Braunschweig Christmas Market, Germany

Region Lower Saxony, GERMANY

With its 500-year tradition, the Braunschweig Christmas Market 2023 is amongst the most attractive and atmospheric Christmas markets in all of Germany. Each year, it attracts several hundred thousand visitors. Every year, the squares around St. Blasii Cathedral are transformed into a beautiful Christmas market with elegant illuminations and a delightful atmosphere.

Christmas Market in Braunschweig (Brunswick)

Between 25 November and 29 December, 150 artisans and vendors will open their lovingly decorated stalls against an impressive historical backdrop. They offer a broad range of gifts such as wooden toys, jewellery creations, fur-lined leather goods and illuminated Christmas stars. Culinary from the region and around the world are always popular favourites during the holidays.

In Braunschweig you can enjoy the versatile offers of a historically-developed big city with the special charm of a vibrant city centre and green recreational oases. First documented in 1031, Braunschweig has developed since the 12th century under the strong influence of the Guelphs and the Hanseatic League. Today, Braunschweig is the largest town between Hanover and Berlin and hasĀ  250,000 inhabitants. With its wide range of attractive shops and a multitude of restaurants, Braunschweig is also worth a visit as a popular shopping town.