was the first, and that was because it was located” at Polin “, that is, towards the ancient city.


2. Livadia Beach Paros

Livadia Beach Paros

The large beach of Livadia starts 1 km east of Kissamos, next to the stadium of Kissamikos, and gives way to the pebble beach of Kefalonia. It is a section of about 2 km from the huge beach that starts west of the Customs of Kissamos and ends east of the Rodopi Peninsula. Livadia Beach, with its crystal-clear waters, is ideal for those who want to spend moments of relaxation away from the crowds.


3. Krios Beach

Krios Beach

Krios Beach is a wonderful beach located very close to the center of Parikia and very close to the Krotiri View Complex. It is a large sandy beach with crystal clear waters surrounded by a bay and well protected from the strong summer winds of the Aegean Sea. The beach is a well-organized beach with umbrellas and sunbeds and has small taverns that serve food and drink. Krios Beach also has a wonderful view of the town of Parikia.


4. Paros Archaeological Museum

Paros Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Paros was built in 1960, next to the High School of Parikia, and is one of the most important museums in Greece, due to its exhibits found in excavations in Paros and Antiparos. These are findings from the Neolithic era to the early Christian times. Among them, are the Victory of Paros, Cycladic chairs, mosaics, the archaic marble Gorgo, which according to legend is a monster and causes terror to anyone who sees it, who is petrified, kouroi, the poet Archilochus, amphorae from Parian workshop, deities etc.


5. Frankish Castle Paroikia

Frankish Castle Paroikia

The castle of Parikia or Frangokastelo is located on the site of the ancient citadel of Paros, in the southwestern part of Parikia, on the hill of Agios Konstantinos, where the foundations of ancient temples and part of a tower from the Venetian castle are preserved. The castle was built in 1260 by the Venetians when the island belonged to the Duchy of Naxos. For all the historic lovers this is one of the most amazing things to do in Paros.


6. Ancient Cemetery

Ancient Cemetery

It is one of the most important cemeteries of an ancient city in the Cyclades, on the coastal road after the port of Parikia. From the excavations of 1983 came to light tombs of different types and eras, marble, with tombstones and pedestals, group, indicating the use of the cemetery in different periods. Remarkable and of great importance is the polyandry, a mass grave, the only one in the Aegean area from the Geometric era.


7. Agios Fokas Paros

Agios Fokas Paros

Agios Fokas beach is accessible even on foot from Tinos Town. It is located in the southeast of Chora and has many organized sections with sunbeds, umbrellas and beach bar. A very large and quite shallow beach with sand, pebbles and tamarisk trees at the back. Its easternmost point ends at Vrekastro hill with the archeological site that offers excellent views of the island.


8. Paralia Krios

Paralia Krios

From, Aries you have a wonderful view of Parikia and the surrounding areas. The beach is well organized and has sunbeds and umbrellas. In addition, you can visit the tavern by the sea where in addition to the food you can enjoy your coffee or soft drink. Access to the beach is easy by taxi, car, or motorbike.


9. Paros to Naxos Trip

Paros to Naxos Trip

Paros is the most famous day trip from Naxos, as the distance between the two islands is really short and the journey takes a maximum of 60 minutes. Naxos offers calm holidays with swimming, good food, and sightseeing or adventure holidays with water sports, hiking, cycling, etc. For more information about Naxos read the full article about the most beautiful villages in Naxos Greece.