Places to visit in Vaud Switzerland

In this article we are listing top 13 best places to visit in Vaud Switzerland based on our reviews. Located in the southwestern part of Switzerland, in its French-speaking part between Lake Geneva and Lake Neuchâtel, the Canton of Vaud is a vacation destination where life is good.

This region has influenced and inspired artists over the years, from Lord Byron and Audrey Hepburn to Charlie Chaplin and Freddie Mercury. Listed below, we recommend top 13 best places to visit in Vaud Switzerland.


1.Lausanne Cathedral and La Cite Old Town

Lausanne Cathedral and La Cite Old Town

Known for its unique setting on the shores of Lake Geneva and its title of Olympic Capital, Lausanne has many other treasures to offer. This fourth city of Switzerland has many different aspects, offering a historic old town called “La Cité”, a Gothic cathedral, a dynamic metropolis with modern districts such as Le Flon, a holiday destination with Mediterranean flair.

Best places to visit in Vaud Switzerland

Lausanne Cathedral, at the heart of the old town, the majestic Lausanne Cathedral overlooks the city. Seen as one of the most beautiful gothic art monuments in Europe, it attracts more than 400,000 visitors every year. Constructed during the XIIth and XIIIth centuries, consecrated 20th October 1275 in the presence of Pope Gregory X and Rudolf of Habsburg. It became a protestant cathedral in 1536.


2.Montreux Riviera (That’s one of the best places to visit in Vaud)

Montreux Riviera

With its shores on Lake Geneva, Lavaux UNESCO vineyards, nearby summits, cities like Montreux, Vevey and picturesque villages, it is not surprising that Montreux Riviera is the birthplace of tourism in Switzerland. The beginnings of this tradition are part of the region’s heritage, just like the medieval lords of the Castle of Chillon.

Today, Montreux Riviera continues to write its history by innovating constantly, for example the museums Chaplin’s World, Alimentarium. Culture fans and guests of Montreux Riviera become festival goers in July at the famous Montreux Jazz Festival. Montreux offers hundred things to do and this is the reason why is one of the best places to visit in Vaud.


3.Glacier 3000 and Alpine Coaster

Glacier 3000 and Alpine Coaster

The adventure begins at Col du Pillon, between Gstaad and Les Diablerets, where you board the Glacier 3000 cable car. Starting above the snowy fir trees, the journey takes you towards the majestic peaks, giving you a foretaste of the stunning landscapes in store for you at the top. When you get to Scex Rouge, you will behold a milky sea of clouds. In winter and in summer, the futuristic cable car station unveils an impressive panorama.

Best places to visit in Vaud Switzerland

The highest bob-sled run in the world, thrills at 3,000 m for kids and grown-ups! Open in the summer only With a 520° spiral, 10 bends of varying steepness, 6 waves and 3 jumps offering a maximum speed of 40 km/hour over one kilometre, the Alpine Coaster is the ultimate adrenaline rush, guaranteed to raise your heart rate!


4.Lac des Chavonnes (That’s one of the best places to visit in Vaud)

Best places to visit in Vaud Switzerland

Less than a 30-minute walk from the “Col de Bretaye” train stop, Lake Les Chavonnes is a haven of peace for walking and sunbathing. Of course that is one of the best places to visit in Vaud. Some visitors brave the cool water for a swim while others try their hand at fishing or go paddle boarding or canoeing. The Lac des Chavonnes restaurant on the lakeshore serves authentic and tasty light meals. you can also spend a night at Hôtel-Restaurant. The lake is accessible by an easy 2-kilometre walk from the BVB train stop.




On the road from Lake Geneva to the Alps, a stop at Aigle is simply a must. Its old town full of wine cellars and inns and its medieval castle surrounded by vineyards is the symbol of the local art of living. Aigle cherishes its heritage and lives with its time, for example with its World Cycling Centre.

As a gateway to the Alps, Aigle leads to the resorts of Leysin and Les Mosses. There are no more medieval lords here, but one lady only: nature. It invites sports fans to spend their energy, whatever the discipline and season. On offer: hiking, biking, biathlon, cross-country skiing, snowtubing and, above all, skiing on the sunny slopes below the Kuklos, the revolving panoramic restaurant.


6.Vallee de Joux

Best places to visit in Vaud Switzerland

Combined, these differences create inimitable beauty: Vallée de Joux. Just like the opposite ends of a magnet, these differences generate a stimulating and tangible energy. In the heart of the Regional Nature Park of the Vaudois Jura, be inspired and recharge your batteries around the Lakes of Joux and Brenet, as well as in the huge Risoud forest. This strong yet fragile natural setting will have many other surprises in store for you.


7.Nyon Town and Festivals

Best places to visit in Vaud Switzerland

Located on the shores of Lake Geneva near the La Côte AOC vineyards and at the foot of the Jura mountains, Nyon offers its inhabitants and guests an exceptionally varied setting that has certainly been inspiring the artists who regularly perform in this city of festivals.

From the Roman Empire to our time, the region’s long history can be discovered during guided tours in the town’s streets as well as in several castles and museums. Memorable experiences reward those who take the time to explore the surroundings.


8.Morges Region (That’s one of the best places to visit in Vaud)

Best places to visit in Vaud Switzerland

The city of Morges, famous for its flower displays, benefits from a privileged situation on the shores of Lake Geneva, facing the majestic Mont Blanc.

Morges and its castle live to the rhythm of flowers throughout the year, especially in spring on the occasion of the Tulip Festival or in summer with the Dahlia Quay.

Its 15,000 inhabitants enjoy a pedestrian zone on the main street in the centre of the Old Town, which is home to lively open-air markets and shops.

The restaurants here serve the wines from canton Vaud’s largest appellation area: Morges AOC.


9.Avenches, member of “The Most Beautiful Villages in Switzerland”

Avenches, member of “The Most Beautiful Villages in Switzerland”

Avenches or Aventicum, the former capital of Roman Helvetia, is located on the top of a hill, from where it gazes down at the vestiges of its glorious past, three quarters of which still slumber in the soil. Although the archeological site is one of Switzerland’s most important ones, today’s village has kept its charm boasting central streets complete with arcades, irregular stairs, a 13th-century castle, medieval monuments and historic buildings.


10.The Roman Site of Aventicum

The Roman Site of Aventicum

This easy, accessible hike lets everyone discover the grandeur of Roman Helvetica’s ancient city of Aventicum, through its vestiges. Start your hike at the center of the charming medieval village of Avenches, bordered by flower-decked terraces in the summer and listed among the most beautiful villages in Switzerland. Visit the vestiges of the imposing monuments that were a major part of the ancient city’s influence and outreach from the north to the south of the Alps.


11.Payerne and Benedictine Abbey Church of Payerne

Best places to visit in Vaud Switzerland

Payerne is a flourishing place in the fertile, unspoilt countryside of the Broye valley. This Mediaeval town grew up around an 11th century Romanesque abbey church, the biggest in Switzerland. Founded by the Cluny monks, the imposing abbey church is beautifully preserved, with its 5-apse chapel, lofty nave and sculpted capitals bringing its ancient history alive. This cultural town regularly hosts events in its abbey church or streets and is known for its carnival, called Les Brandons.



Best places to visit in Vaud Switzerland

Surrounded by fertile land, Echallens is at the heart of the Vaudois bread basket; ideal for gourmet holidays and agritourism.

Echallens is the capital of the region occupying the geographical area between the cities of Lausanne and Yverdon-les-Bains. The contours of this region are ideal for marked cycling trails and footpaths.

The Wheat Trail links Echallens to Granges-Marnand, over a route of about 100 km, with the Alps as a backdrop.

The route is punctuated with a while range of agritourism activities, including the Wheat and Bread Museum in Echallens, a unique site in Switzerland, with an artisan bakery, restaurant and museum.


13.La Garenne animal park

La Garenne animal park

That’s one of the best places to visit in Vaud, a popular family excursion destination, is in Le Vaud, a village above Lake Geneva and bordering the Vaudois Jura Park. Open every day, the animal park is easily accessible by car or post coach on the Nyon – St. George line (daily) and the Gland-Bassins line (weekdays).


14.Chateau d’Aigle Vines, Wine and Wine Labels Museum

Best places to visit in Vaud Switzerland

In the heart of the Chablais AOC the Vine, Wine and Wine Labels Museum is a must for all wine tourism enthusiasts. In the exceptional setting of the Château d’Aigle, its exhibits are a source of fascination for wine enthusiasts, while families can also have fun learning all about this culture.


15. Chaplin’s World (That’s one of the best places to visit in Vaud)

Chaplin’s World

In the hills above Vevey, Chaplin’s World by Grévin brings the brilliant Tramp alive in the beautiful estate manor that was his home for more than 25 years. The Manoir de Ban, Charlie Chaplin’s former residence, is now Chaplin’s World, a magical site dedicated to the life and work of the artist who is known throughout the world for his role as the Tramp.

Voted best European Museum by the European Museum Academy in 2018, the establishment was awarded the Trip Advisor’s Traveller’s Choice in the same year.


Best places to visit in Vaud

  • Lausanne Cathedral and La Cite Old Town
  • Montreux Riviera
  • Glacier 3000 and Alpine Coaster
  • Lac des Chavonnes
  • Aigle
  • Vallee de Joux
  • Nyon Town and Festivals
  • Morges Region
  • Avenches
  • The Roman Site of Aventicum
  • Payerne
  • Echallens
  • La Garenne animal park
  • Chateau d’Aigle Vines
  • Chaplin’s World