Places to Visit in Leuven (Belgium)

Leuven is a small Belgian architectural gem to visit but also a lively, welcoming university town on a human scale. Recognized as an old university city, Leuven is full of attractions to suit any idyllic adventure. It will offer you, down to the last detail, a range of places of interest that will meet your expectations. During your visit or holidays, you will find many beautiful places to visit in Leuven Belgium.

Places to see in Leuven Belgium
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You will seize opportunities for cycling or walking to go around it. Leuven also enjoys an excellent natural landscape made up of botanical gardens and forests. Located on the very beautiful square of Leuven, The Capital illustrates a trendy and original place for beer lovers. This city is located in the heart of the Flemish Region.


1. The City Hall of Leuven

The City Hall of Leuven
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The City Hall of Leuven is a landmark building on that city’s Main Market square, across from the monumental St. Peter’s Church. The main façade has an entrance staircase, and two portals in the center, above which are figures of Saint Peter (left) and Madonna and Child (right), the former in compliment to the patron of the church opposite.


2. Grand Place

Grand Place
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For the record, know that Victor Hugo participated in his own way in the arrival of statues, absent until the 1850s. Our man of letters had indeed taken up the pen to write to the mayor of Louvain-la-Vieille, bitterly regretting the absence of statues in hopelessly empty niches.


3. The Library of the University of Leuven

The Library of the University of Leuven
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The Library of the University of Leuven is undoubtedly one of the places to visit  in Leuven Belgium. From the outside, the building imposes a lot, with its red bricks and its statues. It is the tower of the university library which offers a panoramic view of the city and its surroundings. Even without a lift, the climb to the balcony is quite easy, a photo exhibition on the history of the place accompanies the visitor to the top.


4. The M Museum Leuven

The M Museum Leuven
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The M Museum (M Museum) is the meeting point for all lovers of contemporary art, but also of architecture. The exhibitions are renewed very regularly and the program allows you to discover many more different and surprising styles from the others.


5. Park Abbey Leuven

Park Abbey Leuven
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Leaving the city center in just a few minutes by bike, the scenery is completely different! You can see the bell tower of a church in the distance. Without realizing it, we arrive at the Abbaye du Parc. An Abbey which is really worth discovering, with a very typical style.


6. The Great Beguinage

The Great Beguinage
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Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is “number 2” in Louvain-la-Vieille. A quarter of an hour’s walk from the Grote Markt, the largest beguinage in Belgium is a timeless and downright magical place! Don’t look for beguines there, the last ones left in 1988.


7. Old Market Square Leuven

Old Market Square Leuven
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A visit to the Old Market Square Leuven is like taking a seat in the oldest bar in Europe. There is no such concentration of Horeca anywhere else than on this unique square. Especially in good weather, when the many terraces see the crowds of customers.