Places to visit in Stein am Rhein, Switzerland

Best places to visit in Stein am Rhein 3

The town of Stein am Rhein is famous for its well-preserved old town center with painted facades and half-timbered houses, for which it received the very first Wakker Prize in 1972. In this article we are listing best places to visit in Stein am Rhein located in Canton of Schaffhausen in Switzerland.

Best places to visit in Stein am Rhein 2

The range of gastronomic delights is just as colorful as the magnificent facades are presented.  The city guides show you the pretty medieval town with all the hidden corners and exciting stories.


1. Hohenklingen Castle (That’s one of the best places to visit in Stein am Rhein)

Hohenklingen Castle

Hohenklingen Castle has been enthroned above the enchanting town of Stein am Rhein since 1200. After two years of total renovation, the visitor can expect a perfect symbiosis of old and new.

The culinary experience for two as well as with family or company is perfect – whether in the restaurant, in the castle parlor, in the knight’s hall or in the airy Obergaden.


2. Chretzeturm

Chretzeturm (Künstlerresidenz Chretzeturm)

The Chretzetrum is a three-quarter round tower from the 13th century with an attached house from the 16th century. This was part of the city wall and is also called the Batten, Winzen or Hafnerturm.

Since 1999 the Chretzeturm has been used as a studio for artists from all over the world.


3. Steiner Liliput Bahn (That’s one of the best places to visit in Stein am Rhein)

Steiner Liliput Bahn

A special experience for children and adults. Enjoy a ride on the Steiner Liliputbahn, with a full-scale train of the Rhaetian Railway, with a carriage from the 1920s, harnessed a crocodile “Ge6 / 6 I” or a real RhB steam locomotive of the “Type G 4/5” fired with coal.

The locomotives and wagons are built on a 1: 4 scale. The route leads from the station SLB, modeled on the “lower station of the Brienz Rothorn Railway” at the pier URh, the playground over by the beautiful city park, the along the Rhine, through the tunnel at the locomotive shed and back to the station.


4. Museum Lindwurm

Museum Lindwurm

In the middle of the old town of Stein am Rhein, in the Museum Lindwurm you can see up close how a middle-class family lived and ran around 1850.

In the front building you can explore the storage cellar, Biedermeier salon and attic. The tour continues into the rear building with a grain chute, farmhand chamber and stable and there are live chickens in the inner courtyard.

For the young audience, a playroom offers the opportunity to dress up and try it out in straw beds. The detailed furnishings make the community center an exceptional experience for the whole family.


5. Rathaus Stein am Rhein

Rathaus Stein am Rhein

The town hall was built in 1539-1542, the half-timbered construction in 1745/46. For a long time it also served as a cloth, grain and department store.

It was given its present form in 1898-1900. At that time the market hall was closed and the bay window and the paintings were added.

The history pictures come from the history painter Carl von Häberlin from Stuttgart, the coats of arms and figures from Christian Schmidt from Zurich. The gothic Great Council Chamber houses the famous collection of coats of arms from 1542 and a collection of weapons (15th-18th centuries).


6. Rother Ochsen (That’s one of the best places to visit in Stein am Rhein)

Rother Ochsen

The Rother Ochsen is the oldest tavern in Stein am Rhein. This was founded in 1446. The building was redesigned inside and outside in 1615: stone bay windows, late Gothic staggered windows, facade painting with humanistic themes and painting of the room on the 1st floor by the Steiner master A. Schmucker.

Regarding our opinions Rother Ochsen is one best places to visit in Stein am Rhein. Nowadays the tavern is considered to be one of the most beautiful wine cellars in Switzerland.


7. City church Stein am Rhein – St. George’s Abbey

City church Stein am Rhein - St. George's Abbey, Stein am Rhein

Once a monastery church. Built in the 12th century under the influence of the Hirsau reform. The iconoclasm of the Reformation destroyed the interior with the exception of the choir stalls and the paintings. Regarding our opinions St. George’s Abbey is one best places to visit in Stein am Rhein.

1583/84 conversion to a Protestant church. Various renovations in the 19th and 20th. 1561 demolition of the lightning-struck church tower; the other tower is slightly crooked and has a spindled roofs.


8. Weissen Adler

Weissen Adler

First mentioned in 1418. The house occupies a special position because of its frescoes, which are considered to be the earliest preserved facade painting of the Renaissance in Switzerland.

Painted around 1520 by Thomas Schmid. Medieval motifs such as Bocca della Verità, loyalty test, power and unity; plus scenes from Boccaccio’s Decameron. The frescoes show a kind of “humanistic lay sermon”.


Best places to visit in Stein am Rhein

  • Hohenklingen Castle
  • Chretzeturm (Künstlerresidenz Chretzeturm)
  • Steiner Liliput Bahn
  • Museum Lindwurm
  • Rathaus Stein am Rhein
  • Rother Ochsen
  • City church Stein am Rhein
  • Weissen Adler